Distance BBA Education in Ambala

Distance BBA Education in Ambala

Distance BBA Education in Ambala: Business administration distance is a popular undergraduate degree after class XII. It is a gateway to opportunities in various fields such as marketing, finance, sales, education, and government. It is designed to provide a clear understanding of business-oriented concepts. The correspondence BBA comes with various subjects such as marketing, human resources, accounting, finance. This degree creates a huge scope in various professions as this course has a great impact on the development of the business industry.

What is BBA?

The Bachelor of Business Administration or Correspondence BBA is one of the most popular undergraduate degrees. This degree course is about the management of a business, company, or organization. You are taught skills and in-depth knowledge of the business world and all the complex aspects of running a business. It is one of the best professional degrees considered popular with 12th pass students.

Given a misunderstanding that a BBA is only good if you want to do an MBA. The truth is that BBA is of great value in itself, and BBA graduates get excellent career opportunities right after college. Thinking of this degree a lot more than just stepping in for an MBA.

BBA Syllabus And Subjects In Ambala

The correspondence BBA  syllabus has been designed by some of the best minds in the industry. It is designed to make students not only knowledgeable in theory, but also develop their personality, communication skills, and practical knowledge.

Here are the syllabus and subjects distance BBA students are taught in India.

BBA Syllabus

  • Soft Skills & Personality Development
  • Selling
  • Negotiating
  • Professional Communication & Behavioral Grooming
  • Etiquette
  • Conversational Skills
  • Consulting & Problem-solving Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Persuading skills

BBA Subjects

These subjects are taught over the course of 3 years and 6 semesters. They may be different according to the colleges, universities, and specialization you choose.

  • Production & Material Management
  • Personnel Management & Industry Relations
  • Marketing Management
  • Principles of Management
  • Business Mathematics & Statistics
  • Introduction to Operations Research
  • Business Economics
  • Financial & Management Accounting
  • Business Data Processing
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Essentials of Marketing
  • Corporate Strategic Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • MIS / Systems Design
  • Business Laws
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Business Analytics
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Micro Economics
  • Understanding Industry and Markets
  • Leadership and Ethics
  • Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Marketing
  • Retail Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Computer Applications
  • International Business Management
  • Sales & Distribution Management
  • Commercial Bank Management
  • Security Analysis
  • Manufacture Planning and Control
  • Family Business Management
  • Export/ Import Management
  • Financial Modelling using spreadsheets
  • Industrial Relations and Labour Legislation
  • PR Management
  • Project Management
  • Financial & Commodity Derivatives
  • Consumer Behaviour
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Specializations of Distance BBA Education in Ambala

Like most undergraduate courses, you must also choose to specialize during your correspondence BBA degree course. These courses will decide which career path you will choose after completing graduation. Therefore, make sure that you are aware of them all and choose the correct one.

1. Digital Marketing
Traditional marketing is on the way out, and digital marketing is taking its place. With this expertise, you learn to market and market your online products and services by creating and executing strategies, building brands, leveraging social media, and more.

2. Human Resources
The biggest assets a company has are employees, and human resources are all about managing them and keeping them happy. In specialization, you will learn to hire, manage and retain talent for the company. You also play an important role in the organizational functioning of the company.

3. Business Analytics
This expertise allows you to analyze business data with the help of software. Business analytics is the way in which most businesses analyze their data to create a strategy for the future of the business. Business analytics experts make an excellent living as they find an important place in the management of an organization.

This specialization is related to management accounting. Management accounting is much more detailed and thorough than accounting. The US CMA certification specialization is a globally recognized certification, which opens the doors for overseas employment in international companies.

5. Logistics Management
In product-based companies, supply-chain and logistics are like the company’s bloodstream. In this specialization, you learn how to manage logistics and supply chains to manufacture and supply related products according to demand.

Why Study Distance BBA Education in Ambala?

Distance BBA is one of the most pursued courses after 12th commerce in India. It not only equips you with basic management and administration knowledge but also prepares you for master courses like MBA.

  • The BBA course is perfect for candidates who are business-minded and want to earn some business skills.
  • The course helps the student to have an analytical mind and promotes their vocation.
  • For students looking for jobs after BBA, there is a lot of scope as BBA subjects open doors to many opportunities.
  • Average salaries for various BBA jobs range from INR 3-8 Lakhs in India.
  • The BBA course helps in understanding the functions of an organization and how business flourishes in an industry.
  • The course helps in understanding the market requirements and various global trends.
    This BBA skill is good for those looking to enter the market segment.
  • A BBA learns about problem-solving skills in the curriculum. If your main objective is to join a managerial team of an enterprise, then the BBA course is the right pick for you.
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Distance BBA Education in Ambala Highlights

Full-Form – Bachelor of Business Administration
BMS Course Level – Bachelor Degree
BMS Duration – 3 Year degree course
BMS Eligibility – 12th pass from a recognized board of education
Admission Process – Entrance exam based/ Merit-based
BMS Average Course Fee – BBA fees in India range between INR 1 lakh to 2.5 lakhs
BMS Examination Type – Semester
BMS Average Starting Salary – salary range for BBAs in India is INR 2 lakhs to INR 5 lakhs per annum
After BMS Top Recruiting Companies – Hindustan Unilever, ICICI, Microsoft, Sony, Tata Consultancy Services, IBM, Banking Industry, etc.
Job Opportunities – Marketing Executive, HR Manager, Research & Development Manager, Sales Executives, Accounting Manager

What after Distance BBA Education in Ambala?

Students have 3 major options after correspondence BBA. They can opt for a job, handle or start a business, or they can go for a master’s degree.

BBA Jobs: Doing the job after correspondence is the most immediate decision taken by the majority of BBA students. Even students who plan for a master’s degree later go for job experience. On-the-job experience is beneficial and is a mandatory requirement in many MBA programs, particularly the Executive MBA.

Masters Degree: An MBA is a master’s degree course in which students of all streams may proceed. Although an MBA after BTech is a common practice, pursuing a correspondence MBA after a BBA is a beneficial option as BBA students already have some knowledge related to management and administration.

Business After BBA: Many students start a new business after BBA or manage their family business. This is a result of the skills acquired during their BBA course. Students planning family business after management course can also check MBA with the family business.

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Career & Job Opportunities After Distance BBA Education in Ambala

The biggest factors for students choosing a BBA are career and job opportunities. Most of these careers come with a package of good salaries and benefits, with many opportunities to rise to larger positions and move to higher positions.

Here are given the career & job opportunities after the BBA course

1. Marketing Executive
If you have great people skills, you can consider being a marketing executive. You will need to do some fieldwork, but it also involves a lot of planning and strategy. You get the market to improve your products and services, build brands, design and execute campaigns, and more. It is a challenging, but exciting job that brings in a good salary.

2. HR Manager
The human resources manager is responsible for the human resources department. Your job as a manager will be a bridge between employees and management. You are also responsible for ensuring good working conditions. An HR manager is an integral part of an organization and ensures its smooth functioning. Human resource managers are entitled to a good salary and benefits package in most organizations.

3. Research & Development Manager
Research and development are one of the most important departments in a company that sells products and related services. As a Research and Development Manager, you will be responsible for capabilities, an idea for inventing and innovating new and improved products, planning and strategizing, and more.

4. Sales Executives
Sales are what drives a company. As a sales executive, you will be one of the most important people in the company. You are responsible for the direct sale of the company’s products and services. You will be mostly on the field. You may also get opportunities to travel within the country or abroad. Sales offices receive good salaries but are also entitled to receive sales commissions, where most sales executives can earn substantial amounts.

5. Accounting Manager
If you have specialized in an accounting-related subject, and specialize in management accounting, then you can get the post of accounting manager. You handle all accounts of the company and are an important part of financial planning and stratification. Since you are a person with company money, you can expect a good salary and benefits.

"Distance BBA Education in Ambala"

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