6 Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh

6 Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Six Weeks Industrial Training Institute

6 Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh is largely designed for students pursuing graduation in B.Tech/B.E. in Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics & Communication, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, M.Tech, BCA, MCA. The Internship is offered twice a year, once in the month of Dec-Jan, and others in the month of May-June.

This training session will be managed for 6 Weeks followed by an industrial project. This training is designed in a manner which will fit your University’s criteria and will also help you in getting the feel of the work atmosphere in a company. The duration of Industrial Training differs from 2 to 6 weeks depending upon your requirement and availability. 6 Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh experts will help you in Project which you can show in your college and also help you in preparing project reports and presentations.

The main reason behind the requirement of six months of industrial training for engineering students is that they are well equipped for the corporate job. Six weeks of industrial training in Chandigarh exposes learners to the working atmosphere in the industry and at the same time improves their self-confidence and helps in searching their own proficiency. It also develops students’ leadership ability and responsibility to perform or accomplish the given task. Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh also enables learners to comprehend the theories studied with more features and hands-on practice within a real job situation. 6 Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh, the Best Industrial training Center for B.Tech/CS/CSE/IT/ BCA/MCA/ B.E /M.tech / B.sc/ M.sc student provides 6 weeks Industrial training in new and latest technologies with a succession of theory as well as practical classes.

6 Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh is the Top industrial training Institute for BE / Computer Science/CSE/IT/ Information Technology/ BCA/ MCA/ B.sc/ M.sc/ B.Tech/ M.Tech/ Engineering Student which offers training to students as well as corporates. In addition to this, we also offer a placement service to fresher. 6 weeks of industrial training in Chandigarh is necessary to build the gap in the theoretical knowledge and execution of the concepts which is required in the corporate world. Training from No 1 Industrial Training Institute for CS/ CSE/ IT/ BCA/MCA/B.Tech/ M.tech/ B.Sc/ M.sc/ BE/ Engineering candidates provides a platform for students to execute concepts acquired in the classroom in the live project. 6 weeks Industrial training program involves work on live projects using the latest technologies used in the industry. Moreover, it will help the learners to develop the skills and competencies they need to become employable.


  • Candidates who are in the 2nd or 3rd year of B.E. / B.TECH.
  • Candidates from several Technical Universities, who are pursuing B.Tech.
  • Candidates who are Pursuing MSc IT / BSc IT.
  • Candidates who have completed out / Pursuing of M.Tech / B.Tech / MCA/BCA/Msc IT/ BSc IT or wish to do.
  • Skill improvement trainees are also eligible for the training.
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About the Courses for 6 Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Python Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Learning Python does not require any pre-requisites. However one should have a basic knowledge of computer programming languages. Basic knowledge of any of the programming languages is an asset. Python has obtained enormous popularity among software developers and the companies in recent past and is exponentially increasing. Python has grown the first choice of organizations for software development in the present scenario. Recognizing the rapid growth of python, Python Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh has come up with a training program on python from basic to advance level as per the need.  A lot of jobs on python is growing rapidly in the IT sector, Python Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh is the best python training institute and developed this program to help students or experts to increase the employability quotient and job prospects.

Android Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Our complete Android Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh program is a classroom-based, hands-on program that prepares how to design and develop mobile applications using the Android open-source platform. Android is a fast-growing one of the largest platforms for programmers today. There is a large demand for skilled Android Developers across the world. Most businesses across various domains are building Android Apps both for enterprise and retail products. Whether you are a student or in the IT industry, holding Android Development skills will help you get the next big leap in your career.

Digital Marketing Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Looking for Digital Marketing Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh with Certification & Placement? Well, you have come to the right place. We are providing digital marketing training and has trained more than 50K + students and helped them become professionals.

In today’s world, every business requires a digital marketing specialist who can handle all the digital marketing tasks of their organization. A well-structured digital marketing training course would result in providing expert digital marketers who can fulfill the requirements of the various companies. We consider all the aspects in mind would focus on every candidate to make them capable enough so that they can cope up with the terms of the company.

Web Designing Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Web Designing Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh, you’ll learn how to design and create beautiful websites by learning the fundamental principles of design like branding, colour theory, and typography which are all instrumental in the design method of a website. You’ll also learn HTML, CSS, JAVA-SCRIPT, and BOOTSTRAP, which are the typical code languages that all modern websites are built on. These are useful skills to acquire as they are needed by nearly every single business in the world to reach customers.

Web Development Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Web Development Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh – a premium training institute, provides the best Web development training. We use PHP language as the basis of Web Development. PHP is commonly used by people who wish to build a simple, dynamic website quickly and effortlessly. Since its debut in 1995, it’s become a very popular choice for web developers. So popular, in fact, that roughly 80% of all websites use it now, including many Fortune 500 organizations and top technology startups.

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By the end of this course, you’ll have the full programming knowledge to create multi-functionality PHP websites for your clients. Web Development Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh living upto its reputation as a premium IT training institute also helps you with job placements after you are through your training. Along with giving Web Development Six Weeks Industrial Training. Book your seat now to start on the journey to your ultimate corporate destination

Advance Java Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Java is a programming language expressly intended for usage in the distributed situation of the Internet. It was intended to have the “look and feel” of the C++ language, but it is more modest to use than C++ and implements an object-oriented programming model. Java can be done to build complete applications that may run on a single computer or be distributed between servers and clients in a network. It can also be used to build a small application module for use as part of a Web page. Applets make it possible for a Web page user to communicate with the page.

Our training company provides real-time and placement focused on Advance Java Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh. Our Java training course covers basic to advance levels, we have a team of experienced trainers who are working experts with hands-on real-time java projects knowledge, which will give you an edge over other institutes/companies. You will learn Java extensive knowledge and skills that are based on “useful day to day J2EE web application” that will make you more suitable for Java 6 weeks industrial training in Chandigarh forever.

Benefits Of Industrial Training?

Being a candidate, it is not just great for you to hold a degree, diploma or certificate but above that experience is what businesses demand more. The training can either be paid form of off-the-job or unpaid form of on-the-job where you are being paid for your hard efforts. At, 6 Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh, we provide training at the best of the services & experience to you. By opting for 6 weeks of industrial training in Chandigarh can help you benefit in multiple ways which are as follows:

  • First-hand experience
  • Learn the application of knowledge in real-life situations.
  • Increase your experience as an individual and in a group sense.
  • You get to work as professionals.
  • Get a chance to work as an employee in the organization.
  • Boost your growth & development from a fresher to qualified personal.
  • Personality development is also a benefit of it.
  • Get wide exposure under the shade of professionals & experts by your side.

Objectives of Industrial Training

  • Choosing the gap between formal education and the corporate sector.
  • Understanding the basics of Programming Language and its usage.
  • Understanding of project guidelines, strategy, roadmap and execution.
  • Projects Understanding of Working on projects on social servers.
  • Understanding the difference between the localhost and the webserver.
  • Guide for freelancing work in various fields.
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Career Scope after Industrial Training Program with 6 Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Since we all know that India produces the best IT services in the world hence India also requires to maintain the need for experts for its IT industry.

Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh institution that has been contributing towards the national interest of IT hub by fortunately running its industrial training program and providing the finest IT professionals every year.

6 Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh – Are you a student in the final year of engineering, BCA, MCA or another industrial background field? Want to have the best internship period being connected with a reputed company? Looking for a way to break a deal by gaining some sort of good experience? We give training in web development, digital marketing and many app development languages and software. Get to work on live projects and on-hand expertise.

The world has changed its base from traditional to digital which has expanded the scope for application and website developers. At, 6 Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh, we aim at giving full knowledge with good experience on hand on the future fronts. Thus, contact us now for applying for Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh. Our affordable fee structure and world-class features make us one of the leading firms in the nation when it comes to industrial training. Our training section offers not only technical knowledge but also theoretical practice as well.

We are known to offer the box experience which is rich and very helpful in the long run. Our specialists are there to help you and guide you all the way through training to help you understand more. Our training involves live industrial projects, video tutorials, practical workbooks and handbooks with study material and lab access whenever you intend etc. our small batches assure that you get individual attention and good guidance from the professional who will be training you.

Presentation is what every intern looks for. Our business is known to provide the best industrial exposure to interns. After the completion of 6 Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh, we provide certificates also which will help your carve out your future well. Contact Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh for more details.

Why us for 6 Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh?

  • We deliver 6 Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh with Live Project alongside guidance about various opportunities in future.
  • Various modes of training to meet the time-adaptability and service of the students.
  • Training is given under better dimension with 10+ years of experienced Industrial Trainers.
  • Exhaustive educational modules besides the opportunity to talk about interests and objectives.
  • Well-facilitated Laboratories to give an appearance to the IT Operational environment and its work standards.
  • Hands-on projects to give a complete working experience as a professional programmer in IT.
  • We offer multiple training programs, choose with your Interest
  • We provide 100% Live projects to provide full practical exposure.
  • We provide Flexible batches available, Weekdays and Weekends.
  • We provide highly skilled trainers from a long industrial background.
  • Excellent Placement records in the giants of industries.
  • Backup classes are available for more useful understanding.

"6 Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh"

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