PG Services in Chandigarh Sector-34 – Paying Guest Accommodation is perfect for students or corporates where a part of a home is given to a guest along with some facilities. Here, the owner takes care of food and provides some basic comforts as well as some other services such as cleaning, etc. The cost of living in a PG in Chandigarh is cheap as compared to flats but here you can be assured about the security which is very essential for these days. Hence, being a student, it’s really a better idea to go with Paying Guest accommodation in Chandigarh sector-34. If you are looking for houses in the city, just drop your idea, as the cost of the house rent seems to be high. Try to search for an excellent PG in Chandigarh to stay with comfort.

Why Choose Paying Guest Accommodation?

Paying Guest (PG) at Chandigarh enjoy the best experience and leave the rest your experience. There are several reasons to choose Paying Guest accommodations in Chandigarh.
We are offering a fully equipped AC PG in Chandigarh with all the facilities.

  • You can enjoy comforts like TV, high-speed WiFi, daily housework, security, etc.
  • All PGs in Chandigarh include experienced service with single, double, triple, and four-way rooms.
  • There are huge rooms in paying guest comforts in Chandigarh.
  • We are providing excellent and standard PG room service in Chandigarh.
  • Be at rest and live a hassle-free life as you step into PG rooms available in Chandigarh sector-34.

7 Benefits of Staying in PG Compromise

1. Affordable:

Paying Guests in Chandigarh are more affordable as compared to rent-house in many of the cities. Generally, the PGs on rent start at very affordable prices in Chandigarh. PGs mostly you can find job seekers, job goers and it is very helpful for you as they can be a good source of knowledge for walk-ins, openings, etc.

3. Availability:

PGs are present at every turn of the cities. But you may not see hotels, flats for rents often and that too of a reasonable price. You don’t have to pay months to find a PG, it is easily available. Even you can even find a PG the day you lead into the place.

4. Comforts:

All the world-class facilities that are needed for you to live a comfy life like AC, Refrigerator, washing machine, CCTV camera, 24/7 security, TV, Wi-Fi, purifiers, parking spaces are offered most often by the good PGs in Chandigarh.

5. Food

It doesn’t mean if you have money with you or not, you will definitely get food if you are staying in a PG. The taste may not be like that of your home or any establishment but it will satisfy your hunger. Also, there is no trouble with cooking, supermarket shopping, cleaning. Ultimately, it saves a whole lot of time.

6. Safe & Secure:

Paying Guest accommodation in Chandigarh ensures 24*7 safety by giving security guards and installing CCTV cameras on the assumptions. They also don’t allow outsiders to get enter the Paying Guest without support and in an emergency, some people are there to help you out.

7. No Repair & Maintenance Problem:

All the repair & preservation of the building and types of equipment such as electric wiring, plumber work, AC, geyser, and even the cleaning services are taken care of by the Paying guest partner.

These are purely my opinion but if you are more satisfied with any other options except that of a PG, there is no big deal. After all, by the end of the day, it depends on how you want your life to be like.

Why Choose PG Over Flat?


In PG, we have less rent as opposed to the flat whereas flat is more expensive as they are more spacious Moreover, a flat is favored by families and celibates to prefer paying guests as the cost is distributed when we live in a group.

Social Security:

If you are living alone then it is favored to live in a PG. In case of urgency, you are in safe hands. Also, you do not have to interest yourself in household tasks and so, you have more time for examinations or other activities.


In PG, we offer basic facilities like A.C., freezer, tv and etc. That means you do not have to spend money on acquiring the items. Also, PG will provide you the wifi, A.C., refrigerator, tv also which are dropping in a flat. In the flat, you have to purchase the movables and much more stuff.


Most of the PG will provide you the breakfast and dinner which means there will be no trouble with cleaning and cooking whereas in the flat you have to use a cook and this will increase your monthly payment.

Paying Bills:

If you are staying in a PG, then you do not have to trouble about the bills. It is included in the rent of PG whereas if you are staying in a flat then you have to pay your bills on your personal.

PG VS FLAT: Which Is Better?

Locating suitable accommodation in a new city or area is clearly a challenging and daunting task. In case you are an adult, you might not find several options but for renting a PG or flat. Both of them being necessary options differs to a great degree. But PG rooms are a better option.  You will often notice a significant growth in PG room selection. Looking at the living community in towns and cities, there has been a huge growth in PGs. Advantages of living in PG and a wisely option to visiting Chandigarh PG

High Security And Safety Assurance

Usually, defense in metro cities is always a matter of interest. Therefore if you are an individual, it is always best to stay in a PG facility along with other roomies. People in PGs visit together like a family. This is what helps in cases of emergency. However, most of the PGs are located in residential societies. This is why safety is not a matter of affair.

Cost Portion:

PGs come with a great choice in terms of cost. Be it achieving professionals, or students, paying less in PGs is always a better option than paying tons in singular flats or houses. The best part is, you can even share prices with your roommates in a PG. However, in a flat, you need to carry out your expenses yourself which is why it is usually favored by families. Bachelors usually prefer shared accommodation instead of owning a separate reconciliation.

Ready To Move Facilities:

When you opt for whole-house rent, you need to take care of all the other basic household items. However, in a PG, you are provided with a closet, washing machine, bed, refrigerator, clean water, etc. If you go for an individual flat, you are expected to purchase all the necessary furniture and pay for favors.


To be very precise, professionals who work in metro cities hardly have time to do all the household tasks. For such instances, renting a PG is always advantageous. The cleaning and maintenance are looked after by the owner of the PG and you do not need to pay any extra assessments for it. While in a flat, you will be carried for maintenance, utility bills, etc. In fact, at some places, you are required to take care of your sustenance and still have to pay your flat owner.

Availability Of Food:

Food is necessary. One of the top interests of working professionals and students is food. While many have zero knowledge in terms of the canteen, many are concerned about the availability of food in PGs. Usually, PGs have a kitchen where you are allowed to cook yourself or you are provided with a cook. (as per your preference). In cases where you prefer to cook, you will be provided with types of equipment by your owner. In addition, some of the PGs have healthy food services that are included in the overall cost per month. This is united protection where you can cut down your cooking and cleaning time. In flats, you will have to consider care of the cooking and cleaning yourself. In case you choose a cook, you need to pay them separately which will cost you extra bucks.


While you stay in PGs, you do not need to worry about any of your bills without your monthly minimal bill that covers your rental payment. Whereas in flats, you need to pay each of your bills yourself without delay to enjoy conveniences.

Homelike Ambiance:

As most of the PGs provide students, the ambiance turns into a family. The climate gives more of a “home-like” vibe to all the residents of the PG in Chandigarh. This is another reason why most of the students favor PGs. The immediate gap after leaving their home often leaves them uncomfortable. PGs platform the gap by giving them a home-like feel. Although there may be a lack of privacy in PGs, you can always look for PGs which offer private rooms to individual people.

Save Loads Of Time:

Traffic bottleneck is a huge problem, especially inconsequential cities. Isn’t it? This is another reason why professionals often prefer visiting places that are close to their workplace. Unfortunately, the properties in high localities are highly expensive and many are unable to afford such apartments. In such cases, PGs are an excellent option. Situated in working areas and offering a transient residence, it helps the individual to save tons of time in traveling. Moreover, students and professionals can live close to their offices and colleges/academies.


The tools that can be required as a paying guest often depend on the fee and extra costs that one needs to bear. But frequently, these rooms provide a spacious and homely environment for the inhabitants. One of the biggest resources of it is that scholars need not arrange for all the essential amenities like furniture, kitchenware, and bathroom essentials before starting their college life. Aside from this, there is the least botheration about cooking, washing, and handling for other facilities. Trust is another advantage, which may not be possible in rented houses. But living as a paying guest might accompany some serious issues like loneliness, the problem in receiving the common facilities with other roommates, and limited use of power supply and water.