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We provide the best SEO training in Chandigarh. We are the leading Industrial training institute in Chandigarh. We provide the most learning environment for major technical SEO at affordable prices. The best SEO training institute in Chandigarh offers the best technical IT training regarding SEO. We provide basic and advanced level SEO Training in Chandigarh with proper practical knowledge. At our institute, SEO Training is offered by industry experts having 8-10 Yrs. of experience.

We have a well-prepared hardware lab for SEO training in Chandigarh. Hardware & Software are needed to learn all the skills set for SEO training. Our trainers organize job oriented, SEO training. We are one of the well-equipped SEO training centers in Chandigarh. We offer training on a real-time project which helps students in a better understanding. Croma Campus & our trainers also help students to get placement in top MNCs by preparation at different strategies. We have designed SEO content and syllabus to attain their professional goals.

Furthermore, Our center is a well-known SEO training center in Chandigarh with high tech infrastructure & lab facilities. We also provide access to servers so that candidates will implement the projects at home easily. More than 1000+ candidates are mentored by us in SEO training in Chandigarh at very affordable fees.

What is SEO?

SEO, short for search engine optimization, is one of the all-digital promotional activities that help you to highly optimize and rank your website in search engines like Google, Bing and helps users to easily notice your website Does. The ‘Optimization’ will take several forms like your on-site content and web content improvement or your web site backlink improvement.

SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) not solely aims to rank higher websites, drive quality traffic however additionally helps build complete visibility within the online world. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the medium by which any website, however ordinary can pull itself up to the top. The main focus of this process is to bring changes that’ll fascinate the maximum audience and thereby increase the website or traffic. Frequent changes in the Google algorithm makes it necessary for websites to stay on the top. This also promises to facilitate growth for the field in the future.

It is therefore important to note that the demand for SEO Trained professionals is going to increase shortly. To get your hands on this easily accessible training, you can turn to various websites. Or you can choose for offline training as well.

You can choose an excellent SEO Training Institute in Chandigarh. The SEO Training in Chandigarh offers intermediate as well as advanced training. One of the qualities that are in high demand is the freedom to work from home, and this SEO training gives you.

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Qualification and Skills needed

Minimum qualification for a graduate or a certificate course in digital marketing is required to convert to SEO in a very smart company. However, to find out in SEO, you prefer a degree or higher education within the majority of cases as a result of your thing, which requires different exams and should be underlined by general exams.

SEO is progressive and needs plenty of skills to stay career growth. Here are simply a couple of skills that are the prerequisite:

  • Good knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Should have a Knowledge of how search engines like Google work
  • Good analytical and logical skills
  • A well-written communication ability (such as writing emails, comments, website blogs, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of image and video editing
  • Basic knowledge of making presentations and reports
  • Knowledge of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • A basic understanding of user expertise and client behavior within the online world

Why is SEO important?

For improving the competitive market, SEO marketing is more important than ever. Search engines serve millions of users every day who seek answers to their questions or solve their problems. If you have a website, blog, or online store, SEO can help you get free targeted traffic from search engines.

SEO is important because:

  • The majority of search engine users (more than 70% – see graph below) are more likely to click on one of the top 5 suggestions in the search engine results pages (SERPS). To take benefit of this and gain visitors to your website or customers to your online store, your website needs to appear in one of the top positions.
  • SEO is not only about search engines, but good SEO practice improves user experience and website usability.
  • Users rely on search engines and website trust is increased by being in the top position for the keywords the user is searching for.
  • SEO is good for the social promotion of your web site. People who find your website by searching Google or Bing are more likely to promote it on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media channels.
  • SEO is important for a large web site to run smoothly. Websites with more than one author can benefit from SEO directly and indirectly. Their direct benefit is an increase in organic traffic and a general framework (checklist) of their indirect benefits to use before publishing content to the site.
  • SEO can put you ahead of the competition. If two websites are selling the same thing, the search engine optimized website is more likely to have more customers and make more sales.



  • SEO OOPS concepts need for SEO
  • Website Analysis
  • SEO Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Finalize
  • Search Engine Optimization Strategy Analysis
  • Initial Ranking analysis


  • Website Structure Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • HTML code optimization
  • Meta tag creation & optimization
  • HTML Sitemap creation
  • Webmaster tools
  • Analytics Setup & Monitoring
  • Robots.txt Optimization
  • RSS Feed Generation
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  • Google Base Optimization (Google My Business)
  • Reputation building
  • Bookmarking
  • SEO Content writing
  • Quality link building
  • Article submission
  • Press Release Creation
  • Blog commenting
  • Forum posting


  • Social bookmarking
  • Social Networking Profiles creations
  • Social Networking Profile Optimizations
  • Content Sharing Optimization
  • Video Optimizations
  • Social media advertising (PPC)
  • Blogging
  • Blog Optimization


  • Slide submission
  • Pay per click (PPC) campaigns
  • Search Engine Marketing Research
  • Video Marketing
  • Image marketing


  • Trust building
  • Authority building
  • Relationship building
  • Mentions
  • Tagging
  • Profile optimization
  • Profile building


  • Conversion analysis
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Persistence
  • Conversion Creation
  • Conversion building
  • CTR Improvements tactics
  • ROI conversion optimization


  • Webmasters tools
  • Analytics
  • Keyword Planner
  • SEO Marketing Tools
  • Website Analysis Tools
  • Trend Analysis Tools
  • Related keyword research tools

The scope of the SEO course

There is no denying the fact that the online industry is enhancing rapidly every day and SEO is playing a significant role in attracting visitors to a particular website. All the companies whether large or small scale, are spending a huge sum on services like Search Engine Optimization. SEO is considered to be one of the most happening sectors that contain and stream a huge number of job prospects in the particular domain and field of SEO.

Every website is looking forward to procuring SEO services for them either internally or externally relying on their requirement as well as budget. SEO surely has a bright future and opportunities for you if you possess impressive analytic skills and abilities. In SEO one requires to be up to date with the fresh and latest trend in the sector, proper research must be conducted before executing any step that can fluctuate the ranking of a business. Clever marketing strategies must be made to gain maximum benefits. Many digital marketing services cater to full assistance in growing your website performance and business as well. If you have completed your SEO course and classes from any prestigious institute then you have several opportunities that can grow your career with a positive streak. One can exercise the learned and adopted skills in various fields like:

Well-paying jobs – Good SEO knowledge proves to be a highly rewarding skill. One can easily find a fruitful job to enhance his/her career in Search Engine Optimization as it pays well because of its increasing demand. It is an absolute truth that in upcoming years career in SEO will be booming in India.

Freelance SEO services – It is not necessary to bound yourself in a fixed time job, one can easily cater to his/her expert SEO services as a freelancer as well. A freelancer SEO tends to be in huge demand. People look out and hire such skilled SEO professionals to optimize their website.

Blogging– If one possesses good knowledge and skills of SEO, then it becomes way easier for him or her to grow the traffic, visitors on the blog and as a result, it yields back revenue and profits through AdSense as well. A career as a professional blogger can also be chosen.

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Start your own business– After gaining complete knowledge of SEO you can easily start your career in the business of your particular interest. Your skills and cognizance will support you to enhance your business revenue by increasing your business.

REASON: Why You Should Join SEO Training in Chandigarh?

There are several reasons which help you to choose the best SEO training institute in Chandigarh to achieve success in your goal:

  • We provide the best SEO training and placement in Chandigarh.
  • We provide industrial projects to our students, doing SEO industrial training.
  • SEO training in Chandigarh is designed according to the current IT sector.
  • Our training programs are based on live industry projects.
  • You will get a globally recognized certificate after completion of the course.
  • Flexible Payment options such as Cheque, Cash, Paytm, Credit Card, Debit Card, and Net Banking.
  • Our trainers provide the correct environment for candidates to crack the wall of the interview at any level.
  • Personality development (PDP)classes, mock interview sessions, and spoken English sessions are also available in our SEO training center.
  • Our training programs are based on current industry standards.
  • SEO training in the Chandigarh curriculum is approved by our placement partners.
  • Live Project based training on SEO with trainers having 5 to 12 years of Industry Experts.
  • We conduct an internship on SEO on a daily, weekly, and weekend basis.
  • We also provide a one-to-one trainer if the candidate is required.
  • Our Labs are very systematic and well-equipped with the latest version of hardware and software.
  • We offer the best SEO training and placement in Chandigarh with well-defined training modules and course sessions by our industry specialist trainers.

High Advanced Level SEO Training Courses in Chandigarh With More Job Placements

Choosing credible SEO training institutes that offer hands-on practical knowledge with complete job assistance is more useful for the career. You can conduct the subject specialist corporate with professionals managing real-time SEO projects. You can implement the academic learning and practical sessions with the student optimum exposure due to more transformation of native students who are easily recruited within the industry. The SEO training in Chandigarh aspects from the Search Engine Optimization, Link Building Basics, SEO Training on real-time projects along with the syllabus based on the professional requirement of the student. It is the biggest with high tech infrastructure and options of opting for multiple courses at Chandigarh as well as prepares the SEO at reasonable fees that are customized and content requirements of each attendee.

  • Understanding content optimization
  • Optimizing for site structure
  • Recognizing different types of content
  • Optimizing textual page elements
  • Optimizing non-text components of a web page
  • Analyzing content quality
  • Exploring the benefits of user-generated content

Different Job Categories in SEO

It has been observed that most of the SEO/SEM firms, majorly the bigger firms, possess employees in the below-mentioned job categories:

  • Analytics
  • Link Building
  • Event Management
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Development/Programming
  • Web Design
  • Offline Marketing/Advertising
  • Writing/ Blogging
  • Paid Search/PPC Management
  • Business Management/Development
  • Public Relations/Reputation Management
  • Web Design

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