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Top 5 Android App Development Companies in Chandigarh

Top 5 Android App Development Companies in Chandigarh – Enterprise and Smartphone App Consumers nowadays expect creative and out-of-the-box mobile applications with a fresh user interface and user experience. They demand feature-rich Android applications that include technology such as geo-location recognition and navigation, video, real-time alerts, data collection, data synchronization across devices. Today’s smartphone consumers enjoy highly customized Android applications that are both extremely functional and attractive. However, in India’s congested app sector, finding an ideal app partner who can provide user-centric mobile app development services can be extremely difficult. We have compiled a list of the Top 5 Android App Development Companies in Chandigarh, We provide state-of-the-art Android and iPhone app development services to service seekers to aid them in their search.

Here are the Best Top 5 Android App Development Companies in Chandigarh

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1st out of Top 5 Android App Development Companies in Chandigarh


Conjoinix, proudly serving the Indian private and public sector IT sector for the past 15 years, is a leading provider of software and product development for the networking and telecommunications industry, thanks to its focused, hard-working, dynamic, and affluent professionals. Competitive through the team at the best price. , presently operates from Chandigarh, India. The company aims to develop world-class, competent high-quality solutions at competitive low cost through its competent, focused, dynamic, hardworking, and rich team of professionals.

Conjoinix is ​​equipped with talented Quality engineers having multi-skill expertise, wide experience, and well-adapted professionalism, which apart from analytical abilities, engineering acumen, and innovative approach is a basic requirement of a professional company. Conjoinix promotes itself as a quality and customer-oriented company with a dream to win the hearts of its customers and continue to have a lifelong relationship by assuring world-class software and IT services.

Contact Details of Conjoinix

Address: SCO – 91-92-93, 3rd Floor, Sector – 34 A, Chandigarh, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: (+91)9646599767


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2nd out of Top 5 Android App Development Companies in Chandigarh


The company believes that every idea has immense potential, and hence, they infuse innovation and intelligence to turn your vision into an impeccable reality. They emphasize enterprise-grade B2B, B2C, and B2E applications that bring value to your life and take pride in exceeding their expectations using our in-depth engineering skills and advanced design aesthetic while working with our customers for a long-term strategic partnership. build partnerships.

Their versatile skill-set makes them the ultimate one-stop shop for all your software engineering needs, from solution design and architecture to development, QA, and deployment.

Contact Details of INNOW8

Address: 605 Bestech Business Tower, Sector 66, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India 160055

Business Phone Number: +91 99153 76280


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3rd out of Top 5 Android App Development Companies in Chandigarh


W3webmakers is the fastest developing web and application developing firm. It is a leading enterprise dealing in custom mobile and web development services. With agencies in India and the US, they focus on making ideas to life. With their vision, they create the most innovative technology that takes you to the leading edge. They are one of the best mobile app development companies in Chandigarh known for delivering innovative solutions and engaging apps.

W3webmakers is renowned as one of the best app development companies in the app space with its excellent capabilities and a world-class team of mobile app designers and mobile app developers.

Contact Details of W3webmakers

Address: Ground Floor, Sector 36, Chandigarh, Punjab, India – 160036


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4th out of Top 5 Android App Development Companies in Chandigarh


RethinkUX helps companies grow their business by developing their website and mobile application with a sound UX strategy. They like to create intuitive mobile applications and websites that are easy to use and liked by the users. They prefer to build applications only for Android and iOS platforms which powers billions of devices all over the world and is continuously growing. The company can take advantage of this opportunity to help your business, with its expertise in developing beautiful Android applications customized just for your needs.

Contact Details of RethinkUX

Address: CSDE, Aruna Ranjit Chandra Hall, Panjab University, Sector – 14, Chandigarh, Punjab, India


Business Phone Number: +91 999 600 9129

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5th out of Top 5 Android App Development Companies in Chandigarh

Code Brew

The Code Brew team succeeds in delivering quality projects for clients across the globe. The constant hard work, perseverance, and enthusiasm of the app developers have set a strong foundation for us. They have top mobile app developers. The company builds on the company’s vision and user experience like no other. iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch; He has seen it all. Out of hundreds of top apps, they have made the best team to develop iPhone app and every Apple base and they would love to do it again.

After all, it is their job. Their team is proficient in Swift, C, and Objective-C to suit your app coding needs. From gingerbread to marshmallow, he’s coded for them all. A large part of the apps developed is for the Android platform. Be it a simple phone, a custom phone, or an Android wearable, the company has left no stone unturned. coding is their passion and they provide only the most helpful

Contact Details of Code Brew

Address: Arthprakash building, Sector 29 D ChandigarhPunjab, India, 160030

Business Phone Number: +91-771-976-8427


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What is Android App Development

Android is a mobile multi-operating system used in smartphones, tablets, users, consoles, TVs, and even home robots. The OS was developed by Android Inc. based on Linux. It was developed by Google and later bought and popularized by Google. Thanks to this operating system, automatic smartphones and tablets can be considered pocket mini-computers.

Android is a very flexible and friendly system in which less than an hour is enough for a preliminary acquaintance. Any user can easily configure the OS settings as there are a large number of relevant applications available. You can change anything beyond recognition: if you don’t like the appearance, icon, or ringtone, just head over to the Google Play Store, download a relevant app, and quickly configure everything to your liking.


Developing an Android application isn’t just about creating it and adding it to Google Play Store. The process requires careful planning, research, and a clear focus. For your application to be successful, you must follow a number of steps correctly during its development. Typically, the entire cycle consists of five stages:

1. Planning. Before starting development, it is important to define the target audience, purposes, and required functions of your Android application. It is also necessary to conduct comprehensive market research to make sure your application is competitive. At this stage, the ToR for the development of a mobile app is being prepared.

2. Design. At this stage, the appearance (a mockup and user interface) is created. The designer prepares the final look that users will see on their Android devices.

3. Development. Programmers create an Android application based on the design approved at the design stage.

4. Testing. Once development is complete, the application must be tested. QA engineers must check it thoroughly to make sure the application functions in a correct way without any errors.

5. Launch and Maintenance. When testers have checked the application, you can safely release it to the market, namely, upload it to Google Play. However, after successfully adding to the store, your work has not come to an end. Like any software, the application has to be maintained. You must technically support it, improve its functionality, and add new features.

What the Android app Development Phase Includes

Growth is transforming your project’s vision into life. At this stage, the Android development team will work together on three main parts of the project: the back end, the API, and the front end.

Back-end Development

When it comes to the functionality of Android applications, back-end development plays a major role. This includes all server-side development: working, authentication of user accounts, setting up interactions with them, integration with social networks, push notifications, and so on.

API Creation

An application programming interface (API) connects the external and internal interfaces of a mobile application. The API is one of the main components in the process of creating an Android application.

Front-end development the front end of an application is the side that interacts directly with the user.

It includes working with various design elements. A well-designed front end makes it easy to work with different screen sizes and orientations so that the application displays correctly on both Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S20.

Languages used for Android app development

Developing an Android application means creating a complex multi-functional product for an OS based on the Linux kernel. Considering the continuous market growth, Android app development is now in great demand. Various services, editors, games, and messengers have been developed for Android. With such diversity, there are a lot of programming languages ​​available for Android app development.


Java main programming language for Android apps. It is also called the correct language of Android as the OS documentation and studies are based on this language. In addition to the pros, there are also disadvantages: programming in Java requires time and a lot of experience. This language was designed 25 years ago, and it has never been this simple. However, without Java knowledge, one cannot be successful in this area of ​​development. While developing Java applications for Android, Manifest XML files are used in addition to the code with the class.


Kotlin is one of the youngest languages ​​developed since 2011. Its public release was only in 2016; However, the language has already gained popularity. Kotlin allows you to build full-featured native apps comfortably. When using Kotlin, the programmer does not experience any problems (possibly due to the native environment of IntelliJ IDEA). It is also highly compatible with Java, it does not reduce the performance nor increase the file size.


C# is developed by Microsoft engineers in 2000. Although it was created for its own .NET Framework platform, it is perfectly suited for Android mobile app development. Many useful Java features are included in this programming language while removing most of the shortcomings.

C / C++

Google provided developers with two environments: the SDK for Java code and the NDK for native code in C and C++. However, it is impossible to develop a complete application using only these two languages. But one can use them to write a library that will further be linked to the application base via Java.


Although Python is not used throughout the entire cycle of Android app development, it is optimized for certain operations as well. There are a lot of tools to convert Python code to the required state. A variety of libraries support creating customized interfaces according to Material Design recommendations.

Add on Application to Google Play

Publish your application to Google Play, do the following:

1. Create a special developer account in Google Play Console required to publish apps.

2. Issue a Privacy Policy document stating the product and its content as well as obligations to ensure the privacy and data security of users.

3. Prepare marketing materials.

4. Provide builds on Google Play with the necessary digital signing certificate to identify the developer, so that only the manufacturer can update or modify versions.

5. Customize receiving payments within the application.

Android App Development Cost

Our qualified team approaches competently to build Android applications of any complexity and work without any delay. We will design a unique business model, a convenient and user-friendly interface, and also help with marketing promotions, placement in Google Play and other Android stores.

Creating a mobile application for Android consists of the following steps:

1. Writing terms of reference (if you do not have one) – from 18 hours.

2. UI and UX Design — approx 35 hours.

3. Back-end development – over 40 hours depending on the functionality required.

4. Front-end development – over 30 hours.

5. Trial – Approx 20 hours depending on functionality.

Based on these figures, the estimated cost of an Android application starts at $20,000. This is the cost of MVP, and again it depends on the level of complexity. Please note that after development is complete, the application must be supported, and such service is paid for separately.

What is The Benefit of Android  Development

A mobile application, a one-stop solution with all the functionalities that are supposed to help and manage our daily life schedules. It is helping us solve the dilemma of whether to invest in mobile applications or not.

If you are also looking for an error-free and user-friendly application, then Android is the best-suggested platform. Yes, you read that right. Android is the solution for everyone who wants to go with an open-source application.

Be sure to focus on some of the advantages and challenges that were faced by Android and are still leading the market. As the market for these devices is currently the highest in the world,

Android as a platform faces many challenges as compared to iOS app development. Still, a question arises that what exactly do you need to create an application in Android? Even a small difference in UI can make a big difference and increase development time. Ultimately it affects the consumer.

1. Target Budget

Android applications can be easily integrated with a wide range of networks, that too within Target Budget. Every business asks for different needs but no matter what the business needs, there is a social network designed to help them.2.

2. Usage Across Devices

They require apps that are capable of being used across all devices. A mobile app development company in this way solves all the business needs and one can accomplish the task at a remote location as well as on all devices.

This is the best way to network around the world and with every possible segment of the target audience.

3. Social Media Integration

The world is going digital and hence almost every business has its own social media existence. If you really want to be successful, it’s hard to ignore the existence of social media platforms and your business out there,

4. Making social media optimization a key factor in the contemporary market

Low Barrier of Entry Any application either Android or iOS is not easy at all, but with the development of iOS apps, the barrier of entry often scares various businesses and developers. Meanwhile, Android app development doesn’t have the same barrier of entry. This allows businesses of all backgrounds to benefit from the benefits that accrue when companies take the time to hire an Android app developer.

5. Freedom

Open Source Here I have come up with one of the advantages that Android app development services have over other platforms. Smartphone makers can access Android more easily and since its coding is free, it is used by all developers.

6. Low Investment

We all know that Android has free software development tools like Android Development Studio, an IDE for the developer community which helps in reducing the cost of development. Even it requires comparatively less investment for entry. Development cost includes only some of the costs which include application development cost, hardware cost, and testing cost for testing and deploying Android mobile applications.

7. Monetization

Android app development company in India has seen a rise in the number of apps. Targeting the right audience at the right time provides better opportunities. Anyone can access the data and it can be used for which the marketer has the ability to achieve the goal.

If you are looking for web application customization and integration then Android is easy to customize the right solution for your business. You can easily integrate and custom Android app development with existing software as per your business needs.


Learning Android app development is still a great thing as it opens the door to a lot of opportunities. There is a huge demand for software developers and the pay is quite good.

‘In This Regard’ if you are interested in the Top 5 Android App Development Companies in Chandigarh you may want to consider enrolling in the professional Android Developer Micromaster program and learning with Google developer experts.

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