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Top 5 B.Com Colleges in Chandigarh

Top 5 B.Com Colleges in Chandigarh – Bachelor of Commerce, popularly known as B.Com, is the graduate degree that allows you to specialize in commerce. Most students, who have completed their level 12 in commerce, enrol in the B.Com degree. Even arts and science students can switch streams and join the title after their twelfth level. B.Com is a popular title with many job opportunities. It also forms a solid foundation for higher education. There are many things you can do with a B.Com.

If you are considering joining B.Com, there is so much more you should know that will help you make an informed decision. You should be aware of the different types of degrees and especially about the Best Colleges. So, read on to get the information about the Top 5 B.Com Colleges in Chandigarh.

Here are the Top 5 B.Com Colleges in Chandigarh

1st out of Top 5 B.Com Colleges in Chandigarh

D.A.V. College Chandigarh

D.A.V. College Chandigarh was founded in 1958 when the city of Chandigarh was in its infancy. The college has grown with the city, becoming an integral part of the sociocultural environment of the region. The college belongs to the family of the famous D.A.V. institutions, founded by Mahatma Hans Raj, and inspired by the great visionary Swami Dayanand and Saraswati, the dean of Arya Samaj, who believed that “true education consists in promoting knowledge, civilized customs, virtuous character, self-control and other qualities and in dispelling ignorance. ” He had always felt that the scientific knowledge of the West had to be absorbed into the cultural milieu of India.

The DAV movement, which began in 1886, gives a practical shape to the ideals of Swami Dayanand’s educational philosophy that aims to develop a modern scientific approach among students, along with an understanding of its roots in ancient Vedic culture. The D.A.V College, Chandigarh is trying to achieve this synthesis by imparting to the students the best of the new humanistic, scientific and technical knowledge of the new world with the sense of the history of its rich cultural heritage: the Anglo-Saxon and Vedic values. We work to achieve these broad goals.

Contact Details of D.A.V. College Chandigarh

Address – Sector-10, Chandigarh, India

College Phone Number – 0172-2754400, 0172-2754401

Website –

2nd out of Top 5 B.Com Colleges in Chandigarh

Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University is another great business college in Chandigarh. Known for its placements and study environment offered, this college has proven to be excellent in whatever course you apply for. Moreover, when talking about the field of commerce, the college has presented a great place in multinational companies. Not only this, the college is equipped with all modern facilities for sports, library, computer room and entertainment. Need a hostel? Well, this college has it for you.

Courses Offered at Chandigarh University

Undergraduate courses at Chandigarh University

  • NS. com. Honours.
  • BA. economics
  • BBA

Postgraduate courses at Chandigarh University

  • Master of Business Administration
  • NS. Honours
  • Master in Economics

Contact Details of Chandigarh University

Address – NH-95, Ludhiana – Chandigarh State Hwy, Punjab 140413

College Phone Number – 1800 121 288 800

3rd out of Top 5 B.Com Colleges in Chandigarh

Panjab University – PU

Panjab University is one of the leading institutes in the field of education with a long history of pursuing excellence in teaching and research in science, technology, humanities, social sciences, performing arts and sports. Supports excellence and innovation in academic programs. Promotes excellence in research, scholarship, and teaching. It is committed to attracting and supporting the best students and employing faculty members who excel in teaching and research. For more than a century, it has served various societal needs with distinction. The glorious traditions of the University established during its more than 125 years of long service to the nation and since its inception in 1882 in Lahore (now in Pakistan), is an inspiration to the current generation of faculty and students.

By its age, experience, achievements and philosophy, Panjab University is a university of national character and prestige, insofar as it has attracted faculty and students from all over the country and abroad. Its faculty includes some of the most eminent scholars and academics in the arts and humanities. The university continues to attract renowned scholars from abroad to visit and interact with its faculty and students. Over the years, Panjab University’s reputation has grown into one of innovative teaching research and community outreach.

Contact Details of Panjab University – PU

Address – Sector 14, Chandigarh, 160014

College Phone Number – 0172 253 4867

4th out of Top 5 B.Com Colleges in Chandigarh

Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women

Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women, Chandigarh commonly known as MCM DAV, was established in 1968 by the Management Committee of DAV College, New Delhi, to celebrate the meritorious services rendered by Judge Mehr Chand Mahajan, former Chief Justice of India, a distinguished jurist, brilliant, great patriot, administrative par excellence, committed educator, social and humanitarian reformer. MCM is known for its superior academic programs, intellectual vitality, cultural and ethical sensitivity, dedicated faculty, and student achievement.

The aim of the college has always been to produce enlightened and potential women, future decisions and policymakers who will give back to society by making the most of their educational inputs. The mission of the college is to adopt an academic program that ensures quality enrichment in higher education in the pursuit of excellence. MCM has been at the service of quality education in the region for the past 43 years and stands ready today to meet the challenges of a changing era.

Contact Details of Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College

Address – Sector 36a, Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for women, Chandigarh 160036, India

College Phone Number – 0172 260 3355

College Phone Number –

5th out of Top 5 B.Com Colleges in Chandigarh

RBGI-Rayat Bahra Group of Institutes

RBU is established under Punjab act no. 16 of 2014 vide notification no. 17-leg/2014 dated 13th August 2014 and notified by UGC under section 22 of the UGC act 1956, is empowered to award degree vide letter No. 8-23/2014 (CPP-I/PU Dated 26th Sept 2014 by University Grant Commission (UGC). Just within the vicinity of the city beautiful Chandigarh, and well within the reach of the facilities of the city stands the thriving campus of RayatBahra University (RBU). The institution has emerged to a position of pre-eminence in the region as well as in the country due to its high academic standards and well-entrenched research and development area.

The university has Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dentistry, Management, Hospitality, Agriculture, Nursing and Law Schools of Excellence. The university offers a choice based flexible learning system, enabling an interdisciplinary approach for learners to learn at their own pace and choose electives from other available courses as well as to take up some additional/value-added courses to increase their skills/employability. In addition, the university offers several courses that serve as a bridge and preparatory tool to narrow the gap required for graduate studies.

To become the leader in the field of transformative education and advance learning where we can generate world-class value specific, competent and intellectual human capital and empower the students to fulfil their desire for diverse academic and professional pursuits.

The university shall provide an advanced, adequate and ample opportunity platform with accessible and affordable learning centres for every aspirant learner to gain practical and hands-on experience to compete in the global market, preserving his/her cultural roots and values intact.

Contact of RBGI-Rayat Bahra Group of Institutes

Address – Chandigarh-Ropar NH 205, Greater Mohali, Punjab, INDIA – 140103

College Phone Number – 98888-06027, 97800-40777

What is the BCom course about?

BCom is a 3-year UG program that focuses on issues related to commerce and finance. BCom full-form is Bachelor of Commerce.

The BCom course is taught in three categories, namely BCom-General, BCom Honors, and BCom LLB. BCom General and B.Com honours can be earned from both regular and BCom distance universities.

BCom is taught in various modes, such as BCom Distance Education or BCom Online, which helps students do BCom from the comfort of their homes.

  • The minimum eligibility criteria for admission to BCom is that students must pass the class 12 exam in any sequence with a minimum total of 50%.
  • Admission to BCom is done on the merit of class 12, while some universities also take BCom entrance exams.
  • Students can apply for different types of BCom programs like BCom LLB, BCom with ACCA or BCom with CA to enhance their career opportunities.
  • After BCom, students have the option to pursue MCom, CA, MBA or opt for BCom jobs as a tax consultant, stockbroker, auditor, professor, insurance consultant, etc.
  • BCom with MCom Integrated Course is also gaining popularity among students.
  • The salary of BCom graduates ranges from INR I, 44,000 to INR INR 4.32,000.

B.Com Specializations

Aspirants looking to develop their careers in the business streams can opt for various specializations that are offered for B.Com. Specializations range from accounting, tax, management, etc. These specializations vary from institute to institute. The specialization of Bachelor of Commerce will decide the direction of the career. It is up to the students if they want to pursue a career in accounting or taxation or banking, etc. They should choose their specialization according to their interest in the respective field. Popular B.Com specializations include:

  1. Accounting and Finance: Financial accounting is a particular type of accounting that includes a method of documenting, summarizing, and reporting over a period of time the multitude of transactions that arise from business operations. Such transactions are described in the preparation of financial statements that document the operating results of the company during a specific period, including the balance sheet, the income statement and the cash flow statement.
  2. Taxes: The course includes the study of accounting concepts, financial planning, and economic theory, as well as a detailed emphasis on taxes, which is called a method of taxing people who earn “taxable” money. To put it another way, B.Com. (Taxation) is a degree program in which, in addition to a general Commerce course, the main emphasis is on the systematic study of principles in the fields of taxation and specific subjects.
  3. Audit: Financial auditing is the process of examining the financial records of an organization (or individual) to determine whether they are accurate and in line with applicable rules (including accepted accounting standards), regulations, and laws. External auditors come to examine accounting and financial records from outside the organization and provide an independent opinion on those records. The law requires that all public companies have external audits of their financial statements. Internal auditors work as internal employees of the organization to examine records and help improve internal processes, such as operations, internal controls, risk management, and governance.
  4. Banking and Insurance: The course was designed to bring together trained professionals who can handle various financial activities related to banking and insurance, operate effectively in the banking and insurance environment within the financial services sector, and manage the various banking technologies and insurance used.

Career options after B.Com

  1. Chartered Accountant (CA): The Chartered Accountant as a professional has responsibility for the areas of accounting, auditing, taxes, finance and management of a person or organization. It is one of the most sought after, reputable and challenging fields of work.
  2. Company Secretary (CS): A company secretary is a high-level position in a private sector company or a public sector organization. CSS of various levels of experience are available and companies are looking to recruit people with skills and experience commensurate with the size and complexity of their business.
  3. Cost and Labor Accounting (CWA): The job of the Cost and Labor Accountant is to collect, evaluate and analyze all financial information considering all angles and then interpret those numbers for management. The CWA is considered an important part of corporate strategy and planning, these days.
  4. Banking and insurance service: the banking sector is one of the largest sectors that can bring a change and a revolution in the country’s economy. B.Com opens the doors to this job profile.
  5. Accounting and Business Taxes: This job involves maintaining any company’s books of accounts, filing returns, taxes, complying with laws, finalizing accounts, and taking on challenging roles in accounting, tax, auditing, and compliance.
  6. Marketing Manager: Searching for B.Com opens up opportunities to be a manager. Open the doors to becoming a Brand Manager, Market Research Analyst, Media Planner, Product Manager, Event Organizer, or Public Relations, Officer.


These Top 5 B.Com Colleges in Chandigarh given above are the best Colleges for business students. B.Com is a bachelor’s degree. This course will provide you with how to control finances and how to flex your business according to the needs of the markets. After obtaining the certificate of courses, you will be able to enter the financial world.

The best way to choose a course or job after B.Com depends on the person and the situation. So, choose your path according to your tastes, preferences, situations, strengths, weaknesses and other attributes. After analyzing these aspects, anyone can make a better decision and get the most out of their degree in Commerce. Top 5 B.Com Colleges in Chandigarh, believes in preparing well-equipped graduates to take on the competitive world of global business.

Enrol in one of the top 5 B.Com Colleges in Chandigarh Now.

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