Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh – No matter which field of specialization you belong to, at the end of the day, you should have enough knowledge of computers. You may not need to be an expert when it comes to the technical part of it; however, you must have a solid command as far as the operational aspect is concerned. Be it accounting, architecture, data management, or whatever, there is no way to survive in the market without you having command over the computer applications that you want to know. Also, if you have decided to make a career as a hardcore IT professional, it goes without saying how important computers are going to be for you. Very popular Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh are mentioned here.

There are many different options available as far as computer applications are concerned. However, to specialize in any of these, or for that matter in many different domains, you have to learn it from the experts.

From the mid-90s, when computers made their way into the Indian market, several IT schools and training institutes came into existence in Chandigarh. In the following section, you will be given a brief about the Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh which have stood the test of time and managed to maintain their reputation and are still being trusted by those who I want to acquire basic knowledge. Or even want to specialize in different domains. It also needs to be mentioned, that in the last few years, various new institutes came into existence and they are also performing quite well.

Here are the best Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh

1st out of Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh

ThinkNEXT Technologies Private Limited

ThinkNEXT is the first and best option for a computer course in Chandigarh. Here they provide all computer courses like PHP training, android training, java training, training, web designing, web development, basic computer, and there are many other course options. You can choose the course of your choice. ThinkNEXT is one of the famous computer institutes in Chandigarh to do computer training in Chandigarh, the instructors are very good to give quality education. If you are looking for the best computer training institute in Chandigarh, then ThinkNEXT Technologies is the best place to visit.

Contact Details of ThinkNEXT Technologies Private Limited

Address: SCF 113, Phase 11, sector 65, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, 160062, India


Business Phone Number: 078374 01000, 078374 02000

2nd out of Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh

Institute of Information Security

The Information Security Institute is one of the most trusted sources of practical training in the field of information security, providing unparalleled practical training to individuals and companies around the world for over a decade. Backed by our amazing technical team that has provided consulting services for over 18 years under the brand name Network, we are here to train, guide, and support your career in cybersecurity. Our focus on practical training gives our clients and students the benefits of rapid growth and career advancement in their careers.

Contact Details of Institute of Information Security

Address: Building, Plot No. 14, 1st Floor, Rajiv Gandhi, IT Park Rd, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160101

3rd out of Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh

Elite web solutions

Our experts provide customized services by fully understanding the requirements of our clients. We are a certified web design company that can handle any simple or difficult web design project from our clients. We can create an ultra-modern web design that will make our customers’ business online competitive. We also provide the best value and affordable web design services that can be provided to all clients.

Contact Details of Elite web solutions

Address: Office no. 782/20 1st Floor, Khalsa Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh, Punjab, India – 160034

4th out of Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh


A new “superpower” of information has emerged in the last decade. The real power is direct and unhindered access to the right data at the right time and in the right perspective. The tools and methodologies that keep this data flowing are in the IT sector. Information technology is a philosophy, not just a tool. HARTRON is committed to providing the right equipment, the right technology, and the right methodology to ensure that the general public can also contribute and contribute to the improvement and growth of Haryana.

Contact Details of Hatron

Address: SCO 109-110, Sector 17-B, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160017

5th out of Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh

National Institute of Computer Technology (NICT)

(NICT) is one of the most anticipated and oldest institutes of Chandigarh. It was established in 1987, NICT has helped students and 2 lakh professionals to realize their potential in computers. We have got full official approval from DEPTT. IT (NIELIT), Govt. In India in 1994, we are ready for training in this field. We were a MICROSOFT IT ACADEMY, which provided the learners with MICROSOFT trained faculty, Microsoft certification, e-learning course material, and. Original Microsoft licensed software. NICT is an ISO: 9001:2015 certified institute. Our professional team for the software training and development division is an expert in live project and client handling in the last 7 years more than 200 projects. Industrial Training, Corporate Batch, Career Counseling in Software Technologies are the new benchmarks for NICT.

Contact Details of National Institute of Computer Technology (NICT)

Address: SCO 25, 1st & 2nd Floor, Sec 15 C, Chandigarh, Punjab,  India 160015.

What is Basic Computer Course?

As we know, it is now a common thing for children and young people, yet some people are not well trained in using computers even for doing small activities. Especially housewives, senior citizens and people coming from rural backgrounds find it difficult to cope with others in operating the system efficiently. Hence, our institute decided to provide basic computer courses to help those people understand and build their skills with computers in a certain way.

These basic computer classes provided by our center will enhance your basic computer skills in the best possible way. We will introduce you to the parts of a computer from hardware to software and also teach you how to use it to the fullest for your daily tasks. In this course, we will cover fundamental skills. Plus, advanced skills to make you a better PC user. After completing basic computer training, you will be able to use any PC, laptop, or tablet device without any hesitation. Join now and improve your computer skills to become an expert in using computers!

Benefits of a Computer Course

There are many benefits to taking a computer course and regardless of what a student wants to do with his education, he will find that his increased knowledge brings many benefits. Today, computers are used for more tasks in more environments than ever before, and their use is only expected to increase. Knowing the inner workings of a Personal Computer (PC) will certainly save the user time, and reduce his stress when he is forced to interact with the computer at work or in an informal setting. Knowing the many uses of computers and how to access them effectively is a valuable skill in today’s world.

Even though one may have no desire to explore the growing number of job opportunities available to a skilled computer user, understanding the functions of a home computer can make life easier and more enjoyable. People with basic computer knowledge can store and catalog photos and music, watch movies, play games, create art, chat with friends, manage their personal finances, and manage their household items. There are many other essential and essential tasks one can do by using a computer. The list of functions of modern computers only grows over time and people may not be aware of what they can do with computers, it may be surprising to know how easily all this and much more can be managed.

Enhanced computer skills can help people already work faster and more efficiently, earning them promotions and promotions. They can also learn how to use a computer to search for another job through online job postings. They can find ways to supplement their income while doing basic computer work for other people and companies. Or they may find a way to do some or all of their current job tasks from their home computers, saving time and money commuting. The possibilities are almost limitless and a person only needs to enroll in their first computer course to learn what can be achieved on a simple home PC.

Employment improvement

One of the most obvious reasons for a person to take a computer course is that learning more about how to use a computer improves their chances of getting a better job. If a student engages in taking computer courses for a long period of time, he or she will have a chance to become certified to take on certain roles within the business. Completing even a beginner computer course gives the student better job prospects. Since more and more often entry-level positions in jobs require some computer skills, taking a class in computers is a wise course of action.

Today almost all office jobs require the use of a computer for some function or the other. Being able to create digital spreadsheets, create documents using a word processor, operate basic filing software, and present information using presentation software is becoming a necessity in an office environment. Even if they are not officially required, employees are expected to know how to use them, and applicants who are already familiar with these programs may not have that experience. More likely to get a job than people. Knowing how to use the Internet to send messages, and using search engines to find useful information for a business, is usually also essential. All of these topics are covered in a basic computer class and even users who are a little familiar with these functions can learn how to improve their proficiency with these skills by attending a class.

With more classroom experience, potential employees will find themselves able to attain more advanced positions. They can provide basic technical support to users of computers and other electronic equipment, and set up simple computer networks for small businesses. Also, word processor positions and other entry-level information technology (IT) jobs become a possibility for those who have completed additional computer courses.

Job promotion

One of the benefits of acquiring new computer skills is improving an employee’s ability to advance within the business. If a student knows that the technical department’s areas of his business are out of date, he can direct his studies to learn how to update his job’s machines. This is one way by which, after completing his studies, he can move from his position to a more advantageous position. This is especially helpful for entry and low-level employees hoping to advance within their company.

Depending on how technologically advanced a student’s workplace is, he or she may either attempt to advance into a position that already exists or may recommend various steps to an employer that he or she may take as a Can take the new position to make it a productive and cost-effective option. Since many small businesses are not advanced enough to have on-site technical support, a worker can try to help modernize their workplace. The time and money an employer can save by having a more efficient computer system and not having to seek outside help to maintain their systems can be significant.

Increase in wages and benefits

What are the benefits of a computer course for a person who is already employed and does not want to change career? There are many. The most obvious is the increase in productivity. If an employee struggles to use a computer in his job, or is able to use one but struggles with his tasks, the knowledge he gains in introductory computer courses can be done by him. Can help to increase the amount of work that can be done, making it capable. Raises and advances within the company. Sometimes if an employee has a certification from the courses he takes, he is automatically given a raise.

Even if an employee doesn’t spend most of their day in front of a computer, and is able to use a computer for their basic tasks when necessary, there are many time and energy-saving techniques that can be picked up in computer classrooms. is. Proper typing technique is one of the first topics discussed in an introductory computer course, and there are additional typing courses that students can take to improve their skills. Being able to type quickly and accurately without looking at the keyboard can be difficult processes before, like sending an email or filling out a typed report, and making them quite simple.

Career Scope in Computer & Information Technology

The career prospects for computer engineers in India and abroad are increasing rapidly due to the boom in this industry. Systems studies, analysis, design, and programming are core areas that offer various possibilities to computer science and engineering graduates to shape themselves in their careers.

Computer engineers develop computer programs for industries. Their work includes the design, development, and maintenance of software. They are engaged in analyzing, formulating, and testing problems for solutions, using advanced communication or multi-media tools or working in teams for product development.

A computer engineering graduate with a high percentage of marks and good communication skills gets easily absorbed in reputed companies. Along with a degree in Computer Science, the candidate should be well trained in the latest software.

Software and IT companies are the main employers of these graduates. They can find job opportunities in a wide variety of environments in universities, research, private and public industries, government departments, business organizations, commercial organizations, and manufacturing sectors, etc.

List of Careers in Computer-IT

  • Call center
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Computer science engineer
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Web designer
  • Web Developer


Apart from these, there are many other goods and reputed Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh which are providing quality training to the students and helping them to enrich their careers. Thus we have created the list of best Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh. You can join any of these above-given training institutes in Chandigarh. If you had already joined any of these institutes then feel free to tell us the experience in the comment section.