Top 5 Dedicated Web Hosting Companies in Chandigarh

Top 5 Dedicated Web Hosting Companies in Chandigarh – Planning to start your own online business? that is great! For this, you will first need a website hosted on a good and reliable web host. In different words, an online business website is not just site designing and URL registration. You also need to choose a web host that can make your website accessible to thousands of online users.

Thanks to its importance, you will find hundreds of website host providers in Chandigarh who can host your entire website at a comprehensive cost. However, selecting the best hosting provider in Chandigarh can be a daunting and challenging task. This is why we have made your job easier, through our own research and experiments, and come up with a list of the Top 5 Dedicated Web Hosting Companies in Chandigarh. But, before you get into the list, let us first understand why a good host for your website is so important.

Here are the Top 5 Dedicated Web Hosting Companies in Chandigarh

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1st out of Top 5 Dedicated Web Hosting Companies in Chandigarh

Web Hoppers

Web Hoppers is one of the leading businesses in Dedicated Web Hosting in Panchkula, Chandigarh. The internet is also known for website designers, internet website developers, digital marketing services, mobile application developers, android application developers, search engine optimization services, social media marketing agencies, eCommerce website development services, and much more.

This renowned establishment works as a one-stop goal serving customers locally and from other parts of Panchkula, Chandigarh. During its journey, this business has gained a secure foothold in its industry. The belief that customer satisfaction is as important as their products and services, has helped this establishment garner a huge client base, which is increasing day by day. This business employs people who are dedicated to their individual roles and put in a lot of effort to achieve the general idea and larger goals of the company. Shortly, this business aims to expand its range of products and services and cater to a larger customer base. In Panchkula, Chandigarh, this establishment is situated at a prime location in Panchkula Sector 11. It is near McDonald’s, which makes it easy for first-time visitors to locate this establishment. It is known to provide top service in the following categories: Internet Website Designers, Internet Website Developers, Digital Marketing Services, Mobile Application Developers, Android Application Developers, Search Engine Optimization Services, Social Media Marketing Agencies, Ecommerce Website Development Services.

Contact Details of Web Hoppers

Address: Sco 46, 2nd Floor, Panchkula Sector 11, Panchkula – 134117, Near McDonald’s, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 07947376319

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2nd out of Top 5 Dedicated Web Hosting Companies in Chandigarh

Veritas Infosolutions

Veritas Infosolutions is the leading Dedicated Web Hosting Company in Chandigarh. Hosting that brings a website a location on a server to make it accessible on the World Wide Web (WWW). Hosting criteria differ from one provider to another. In this new era of social networks, these website hosting service companies have played a vital role in meeting the needs of various websites. Web hosting acts as a hub for the protocol files of different websites which are stored under different servers. Technical terms like DNS, FTP, ISP are some of the codes that introduce you to web hosting services. Apart from describing in detail, here you will find major web hosting services offered by Veritas Infosolutions under Website Hosting Services.

Contact Details of Veritas Infosolutions

Address: D-190, 3rd Floor, Industrial Area Phase 8b, Mohali-160071, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 099155 44433

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3rd out of Top 5 Dedicated Web Hosting Companies in Chandigarh

Ink Web Solutions

Ink Web Solutions is a web hosting company based in Chandigarh, India. We are a growing organization in our fourth year of active operations and have catered to a wide client base spread across various industry verticals. As a web hosting India service provider, we have provided web hosting services to a lot of start-up and mid-level organizations who are trying to launch their website and waiting for cheap hosting services.

Being a web hosting Chandigarh service provider, we are easily available. Our range of web hosting services includes a shared server, dedicated server, reseller server hosting, etc. These hosting types are pumped with the vital features needed to host a site and make it a success. Administrators who host their websites on our servers have rarely reported any trouble or glitch that may have caused the temporary shutdown of their websites. As a web hosting Chandigarh service provider, we ensure that the best service is provided to the customer. After all, the website represents their business and should be smooth in operation.

Contact Details of Ink Web Solutions

Address:  SCO 58-59, 3rd Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh (160022), Punjab, India

Business Phone Number:  +91-98154-55397 , +91-78378-77136

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4th out of Top 5 Dedicated Web Hosting Companies in Chandigarh

HT Logics

HT Logics is a software product and system solution development company with its original development center in Mohali. Over the past 8 years, we have been providing value-added IT services to small, medium, and large scale customers across India. As well as developing custom solutions, our extensive research into various emerging technologies has empowered us to build a portfolio of products for a wide range of users. Our work ethic is guided by our extensive experience in international trade and our methodology is backed by our customer-centric quality policy that provides effective processes, path-leading technology, quality solutions, and services driven by a team striving for excellence. To do. Continuous effort to maximize customer benefits.

Contact Details of HT Logics

Address: city heart, Main Bazar, Kharar, Punjab, India 140301

Business Phone Number: +91-9882-000097, +91-96465-94291

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5th out of Top 5 Dedicated Web Hosting Companies in Chandigarh

Attolo Infotech

Attolo Infotech Medium provides full access to web application development, e-commerce solutions, etc. Attolo Infotech is an agreed and high-performing Website Designing & SEO company in Chandigarh with the zeal to designing websites, working for organizations and associations.

We are focused on providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services in the form of a large number of websites to our clients across the globe. At attolo Infotech, we are focused on the wanted results. Providing you with first-class website designing and SEO services, we strive to ensure your 100% fulfillment as far as the quality and timeline of events as per the chosen delivery.

Contact Details of Attolo Infotech

Address: SCO 52, Basement, Sector 9D, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160009

Business Phone Number: +91 83602 21044

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What is Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a term used to describe web hosting packages that provide a dedicated server with dedicated resources to a client. Dedicated hosting plans are ideal for WordPress websites with a large number of visitors. Many WordPress hosting service providers give dedicated hosting plans along with shared and VPS treating plans.

For example, in a shared hosting plan, one customer is sharing a computer with several other customers. In the case of the VPS hosting plan, the clients are sharing one machine but not sharing the resources with other clients on the same computer. However, on dedicated hosting plans, a customer leases an entire server with all his resources. Web hosting companies offer various packages of dedicated hosting plans. The prices for thesis plans are based on the customer’s choice of hardware and resource allocation.

Dedicated hosting plans are ideal for large organizations or websites with a lot of traffic. The client gets full control of the server which allows them to configure it to meet their needs. Dedicated plans also come in managed and unmanaged forms where the hosting center can manage the servers for the client in case of any issues. Dedicated managed servers are generally more expensive. Pricing is also affected by the number of resources required such as bandwidth, storage space, and amount of RAM, among other things. Additional costs for dedicated servers also include the software sets needed to manage the server. Such software may include licensing for Windows, if desired, cPanel, and other paid software. Free alternatives are available for most paid software packages, but they are generally not preferred due to issues with the stability of the software. The main exception to the preference of paid versus free software is the widespread use of Linux over Microsoft or other paid OSes on servers.

Some advantages of choosing a dedicated hosting provider

Server resources are not shared

When you want a dedicated hosting provider, you get the full support of a single server. You don’t need to disturb other websites clogging up the server’s CPU and RAM. With a dedicated server, you can be sure that bad scripts running on another website or spikes in bandwidth usage won’t slow your server down.

Better performance and security

Selecting a dedicated hosting provider guarantees the highest uptime for your website. Shared hosting is often best for websites with low to moderate traffic. If your website receives a lot of traffic, however, dedicated servers offer more stability and reliability than shared hosting.

With a dedicated server, you can also be sure that you are not sharing the location with any malicious website or potential spammers. Dedicated hosting enhances security, especially important for companies handling sensitive transactions over FTP or SSL.


Dedicated servers allow their customers the flexibility where they can customize the server to the customers’ unique needs for RAM, CPU, disk space, and software. On the other hand, with shared hosting, a client is largely limited to applications, and the software and operating environment are already downloaded to the server. The company will either offer software that their clients don’t need or lack what they need.

Organizations are attracted by a customizable server environment that meets their needs. They can choose the software they need for themselves which allows them more control over the configuration of their dedicated servers. You can also install a different operating system if you want and you can choose how much memory a web task will be allowed to use. Set up your own database server, and you can run tasks that consume as little CPU as you wish. Having a fixed IP address is a big deal for a lot of websites, and dedicated hosting gives you just that. Some shared hosting providers allow you to use a dedicated IP address, but the cost is high while other hosting providers fail to provide it. In dedicated hosting, you will be using your own IP to access your web server even if you face any DNS issues. You will have a unique IP address which is actually for a large e-commerce website that requires SSL for credit card processing.

Unique IP address

Each server has its own unique IP address. With shared hosting, this means that you are also sharing an IP address with several other websites. If one of your friends is a spam site or an adult site, it could mean that your website’s stock has been launched down.

With dedicated hosting, you have a dedicated server, which means your own unique IP address. This is especially important if you are a large running e-commerce site that requires SSL for credit card processing. With dedicated hosting, you have a dedicated server, which means your own individual IP address. This is especially essential if you are a large running e-commerce site that needs SSL for credit card processing.

No overhead to purchase or maintain equipment

If a company requires a dedicated server but doesn’t have the time or sources to manage the server itself, dedicated hosting is a low-cost way to obtain the sources of a full server. A dedicated hosting provider manages the cost of building and maintaining server devices, reducing the overhead for a business buying server space, and improving their results on investment.

However, these advantages come with a cost. Shared hosting is the cheapest way for a business to run its website, and is far more expensive than dedicated hosting. But sites that deal with a lot of traffic, or that are in dire need of optimization and security, may find that a dedicated hosting provider is their best option.

Full Control

As already mentioned above, one of the advantages of a dedicated server is that you get complete control and access to your website and what happens on it. All the benefits of a dedicated host are an extension of this major factor which is its uniqueness. In a dedicated hosting provider, you get the resources of a single server. With a dedicated server, there won’t be any bad scripts or spikes in bandwidth usage slowing down your server. You won’t have to worry about issues like sharing web resources with other businesses or having another site’s scripts use up all the CPU or shutting down the entire RAM, which will send your site to cold storage.

When the resources of your web server are dedicated only to your applications, you will have direct access to the hardware whenever you want. You will be able to administer every aspect of the operation of your server. These factors also guarantee maximum uptime for your website. Shared hosting is best for sites receiving low to moderate traffic, and if your website receives a lot of traffic, a dedicated server will provide the stability and reliability you need.

Proper configuration

Nothing can beat dedicated server hosting when it comes to controlling over configuration. You must know that dedicated server hosting gives you complete control over the configuration and thus gives you power scalability as well.

So, as you can see dedicated server hosting has many advantages and this is the reason why you should choose it without any second thought.


As the name suggests, best dedicated server hosting is hosting on a single server that is completely dedicated to your website and business. This means that the entire server is at your disposal and you do not need to share the resources of the said server. It also means you have a lot of control over what happens to the server.

On the other hand, you also have the responsibility of maintaining and managing the server yourself, unless you have purchased a package that has some degree of management.

While the server hosts your website and you are the sole user of the server, you should know that in reality, you do not own the server, but you are only leasing it for a certain amount of time. Servers are usually housed in huge data centers where they are mounted on the wall.

Depending on the type of management you choose, you may have server administrators on these data centers to take care of your servers. If you don’t have this as part of the best dedicated server hosting plans, you may have to do the tedious task of configuring, maintaining and managing the server yourself.

Therefore here above we had provided you the list of Top 5 Dedicated Web Hosting Companies in Chandigarh. So if you want Dedicated Web Hosting services then you can hire any of the above given companies.

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