Top 5 ECE Training Institutes in Chandigarh- Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) administers electronic devices, circuits, communication devices like transmitter, receiver, integrated circuits (IC). It also deals with fundamental electronics, analog and digital transmission & response of data.

The glory of Electronics and Communication lies in its universality! Electronic devices have become a significant part of our lives. With the development of technology, Electronics and Communication have become a necessary discipline that is needed by every other industry. Now the world can no longer weaken the importance that Electronics and Communication discipline offers. Hence, Electronics and Communication Engineering are some of the usual sought-after categories by students.

If you are looking for some good ECE Training Institutes in Chandigarh, then we have curated a list of the Top 5 ECE Training Institutes in Chandigarh.

Here are the Top 5 ECE Training Institutes in Chandigarh

1st out of Top 5 ECE Training Institutes in Chandigarh

ThinkNext Technologies

ThinkNext Technologies Private Limited gives the best Six Months Industrial Training chance for ECE Electronics Engineering Students.

It is an ISO 9001:2008 Software/Electronics Systems and CAD/CAM Development Company (MNC) and certified by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Member of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry). ThinkNEXT is also an authorized training companion for Skill Development in ESDM for Digital India.

ECE is one of the leading engineering departments in our country and ECE students have the most number of career choices open for them. As all, we know Industrial training programs are a necessary curriculum for engineering students. ThinkNext Technologies gives 100% practical education and advanced tailor-made plans to make students fit for the industry.

Contact details of ThinkNext Technologies

Address: S.C.F 113, Phase 11, Sector 65, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160062

Business Phone Number: +91-78374-01000

2nd out of Top 5 ECE Training Institutes in Chandigarh


E2Matrix Training Institute is one of the Top 5 ECE Training Institutes in Chandigarh that gives the most trustworthy 6 months of industrial training for ECE in Chandigarh. E2matrix is a certified industrial training institute in Chandigarh. They give 6 weeks of training and season training, 3 months and 6 months of industrial education to B.Tech and M.Tech students. They have composed their training program to improve the technical skills of students. They always concentrate on giving quality training to their students.

They concentrate on practical training so that after finishing their training student will be able to programmers or developers in the future. After getting training from their institute you will surely get selected in topmost multination companies. 6 months of industrial training for ECE in Chandigarh from E2matrix Training Institute will make you a specialist in the electronics industry.

E2matirx Industrial Training Institute is the most famous training institute in Chandigarh. E2matrix Training Institute having high-tech, innovative, and highly forward-looking electronics system labs, a great foundation, and a self-sustained campus tied with facilities for their students.

Contact details of E2Matrix

Address: Opp. Phagwara Bus Stand, Above Cafe Coffee Day Honda City Center, Zirakpur, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 140603

Business Phone Number: +91-90412-62727

3rd out of Top 5 ECE Training Institutes in Chandigarh


This department plays a necessary role in creating devices powerful quite to smooth the normal man’s life. From the appearance of basic versions of television and radio to ultra-advanced technology, leading the rural edges of the world, these applications are acquired by EC engineers.

There are many electronics and communication engineering Institutes in Chandigarh, but TCIL-IT is included as one of the Top electronics and communication Engineering institutes in Chandigarh.

The students entering this program shall determine how to imagine, design, create and test the electronic devices used in electronic and communication systems. The course shall include modern digital communication & signal processing, microelectronics, the knowledge of distance communication through electrical signals or electromagnetic waves, engineering curves and transport appearances in semiconductors, VLSI, power electronics, computer architecture, Internet of Things, excellent processors, installed systems and handle systems to name a few areas learners shall touch upon.

Contact details of TCIL-IT

Address: 3017-18, Dakshin Marg, opposite Kisan Bhawan, Sector 22-D, Sector 22, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160022

Business Phone Number: +91-89688-33017

4th out of Top 5 ECE Training Institutes in Chandigarh

Web Xperts

Web Xperts gives a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering concentrates majorly on low voltage Engineering with ideas of electronic networks and devices, electric and magnetic fields, computer fundamentals, and communication and command systems. A diploma in ECE in Web Xperts, Chandigarh gives the gift of internship and employment chances in MNC’s. Students can also operate on several projects on campus and are urged to pick up analysis in their particular fields.

Contact details of Web Xperts

Address: SCO 114-115 III Floor Sector 34A Chandigarh, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: +91-92162-42412

5th out of Top 5 ECE Training Institutes in Chandigarh

Eden Institute of Technology Management

Eden Institute of Technology Management gives internships for ECE students in Chandigarh. As an ECE student one can run for an internship in the area of embedded systems, sensors, robotics, and automation industries, organizations are working on machine learning, Python, and IoT might be a more suitable choice for them.

Apart from this number of areas as renewable energy, railways, telecom sector also contributes a great choice for them. An internship grants you in-depth awareness of electronics and communication field students effectively. ECE Student Internship gives technical and programming facilities.

Contact details of Eden Institute of Technology Management

Address: S.C.F. 35 Chawala chowk Phase 7 sec, Sector 61, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160062

Business Phone Number: +91-77079-54443

What does an Electronics & Communication Engineer do?

All of the applications which create our life more lenient and pleasant such as Television, Radio, Computers, Mobiles, etc. are created and developed by Electronics and Communication Engineers

  • Design and control satellites, which afford TV, telephone, and Internet service into remote and rural regions
  • ECE Engineers also produces high-level communication conveniences like video conferencing which lead people together from all over the world
  • Develops plans for different control and communication systems

Benefits of ECE

1. Emerging Areas of ECE

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) gives a table of emerging electrical and computer engineering fields.

2. ECE Impact on Humans and Society

Electrical and Computer Engineering at OSU have staff and students working in the following fields, each of which has a meaningful impression on humans and society:

Analog and Radio Frequency Electronic Circuits: Without these, there’d be neither cell phones nor wifi, nor even television.

Communication and Signal Processing: is involved with the transmission, storage, and study of information signals. While traditionally electrical engineers operated on communicating and examining speech, audio, image, and video signals, nowadays they serve on a much broader category of problems, such as gaining and analyzing physiological and genomic signals, biological and environmental signals, user preference data, financial time series, and various others.

Computer and Digital Systems: Humankind is developing faster technologically than ever before with the aid of computers. These digital systems are universal, from your dishwasher and wristwatch to the Mars rovers, and everything in among them.

Networking: The internet is having a great impact on society, producing people over the world together to work collaboratively from various countries. It also publishes and promotes democracy.

Computer Vision and Image Processing: These technologies make it attainable for computers to examine data from magneto-resonance imaging and other medical imaging tools to not only display images but recognize diseases. Computer vision specialists teach computers how to understand faces, while image processing people can de-blur pictures, extract characteristics, and even make art.

Control Systems, Robotics, and Intelligent Transportation: Automation to decrease human labor in the workplace; improve safety in manufacturing systems, automobiles (via anti-skid braking practices or self-driving vehicles), and aircraft (e.g., via auto-pilots); biomedical reinforcements including automatic drug delivery (e.g., insulin handle for diabetics), managed prostheses, and robotic surgery; pollution decrease in automobiles and aircraft.

Electromagnetics, Remote Sensing, and Microwaves: Connection via radiowaves is necessary for mobile devices, radios, and the internet.

Radio and microwaves can also be utilized for sensing, for example in air traffic regulator radar. The capacity of microwaves to see through clouds and rain also offers them very helpful for measuring Earth’s climate and the impact of global change.

Optics and Photonics: Utilizing light to resolve engineering difficulties runs the gamut from fiber optics to lasers for eye surgery. Photonics also covers the field of display technology from LEDs to liquid crystals to holograms.

Thorough knowledge of the interaction of light with material even helps animators produce more reliable and realistic–looking movies. Optics are broadly relevant in many fields, including all varieties of engineering, as well as medicine, architecture (lighting), entertainment, and various others.

Nanotechnology and Electronic Materials: These folks produce more productive solar cells, faster transistors to administer your computers, chips that can advise you to track your pets, and microscopic sensors for everything from air pollution to blood proteins to dissolving minerals on Mars.

Sustainable Energy and Power Systems: Humankind is hugely reliant on energy, but burning stuff to make electricity is destroying our environment.

Electrical engineers operate to build better solar cells and windmills, harvest energy from waves, and many other non-polluting causes. The smart grid is a different engineering way to more effective energy use, to protect the planet.

Scope of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Popular areas of study in ECE

Taking the educational scope and career options into consideration, here are the common areas of study in the department of Electronics and Communication.

Embedded systems: Embedded Systems are one of the best specializations in the field of Electronics and Communications. These systems are a compound of hardware and software that are assigned to a particular function. These systems are listed systems in which software is normally inserted into the hardware to do particular tasks.

VLSI: VLSI is the development of ECE that involves all of the above principles efficiently. It is the most generally practiced technology for Integrated Circuits (ICs), Microchips, and Component designing.

An Acronym for Very Large-Scale Combination, VLSI is the aspect of integrating hundreds of thousands of conductors on a single Silicon Microchip. VLSI was one of the most prominent contributions to Electronics and Communication.

Wireless Communication:

Wireless Communications represent an important role in our daily lives. This type of Communication includes the techniques of communication between two or more operations without any physical medium or channel. A great illustration is Wi-Fi. Some of the primary types of Wireless communication are

  • Satellite Communication.
  • Microwave Communication.
  • Radio Communication.
  • Mobile Communication.

Why choose ECE?

Now that we are intimate with the field of Electronics and Communication, it is time to discuss why ECE is one of the best methods to choose.

The capacity to switch between Hardware and Software departments

The most prominent benefit that Electronics and Communication branch give you is freedom. the freedom to flow between hardware field and software area. Furthermore, this is also why many industries like to prefer Electronics and Communications engineers over other engineers. Students gain experience in both the hardware and the software aspects during the four years of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

While they get about electronic circuits, devices, and communication systems, they also get about embedded systems, programming languages, and assembly languages. An Electronics and Communication Engineer, who acknowledges the hardware field, and also has a hold over some computer languages, will be more strong during his work than another student who is able only in the software field.

Hence, Electronics and Communication Engineers can change from hardware to software field, but it is not the other method around.

The range of Electronics and Communication

When we consider ECE, we normally picture people working in Integrated Chip (IC) manufacturing enterprises. However, Electronics and Communication is a far more talented field. Earlier in this article, we examined the broad range of career possibilities offered by ECE.

Electronics and Communications include fields such as computer engineering, control systems, image processing, power systems, optoelectronics, analog and digital circuit designing, and many other fields. Consequently, ECE students are open to pick one of the many fields given by ECE according to their desire and capabilities. Therefore Electronics and Communication are a very vast field.

Career Outlook for Electronics and Communication Engineers

The need for Electronics and Communication Engineering is growing exponentially by the day. The scope for Electronics and Communication Engineers is very high in the government sector. The private sector is favoring ECE students as well.

However, there have been some concerns over the status of engineers irrespective of the branch, that is being selected for jobs. To be a prosperous engineer, one has to be regularly updated with the emerging trends and technologies in his enterprise. Remember, learning is a lifetime process.


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