Top 5 MBA Colleges in Chandigarh

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – an assuring choice that almost every higher education aspirant will come across. If you are on a quest to explore the correct course for you, here is all the information you require about MBA. It is very natural to have questions about what MBA is, the scope, job opportunities, college that gives the course and so on.

MBA is a globally endured professional degree. It imparts many skills that are mandatory for business and management. It gives you in-depth knowledge of human and resource management, analytical skills, leadership, and streamline your consultation skills. With over 70 specializations to choose from, it also gives countless career opportunities.

As attractive as it sounds, many MBA Colleges offer both part-time and full-time courses. It is necessary to identify the right college to sharpen and enhance your skills and give wings to your dreams.

Here are the Top 5 MBA Colleges in Chandigarh

Are you looking for Top 5 MBA Colleges in Chandigarh for admission? Colleges are increasingly becoming popular among the candidates who are willing to do an MBA program. Each admission season, Chandigarh is the place that attracts a large number of students, particularly from North India.

The city is home to multiple top-notch management institutes. Numerous prominent MBA/PGDM colleges in Chandigarh are also known as Business schools, B-schools, School of Management, or Management Colleges. Here in this, you can traverse a complete overview of Top MBA colleges in Chandigarh, MBA courses offered by Top B-schools in Chandigarh, Admission opportunity, Fee structure, and placement facilities. You can peruse our list of Top 5 MBA Colleges in Chandigarh.

1st out of Top 5 MBA Colleges in Chandigarh

University Business School, Panjab University, Chandigarh

This college has been ranked the best educational college under National Institutional Ranking Framework, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. This college has made its way among the premier management college of the nation and is one of the top MBA Colleges in Chandigarh. With over 300 candidates, the college offers excellent placement opportunities.

Contact Details of University Business School, Panjab University, Chandigarh

Address: University Business School, Punjab University, Chandigarh – 160014, India

Phone Number: +91(172) 2534702, 2534701, 2541389


2nd out of Top 5 MBA Colleges in Chandigarh

Amity Global Business School (AGBS)

One of the known MBA colleges in Chandigarh is Amity Global Business School & which also has a branch in Chandigarh as well. From placement records to internships, Amity University looks after everything. And the admission will be done through a qualifying test & interview.

Contact Details of Amity Global Business School (AGBS)

Address: AGBS, Sebiz Square 5th Floor, IT Park, C-6, Sector- 67, Mohali

Phone Number: 9915075777, 0172- 3045460


3rd out of Top 5 MBA Colleges in Chandigarh

Chitkara University, Chandigarh

The university concentrates on developing problem-solving skills as well as soft skills to equip the candidates to meet the requirements of the business world. Over ten specializations in MBA are given by the college including Healthcare Management, Logistics, Business Analytics, Pharmaceutical Management and so on. The college gives practical opportunities, hands-on experience, projects and internships.

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Contact Details of Chitkara University, Chandigarh

Address: Chandigarh-Patiala National Highway (NH-64), Punjab- 140 401, India

Phone Number: +91 8288088578


4th out of Top 5 MBA Colleges in Chandigarh

Chandigarh University (CU), Chandigarh

Also called as University School of Business(USB), the college has been ranked one among the top 5 MBA Colleges in Chandigarh. Research and innovation culture and motivation towards entrepreneurship along with excellent infrastructural facilities are the significant USPs of the college. A complete balance of Academics along with Industrial interaction gives exemplary candidates who are industry-ready.

Contact Details of Chandigarh University (CU), Chandigarh

Address: NH-95 Chandigarh-Ludhiana Highway, Mohali, Punjab (INDIA)

Phone Number: +91-160-3051003


5th out of Top 5 MBA Colleges in Chandigarh

University Institute of Applied Management Sciences, Chandigarh

In affiliation with the Panjab University, UIAMS is focused on fulfilling the increasing needs and demands of the industry by producing graduates with promising skills. MBA in essence functional areas such as Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Operations is given as specializations by the college. The content development and delivery are continuously fine-tuned to stay refreshed with the managerial requirements of the industry.

Contact Details of University Institute of Applied Management Sciences, Chandigarh

Address: South Campus, Behind P.U. Alumni House, Punjab University, Sector 25, Chandigarh, U.T. – 160014, India

Phone Number: +91 172 2780125


What is an MBA?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally-recognized degree intended to develop the skills needed for careers in business and management. The value of the MBA, however, is not confined strictly to the business world. An MBA can also be helpful for those pursuing a managerial career in the public sector, government, private industry, and other areas.

Most MBA programs include a “core” curriculum of subjects, such as accounting, economics, marketing, and operations, as well as optional courses that allow participants to develop their own personal or professional interests. Some schools need that MBA candidates complete an internship at a company or organization, which can lead to concrete job possibilities after the program.

Quality business schools generally need that candidates have at least a few years of expert work experience before starting an MBA program. Applicants are also asked to submit Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) scores, academic records, letters of reference, and an essay or statement of purpose that shows why they want to pursue an MBA. Non-native English speakers regularly have to prove adequate English skills with TOEFL or IELTS scores, or through previous academic experience.

The MBA is currently the most famous professional degree program in the world. Today there are over 2,500 MBA programs advised worldwide; most are offered in English. First introduced at universities in the United States around the turn of the 20th century, MBA programs have grown to keep up with the demands of the times.

While traditional two-year MBA programs are still common, particularly in the United States, one-year programs have become more popular. Part-time and online programs are also generally available for professionals not willing or unable to take a year or two off to do a full-time program. Executive MBA (EMBA) programs are part-time programs targeted at experts with more years of managerial experience than traditional MBA candidates.

Specializations in MBA

MBA in Finance

An MBA in finance is among the most popular specializations as growth chances in this field are immense. Financial management is concentrated on planning and controlling the financial resources of any industry. An MBA specializing in financial management will concentrate on management accounting and control, the Indian capital and money market, banking, privatization and international finance.

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Human Resource Management

MBA in HR Management will provide you with all these key skills, concepts and the knowledge to manage human resources in a way that leads to the success of a company. The courses teach you all about recruiting, training, team building, performance updates, employee policy, salary, advantages and increments, employee health and safety as well as staff amenities. If you’ve got good communication skills and can manage tough situations well, you can go a long way in this field.

MBA in Information Technology (IT)

IT Management is the management of all information technology resources of a company. These resources can include computer hardware, software, networks, data and data centre facilities and also the staff involved.

An MBA in Information Technology Management is created to educate and develop managers who can effectively manage the planning, design, selection, implementation, use, and administration of rising and converging information and communications technologies.

MBA in Logistics Management

Logistics Management is a component of supply chain management that deals with the planning, implementing, controlling of flow and area of goods and services, between the point of origin and point of consumption. Companies now need a new sort of supply chain/logistics/operations manager and this requirement has led to the creation of an MBA in Supply Chain Management or Logistics and Operations.

MBA in Marketing Management

Marketing management in India turns around matching the needs of consumers to the marketing resources of a company. The course is about changing consumer demands into services or products, which the business can profitably offer, deliver and promote in the marketplace.

MBA in Business Management

In the modern scenario of globalization, there is a need for experts in the field of business management due to the upcoming of various MNC’s and business groups to provide competition to the Indian market competition. The course essentially teaches you detailed features of finance, sales, marketing, human resources, personnel management, operations, international business, retail management and more.

Why should you pursue MBA?

Getting an MBA degree boosts your confidence

One of the best reasons why you should pursue an MBA is that it helps you increase your confidence. The feeling of having finished and completed a business post-graduation programme can impart a sense of confidence which is critical to corporate success. In the corporate world today, companies need managers or management trainees who are not only confident and can take the lead but are team players as well, who can support the team morale for better productivity. With an MBA degree in hand and work-social life balanced well, you will definitely increase a sense of achievement which would, in turn, boost your confidence for good.

Helps in gaining a different perspective

While pursuing your MBA, you are shown to a wide variety of challenges, socio-economic scenarios and also connect with people from various backgrounds. From small issues and problems, you start addressing issues that impact thousands and millions of people in the real world. Such exposure is quite helpful in honing your capacity to look beyond the responsibilities and roles assigned to you and connect with the team/organization. As you gain a different (global) perspective on common issues, you will also learn to think strategically, which will lead you towards taking practical steps for the problems you face.

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Improves your knowledge in your area of specialization

One of the major reasons why students pursue an MBA in a specialization of their option is to increase their knowledge in the domain. Finance, Marketing, International Business or Entrepreneurship – trying an MBA in any of these specializations will help you gain theoretical and practical knowledge, helping you understand how businesses function. So when you think of why MBA in marketing, finance or IT, you can realize that holding a specialization degree will give you the skill and knowledge edge over non-MBA degree applicants or workers.

Networking with influencers/players from the industry

When it comes to the corporate world, networking and connections matter a lot. Right from registering as a student, you get to be with individuals who are career-oriented and concentrated. You get to meet and communicate with industry experts and veterans as well, which will add to your learning experience. From CEOs of companies to highly experienced business gurus – you get a chance to get influenced by the experts and learn from them. Apart from that, you also become a part of the large alumni network with access to important resources and information about jobs, corporate events and opportunities.

Careers after MBA

The business team of any organization is as important to the growth as the technical team. There are practically innumerable possibilities for MBA graduates. Each specialization has many designations and roles to be fulfilled. Some of the most common roles include

  • Asset Manager
  • Financial Assistant
  • Treasurer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Team Leader
  • HR Manager
  • Business Development Director
  • International Marketing Director
  • Operations Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Public Relationships Officer
  • Information Systems Manager

Why choose Chandigarh for MBA Program?

Chandigarh is a beautifully designed union territory of India with great architectural landscapes. The city is a beautiful example of the peace of modernization and nature. It is also a land that holds signs for flourishing business start-ups. If you are confused about choosing the city for your education, here are a few reasons why you should choose Chandigarh-

Government and Education

The Government works hand-in-hand with the educational colleges towards their welfare. The Department of Higher Education in Chandigarh is trying hard to establish the city as a benchmark in Higher Education. They constantly improvise the infrastructure, offer cutting-edge technologies, bring in innovation in teaching and ensure quality education.

Opportunities and Exposure

With over 30 higher educational colleges, this lovely city has some of the best MBA Colleges. These colleges also have excellent placement records. For start-ups, Chandigarh is a field of opportunities. Since it is one of the closest cities to the national capital, it also has a vast scope of business growth and expansion giving ample exposure and opportunities to the students.

Conveniences and Luxuries

This city can be very well called the city for all. The cost of living is moderate. Chandigarh gives a decent and peaceful environment without settling on the amenities. As a student, you can easily meet your requirements with proper planning of monthly expenses.

"Top 5 MBA Colleges in Chandigarh"

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