Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in Chandigarh- Everyone is moving on their own path and so are their demands. Enterprise and mobile app users are demanding this out of the box. Mobile apps that provide a modern user interface and user experience with location recognition and mapping, video, real-time notifications, data capture, etc. are needed by most business people. If you are also looking for the best Mobile Application Development companies in Chandigarh city then here you are at the right place. Now you don’t need to search any further. Chandigarh is a beautiful city to live in and cherish your dreams. The city is also the capital of two states namely Punjab and Haryana. With thousands of mobile users and web app developers, it can be very difficult to find the right company that can give you the best app. Well, our list of top 5 mobile app development companies in Chandigarh will definitely help you choose the right one for you.

Here are the Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in Chandigarh

1st out of Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in Chandigarh

QSS Technosoft

QSS Technosoft (ISO 27001:2013 & CMMI Level 3 certified) is an established IT Services company with 150+ expert engineers working on enterprise-level web and mobile app development. We are providing end-to-end software services which include Application Development, Product Engineering, Managed Services, UI/UX Services, Development Services, Testing Services, DevOps Services, Maintenance and Support Services.

Contact Details of QSS Technosoft:

Address: Bestech Business Tower, Unit No. 401, Block A, Sector 66, Mohali, Punjab, India

Business phone number: +91 99105 11064


2nd out of Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in Chandigarh


WebHopers is the company that provides people with the best mobile apps in both Android and iOS. The company has trained and expert staff members-professionals who work at their level to provide the best people what they want. Our best services will help you get more customers, traffic, and leads. So for any Android application development and iOS app development, you can choose this company.

You must have seen a variety of companies that are willing to provide the best mobile app development services. Mentioned below are some of the reasons why choose us over other companies providing similar services.

  1. They provide the best services that will bring you more customers, traffic, leads and conversions. This will automatically give you more profit than before.
  2. If you have a shopping mobile application we will provide you with the best quotes and other development services.
  3. They deliver proven and fast results that will make you want to work with us on your next projects.
  4. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, which means we do our best to provide what you want.
  5. Mobile applications are quite necessary these days and their development is even major important. These services will provide you with more privileges than you think. So go ahead and hire the best assistance for your mobile application development in Chandigarh.

Contact Details of WebHopers:

Address: SCO 46, 1st Floor, Sector 11, Panchkula, Haryana, Punjab, India – 134109

Buisness Phone Number: +91 9856890001


3rd out of Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in Chandigarh

Web Coder Experts

Web Coder Specialist in Chandigarh is one of the leading professions among internet website designers. Internet Website Designers, Internet Website Developers, Mobile Application Developers, Digital Marketing Services, Computer Graphic Designers, Logo Designers, Android Application Developers, Search Engine Optimization Services, and many more. Find address, contact numbers, reviews & ratings, photos, web coder experts, maps of Chandigarh.

Contact Details of Web Coder Experts:

Address: SCF 45, Cabin No. 2, Chandigarh Sector 65 Phase 11, Chandigarh – 160062, Near Axis Bank, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number07947261659


4th out of Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in Chandigarh

GNI Soft Solutions

GNI Soft Solutions is one of the leading business software companies in Chandigarh. Also known for internet service providers, software companies, internet website designers, mobile application developers, computer software developers, internet website developers, online shopping websites, logo designers, and much more. Find address, contact numbers, reviews & ratings, photos, maps of GNI Soft Solutions, Chandigarh.

Contact Details of GNI Soft Solutions:

Address: Plot No-F-247, 2nd Floor Cabin No 24, Phase -8b, Mohali, Industrial Area, Chandigarh – 160071, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 0794746574


5th out of Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in Chandigarh

Rosha Creative Agency

Rosha Creative Agency is one of the leading businesses in Corporate Advertising Agencies in Chandigarh. Internet is also known for Website Designers, Advertising Agencies, Internet Website Developers, Mobile Application Developers, Digital Marketing Services, Bulk SMS Services, Computer Graphic Designers, Logo Designers and much more. Find Rosha Creative Agency, Chandigarh’s address, contact numbers, reviews & ratings, photos, maps.

Contact Details of Rosha Creative Agency:

Address: Main Market, Sector – 23, Chandigarh Sector 23d, Chandigarh – 160023, Near Gurudwara, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 0804578760


What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile application development is the process of creating mobile applications that run on mobile devices. These applications can either be pre-installed or can be downloaded and installed by the user later. They use the network capabilities of the device to work the computing resources remotely. Therefore, the mobile app development process requires creating software that can be installed on the device and enabling backend services for data access through APIs and testing applications on target devices.

To develop scalable mobile applications, you also need to consider screen size, hardware requirements, and many other aspects of the app development process. With the increasing number of jobs in the mobile app development industry, it is essential that the process is well defined and understood by entrepreneurs, startups, and especially developers.

Mobile App Development Platforms

The two main major mobile app platforms are iOS from Apple Inc. and Android from Google. iOS is Apple’s exclusive mobile operating system made particularly for iPhones. Android, however, runs on mobile devices manufactured by various OEMs including Google.

Although the two have common similarities, different software development kits (SDKs) are practiced for different platforms. Apple uses iOS exclusively for its devices, while Google has made Android available for other companies that meet distinct needs. Developers have generated over 1.5 million applications for both platforms to date.

Mobile App Development Process

To build an application, you need a step-by-step process that can help you build a mobile application faster. There are three important steps:

  • Understand the need
  • Develop product
  • Test the product.

Best Practices for Mobile App Deployment

Once the user installs the application, you should work on minimizing uninstallation, providing the best user experience, staying competitive, and maximizing financial returns in the long run. Maintaining your mobile application regularly to build a lasting brand image in the minds of the users. Here is a list of best practices for long-term app development.

  1.  Monitor the performance of your mobile applications. Keep an eye on loading types, if there’s a lag, or if there’s a response issue. This will help you be prepared with your analytics reports. Analyze your retention rates, brainstorm rates, and try to understand usage patterns.
  2. Keeping your user interface up to date is also one way to keep your mobile applications up to date. Customers align themselves with the changing styles, trends, habits, and other essential features of apps that need to be updated constantly. If you keep your app interface similar, your customers may gradually start preferring other competing apps with similar features.
  3. Make sure your app supports the latest software updates and hardware updates. A new version of the mobile operating system is released every year.
  4. Fixing bugs can win the hearts of customers. The none software application is ever published with proper testing. However, bugs are an essential part of mobile app development.

Why Mobile Applications Are Important; Especially Its Development

Within the earlier few years, mobile app development has grown into a booming industry.

Currently, it is estimated that there are 2.3 million mobile app developers dedicated to meeting the demand of the industry.

In fact, according to Apple, 1.25 million apps were registered in the Apple App Store in 2013 with 50 billion downloads and $5 billion paid to developers.

With these types of industry numbers, it soon becomes clear that mobile app development is a critical factor for business success.

More people are accessing the Internet on their smartphones

With the increasing number of people accessing the Internet via smartphones and tablets, mobile app development has the unique potential to reach a large number of potential consumers. According to the PewResearch Internet Project, an estimated 67 percent of American smartphone owners use their smartphones to access the Internet on a daily basis. Recent studies also suggest that app downloads will grow to 200 billion by 2017 and mobile app revenue will grow to $63.5 billion by 2017. The reason behind these extraordinary numbers is the continued growth in the sales of smartphones and tablets.

Not only have sales of smartphones and tablets increased, but the number of mobile apps installed has also grown exponentially. The PewResearch Internet Project indicates that about 50 per cent of all smartphone users have mobile apps installed; Of this percentage, two-thirds are regular mobile app users. These data show that mobile apps have a unique opportunity to engage with an entirely new type of customer, one that is constantly connected to the Internet and the global commerce sector. In short, a mobile app allows you to have millions of new customers at your fingertips. All you have to do is develop an effective app and take advantage of your labour.

The biggest benefits of mobile apps for businesses

There are many advantages to building and distributing mobile apps. Below are some of the top benefits for businesses in a variety of industries.

Build Loyalty

Mobile apps continue to drive customer loyalty, especially in the retail sector.

Reinforce Your Brand

Mobile apps provide a unique opportunity for brand reinforcement through a new channel. Through the mobile app, customers are encouraged to download the free branded version, where they can customize preferences to meet their specific needs.

Increase Your Visibility

In 2013, there were over 50 billion mobile app downloads on the Apple Store.

Expand Your Reach

Smartphone and tablet users are constantly on the go; This means they don’t always have time to sign into a mobile website. And these mobile websites are designed for readability and navigation, not process management. Mobile apps allow users easy, functional access to the information, products, services, and processes they need in real-time and are optimized for hands-on interaction.

Increase Sell-Through

Recent analysis shows that mobile app users spend more time on a company’s mobile app than they spend on a company’s mobile website.

As we continue to grow into a mobile-centric society, it is no surprise that mobile apps are at the centre of the developmental push. Developing a mobile app can go a long way toward getting your company into the hands of new customers and future business success.


So above listed top 5 mobile app development companies in Chandigarh are the best and top mobile development companies that can fulfil your expectations and provide expected ranking, conversion rate, and ROI. We hope, we have provided you with the best information about the top list of Mobile App Development Companies in Chandigarh. Now you can choose any of these and rule the internet world.