Top 5 Promotional SMS/Message Providers in Chandigarh – A promotional SMS gateway is used to distribute bulk sales and marketing text messages to promote a company brand and its products or services. Typical promotional bulk SMS examples include Sales in-store and online. Discount code to be applied online or in-store. SMS marketing, also identified as text message marketing, is a scheme by which businesses and organizations send out specials, coupons, promotions, alerts, and more via highly targeted, permission-based, opt-in text messages. These messages are defined to a max of 160 characters. SMS marketing is a technique that uses permission-based writing messaging to spread promotional messages. When the 5 digit code is texted, that user’s phone number is then saved by the provider SMS marketing software is issuing the texts.

Here are the Top 5 Promotional SMS/Message Providers in Chandigarh

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1st Out of Top 5 Promotional SMS/Message Providers in Chandigarh

Hype Creationz

Hype Creations is in the field of advertising and promotion since April 2012. We are dealing in all kinds of promotional activities which allows the product to enter easily not only in the market but also among the people. We provide internet-based media fastest media to reach people in few minutes which is through bulk SMS and social networking sites as we are registered with all major social networking sites. smaller/Toll-Free Services to manage your calls that were not picked up or missed. It helps the new product to enter the market easily as they already trust you and your organization.

Bulk SMS, Bulk Voice Message, IVR Solutions- Call Management through Virtual Numbers or Toll-Free and Digital Marketing Services that we provide to our customers

Contact Details of Hype Creationz

Address – SCO- 2123 Sec-35 C Chandigarh ( UT ), India 160022

Business Phone Number – +919815447443

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2nd Out of Top 5 Promotional SMS/Message Providers in Chandigarh

Ss Infotech

SS Infotech is established with a vision to provide business solutions in the field of IT Services and ITES. With the passage of time and its expansion, we are reaching the pinnacle of technology to meet your needs. Infotech’s core lies in its philosophy of excellence, efficiency, and economy. An insatiable hunt towards the latest technology and under able leadership and technicians we are here to provide the best service in the industry.

Contact Details of Ss Infotech

Address – Plot No 24, Sector 26, Chandigarh, India 160026

Business Phone Number – 07947457842

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3rd Out of Top 5 Promotional SMS/Message Providers in Chandigarh

Bajwa Infotech

Bajwa Infotech is a leading company that provides complete packaging of Website Designing, Development, and Digital Marketing. Our services have helped many people to strategize, launch and grow through the power of digital marketing. Our website designing and development services have been appreciated by many for their professionalism, dedication, and integrity. Innovation is the major factor that has made us a popular name. We have established ourselves to bring you the best web solutions that meet all your demands effectively and efficiently.

Bajwa Infotech has an efficient team of experienced staff. These include senior developers, designers, e-commerce consultants, and digital marketers, etc. We have ensured that our customers get the best services. Our company specialized in website designing and development services of PHP websites, WordPress, Magento, etc. Best digital services of SEO, SMM, SMO, Content Marketing, etc. With our experience in the service and product-based industry, we can help provide you with your business platform, the brand recognition, credibility, and profitability you may be looking for.

Regular research and development of strategies are conducted by Bajwa Infotech to ensure that you are provided with the latest trends. We focus on enhancing our technical services and bringing innovative solutions. There are customer needs and customer requirements on cost-effective solutions. Customer happiness is a must here and we always ensure that only the best is being served.

Contact Details of Bajwa Infotech

Address – SCO 45, 2nd Floor, Sector 11, Panchkula, Chandigarh, India

Business Phone Number – +91 7341111171

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4th Out of Top 5 Promotional SMS/Message Providers in Chandigarh

Brothers Online Services

Brothers Online Services Private Limited is a Private organized on 07 August 2020. It is ranked as a Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Delhi. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 1,000,000 and its paid-up funds is Rs. 100,000. It is included in Business movements n.e.c.

Brothers Online Services Private Limited’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was last continued on N/A and as per records from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), its stability sheet was last filed on N/A.

Leaders of Brothers Online Services Private Limited are Hardeep and Harbans.

Contact Details of Brothers Online Services

Address – 236A, AKS 2 Colony, Utrathiya, Zirakpur, Punjab, India 140603

Mail –,

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5th Out of Top 5 Promotional SMS/Message Providers in Chandigarh

Infosys Technologies

With 4 decades of knowledge in managing the methods and performances of global enterprises, we expertly steer our customers through their digital migration. We do it by allowing the enterprise an AI-powered core that helps prioritize the performance of change. We also enable the business with agile digital at scale to deliver unique levels of performance and customer happiness. Our always-on knowledge program drives their connected growth through building and transferring digital skills, expertise, and ideas from our innovation ecosystem.

Contact Details of Infosys Technologies

Address – 9th Floor, F-9,10 Tower, Landmark Plaza, Plot No. A-40A, Phase-VIII B, Quark City India Pvt. Ltd, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Industrial Area, Sector 75, Punjab, India 140308

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What are the rules for SMS marketing

Make sure your contacts have opted in for SMS

Text messaging is a very effective and direct line of communication for the customer. But, there are several rules that you should consider while planning your SMS marketing strategy. The first, and most powerful of these is to get permission from your contacts to transfer them SMS messages.

SMS open rates are very high, but it won’t help you if you’re messaging people who don’t want them.

Keep track of the timing of your messages.

Unlike email, which is only marked a few times daily, people open text messages around immediately. This is great for urgent messages, but you don’t want to waste this power by frightening contacts at odd times in the day.

Do you want to run out and use a coupon that woke you up at 2 a.m. on a Wednesday night? Didn’t think so.

Some countries also have laws about when you can send marketing text messages (e.g. France never allows SMS marketing on Sundays, holidays, or after 10 PM).

Include your company name in your messages.

When sending bulk SMS messages, most providers send them via a shortcode, which means your contacts won’t know it’s coming from you. So you have to tell your contacts who is sending the message first.

You don’t want to send promotional coupons to customers and they don’t know where to go, do you?

Use SMS to complement the balance of your digital marketing plan.

The value of digital marketing is that there are so many ways that you can use to mix with your customers. All of these channels join together to form a marketing communication system that enables businesses to build relationships with customers and lead at scale.

SMS and email marketing are 2 channels that are very matched. You can create campaigns through both channels, using email to include more detailed information and SMS to communicate more time-sensitive or urgent information.

Why is SMS Marketing Effective?

SMS is one of the most valuable marketing channels at your disposal for several reasons:

Smartphone ubiquity: With 81% of adults in the US having a smartphone in 2019, SMS is a great way to reach customers directly. By including a link in this lesson, you can increase online engagement with your business.

Email Marketing Closes the Loop: Although email and SMS marketing has many connections in their strategy implementation, they work best together. As mentioned earlier, you can use SMS to send instant information, whereas email has more long-form content.

High Engagement Rate: SMS engagement rates are large compared to email, 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving them. This makes SMS very helpful in giving important information with a high success rate.

Great for emerging markets: If your business is trying to operate in countries where data is expensive and Wi-Fi is less common, SMS is a better channel for communicating information.

Benefits of SMS Marketing that will help strengthen your business

1. High Open Rates

One of the top benefits of bulk SMS marketing is that text messages have the highest open rates compared to phone calls or emails. 98% of sent messages are opened, making SMS marketing services a benefit for all enterprises trying quick and effective customer service.

2. Better Conversion Rate

Even with the high usage of instant messaging through apps, the advantages of SMS in business are many. For example, SMS still witnesses better conversion rates than its all-new-age counterparts. People are more likely to visit your business and take action on promotions or offers shared via SMS than any other marketing service.

3. SMS Marketing is Affordable

To further enhance the benefits of bulk SMS marketing are cloud messaging services, making SMS marketing a highly cost-effective option. Cloud telephony providers offer bulk SMS options through the SMS API or their platform, which allows businesses to reach thousands of customers in a few easy steps. When compared to other forms of marketing such as billboards, television commercials, mobile ads, or magazines, SMS marketing is more budget-friendly.

4. Greater audience reach

With the rise in smartphone usage, Statista reports that in 2018, 52.2% of all online traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones, making SMS marketing the communication choice for many businesses.

One of the top benefits of SMS in business is that it doesn’t even require internet connectivity to receive text messages; Just a working phone is enough. With the increasing usage of phones, SMS marketing is no less than a goldmine. Businesses can utilize the opportunity to reach customers at their fingertips which gives them the advantage of reaching a larger target audience.

5. Immediate Delivery

For businesses to reap the benefits of text messaging, they must ensure that they are connected to a good cloud telephony provider that has strong network operator connections across the globe. This network-operator relationship can be of great use when businesses want to deliver OTPs in a timely manner.

Kalira, a global leader in cloud communications, has network connections in 190+ countries around the world. Messages triggered from the SMS gateway platform are delivered in milliseconds. With such fast delivery of messages in seconds, businesses can reach customers in the blink of an eye.

6. Campaign Success Visibility

Once a bulk SMS marketing campaign is in place, businesses need insights on performance. They can use these details to plan their SMS marketing strategies and reach the right audience to attract more attention.

Cloud telephony providers provide real-time data and detailed graphical analysis, such as the number of messages delivered, timestamps, message status, whether the subscriber has read it, which browser was used to visit, geolocation, and many more. Such data helps businesses understand who their target audience is, how successful the campaign was and what steps future campaigns need to take to gain more audience.

7. SMS Marketing Benefits to the Customer: Easy Opt-in/Opt-out

Although SMS marketing has more regulatory compliance than email marketing, the advantage of SMS to businesses is that there is still an easier way to message if customers do not want to hear from the business.

Shortcodes and long-code numbers provide customers with the option to choose whether they want to opt-in or opt-out of messages. The response is immediate and businesses can configure simple keywords to easily respond to customers. This simplicity enhances customer satisfaction along with gaining customer loyalty because they have an exit route if they want to stop receiving messages.

8. Flexible and Reliable SMS Marketing

Businesses can use SMS services to announce ongoing sales, provide discount coupons, offers, or notify customers about a new store that’s open nearby, send appointment reminders, order status for online buyers, and more. However, SMS offers limited space to tell its story. Therefore, businesses need to use 160-characters wisely to reach customers in an effective and impactful manner.

Since most messages sent through a cloud telephony provider are encrypted, it provides a secure and reliable platform for businesses to reach their customers worry-free.

Cloud messaging solutions are the expectation of business communication. By allowing businesses to reach customers in real-time, they enable data-driven drives that provide better clarity for future campaigns.


SMS marketing or text marketing is one of the easiest methods of business communication. But its true potential is still not fully utilized. Until recently, SMS or text messaging was mainly used for personal conversations. It was only when the world saw a huge increase in smartphone usage that businesses began to realize the scope and importance of SMS marketing. if u need any Promotional SMS provider our site giving you the Top 5 Promotional SMS/Message Providers in Chandigarh if you want more information visit over website