Top 5 Robotics Training Institutes in Chandigarh

Top 5 Robotics Training Institutes in Chandigarh – Robotics today has emerged as a specialized field and skill in engineering, which combines the fields of mechanical, electrical, computer science, programming, etc. It deals with the design, operation, manufacture and use of robots. With the advancement of computer science and related research technologies, robotics jobs in India are gaining more traction. However, while the job seems straightforward, the path to a career in robotics is more complicated.

Fortunately, there are best institutes offering courses and certifications in robotics. Here we list the best Top 5 Robotics Training Institutes in Chandigarh -.

Here are the best Top 5 Robotics Training Institutes in Chandigarh

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1st out of Top 5 Robotics Training Institutes in Chandigarh

ThinkNEXT Technologies

ThinkNEXT Technologies provides the best robotics training in Chandigarh based on the prevailing industry standards which helps the attendees secure placements in their dream jobs in MNCs. ThinkNEXT Technologies provides the best robotics training in Chandigarh. ThinkNEXT Technologies is one of the most trusted robotics training institutes in Chandigarh that provides basic as well as advanced level robotics training courses along with practical knowledge and complete job support.

Contact Details of ThinkNEXT Technologies

Address: S.C.F. 113, Sector-65, Mohali, India

Business Phone Number: 78374-01000, 78374-02000


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2nd out of Top 5 Robotics Training Institutes in Chandigarh

JK Soft Tech

JK Soft Tech Solutions is a premier institute providing Robotics training in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. We conduct classes every day (7 am to 9 pm).

Our aim is to prepare individuals for their careers. In this endeavour, we have the best trainers working for our students. These trainers have an excellent professional background in their respective training disciplines. Therefore, our students enjoy the privilege of knowing the real professional landscape while still being trained. Of course, it gives them confidence, which helps them to make a good impression during the interview.

Contact Details of JK Soft Tech

Address: Top Floor, SCO 80-81-82 Sector 17D, Chandigarh, India

Business Phone Number: +91-98783 74300


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3rd out of Top 5 Robotics Training Institutes in Chandigarh

Itronix Solutions

Advanced Robotics Training at Itronix Solutions in Mohali is delivered from industry experts who have rich work experience in Robotics Process Automation, who can meet real-world challenges with ease. The Robotics course in Mohali covers both practical and theoretical concepts which are essential for the professional to work in the field of Robotics Process Automation to boost organizational revenue. To stay a step ahead in today’s competitive world, individuals must take robotics training in Mohali and Chandigarh. To explore incredible career opportunities.

Contact Details of Itronix Solutions

Address: F469, Phase 8B, Industrial Area, Mohali, Punjab, India


Business Phone Number: +91 99140 77736, +91 9417312121

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4th out of Top 5 Robotics Training Institutes in Chandigarh

Excellence Technology

Robotics is the department of mechanical engineering, computer science and electrical engineering that involves the design, construction, operation and application of robots as well as computer systems for information processing and sensory feedback. Also, students or candidates get the best robotics training in Chandigarh which is a hub of IT companies as well as other companies related to Robotics.

Our aim is to provide job-oriented training to all our students. And that is why we have a faculty of industry experts who have years of experience in their respective fields. By choosing Excellence Technology’s robotics training, students will not only gain subject knowledge but will also get the privilege of knowing the real professional scenario. This will boost their confidence and develop their professional skills which will help them to leave a good impression on the interviewers. Excellence Technology offers 6 weeks and 6 months of industrial training in Robotics.

Contact Details of Excellence Technology

Address: C-133, First Floor, Industrial Area, Sector 72, Phase 8, Mohali, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 0172-4788822, +91 9317788822



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5th out of Top 5 Robotics Training Institutes in Chandigarh


As the name suggests- Robot. Robotics technology or engineering is mainly concerned with the development, assembly and testing of robotics systems. Major areas of robotics include interfacing, programming, mobility as well as sensors between humans and robots. Robotics certification course at INFOWIZ in Chandigarh where we improve the practical knowledge of designing robotic systems with effective and efficient use of CADD and CAM systems. We help in imparting the necessary and necessary skills to the trainees to become good Robotics Engineers. Robotics training in Chandigarh from our organization will help you develop essential skills like Systems Thinking, Active Learning, Programming Mindset, Judgmental and Decision Making, Technology Designing required to become a professional in this field.

The Robotics course in Chandigarh at INFOWIZ is designed by experts who are fully aware of the latest technologies in the field of Robotic Engineering and ensures that these skills are being imparted among the learners who are interested in this field. Want to make your career in Robotic Engineering. Visit our organization in the best Robotics Training Institute in Chandigarh and learn skills from leaders and experts in this field and give new horizons to your career growth.

Contact Details of INFOWIZ

Address: SCO 118-120, (Near Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess), Sub City Center, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh, India

Business Phone Number: +91 172-4567-888, +91 9023-400-888


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Benefits of robots in the workplace

Many people fear that robots or full automation may someday take over their jobs, but this is not the case. Robots bring more benefits than disadvantages to the workplace. They enrich a company’s ability to succeed while improving the lives of real, human employees who are still needed to keep operations running smoothly. If you are thinking of investing in some robots, share the profits with your employees. You might be surprised how many of them are quick to endorse the idea.

1. Security

The most obvious benefit of using robotics is safety. Heavy machinery, machines that operate at hot temperatures, and sharp objects can easily injure a human being. By delegating dangerous tasks to robots, you’re more likely to see a serious medical bill or a repair bill than a lawsuit. Employees doing hazardous work will be grateful that robots can remove some of the risks.

2. Speed

Robots don’t get distracted or need to take breaks. They don’t request vacation time or ask to leave an hour early. A robot will never feel the tension and will start moving at a slow speed. They also don’t need to be invited to employee meetings or training sessions. Robots can work all the time and this speeds up production. They keep your employees from overworking themselves to meet high-pressure deadlines or standards that seem impossible.

3. Consistency

The robot does not need to divide its attention among many things. Their work is never dependent on the work of other people. They won’t have unforeseen emergencies, and they won’t need to relocate to complete a different time-sensitive task. They are always there, and they are doing what they should. Automation is generally far more reliable than human labour.

4. Perfection

Robots will always deliver quality. Since they are programmed for precise, repetitive motion, they are less likely to make mistakes. In some ways, robots are simultaneously an employee and quality control system. The lack of quirks and preferences, combined with the eliminated possibility of human error, will make for a predictably perfect product every time.

5. Happy Employees

Since robots are often assigned to perform tasks that people don’t particularly enjoy, such as chores, repetitive motions, or dangerous tasks, your employees are more likely to be happy. They will focus on more lucrative work which is less likely to grind their nerves. They may want to take advantage of additional educational opportunities, access your employee wellness program, or participate in an innovative workplace project. They will be happy to let the robot do the work that makes them feel burned out.

6. Employment Generation

Robots do not take away jobs. They only change the jobs that exist. Robots need people to monitor and supervise. The more robots we need, the more people we need to make those robots. By training your employees to work with robots, you are giving them a reason to stay motivated in their position with your company. They will be there to progress and have the unique opportunity to develop a new set of skills related to technology or engineering.

7. Productivity

Robots can’t do everything. Some tasks need to be fully completed by human beings. If your human workers weren’t caught doing things that could easily be left to robots, they’ll be available and productive. They can talk to customers, respond to emails and social media comments, help with branding and marketing, and sell products. You’d be amazed at how much they can achieve when grunting isn’t weighing them down.

While we are still light years away from a fully robotic workplace, the robotic capabilities many companies are currently using have proven to be one of the greatest innovations of our time. Start by adding some robots, and see where it takes you.

Career Opportunities in Robotics

Robotic technology in India may be in its infancy, but there is no doubt that India is a growing market for technology and innovation with a thriving environment for the growth of automation. Industry experts say that robotics and automation can revolutionize the industrial landscape and change the way industries perform various tasks.

Robots are machines that are capable of performing duties that humans are either unable or prefer not to perform. Some robots are made to do things that are dangerous for people like searching mines, defuse bombs, etc.

With the advancement of computer science and related research technologies, robotics jobs are gaining more popularity. The use of robots is expected to increase in the near future, from production line robots to experimental robotics for the medical, military and automotive industries, the future of robotics engineering will certainly provide many opportunities for professionals entering the field.

So what do these robotic engineers actually do?

They design experimental robotic models, design production line robots with programmable arms, maintain and upgrade old production line installations, anticipate needs in new areas and design robots with new applications, Do regular checks on existing robotic models. Specialization can also be acquired in robotics areas of ​​study like automation, micro-robotics, robotic motion planning, signal processing, robot manipulators, artificial intelligence, CAD, CAM, bio-cybernetics etc.

Now you can find robotic applications in various fields such as mining, ocean exploration, nanotechnology, surgery, modern warfare and space exploration. To be successful in robotic engineering, skills like innovative thinking, analytical thinking, designing vision, creativity, problem-solving, good mechanical skills, disciplined attention to detail, team spirit are required.

A qualified robotic engineer is required to find a growing number of jobs in the manufacturing industry, agricultural equipment manufacturing firms, mining industries, nuclear power plants, research divisions of mechanical/electrical engineering firms, marine exploration, space research organizations, biomedical device manufacturing firms, gaming industries. Opportunities will come. , to name a few.

Job Prospects

The job prospects for aspiring robotics engineers are bright, as every industry begins to use robotics to reap its benefits in the form of quality improvement and cost-effectiveness. Today the chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industries have also adopted the technology. Robotics engineers, trainers, programmers, supervisors and robot operators can now choose from a range of opportunities.

Interested candidates can explore opportunities as robotics specialists with blue-chip companies like ISRO, DRDO and BHEL. The sky is the limit for a real genius in the field. Many top global firms also employ qualified experts in the field of robotics.


Digital transformation is an existential imperative that has been initiated by organizations across the region in recent years. Being relevant to today’s enterprise IT environment requires an awareness of current technology trends and development practices. Artificial intelligence systems, robotics, which until recently were largely in academic research laboratories, have suddenly gone mainstream. In addition, over the past year, there has been a rapid rise of AI/ML-based solutions in the mainstream enterprise sector. And so the opportunities in robotics engineering will grow from here.


We have made the list of Top 5 Robotics Training Institutes in Chandigarh. Out of the different robotic training institutes in Chandigarh, we have made the best Robotics Training Institutes list. If you want to grow your career in Robotics then you can join any of these above given training institutes. In case you know any of the best robotics training institutes in Chandigarh which we have forgotten to put in our list then feel free to tell us in the comment box.

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