Top 5 SMM (Social Media Marketing) Companies in Chandigarh – Do you need a social media agency for your business? Do you think it can help you to grow your business?

If yes, you will want to make sure that it is a well-rounded and reputed firm that covers many aspects of social media marketing. Specializes in Media and Digital Marketing. Take your time to choose a social media marketing agency wisely, as it will be important to find the right fit with capabilities that align well with your organization’s goals.

In Chandigarh, social media marketing companies refer to all those services that aim to promote a business and its products and services on social media platforms. Such services have become incredibly important in today’s times, with social media platforms being used by millions of people around the world. Effective social media marketing strategy creates greater awareness of a business and its products and services among social media users. If executed well, such services can also lead to sales, thereby contributing to profits. Need help choosing the right company? Based on your budget and requirements, Training in Mohali connects you with the best social media marketing agency in Chandigarh that suits your project needs.

Have a look at the below-given list of Top 5 SMM(Social Media Marketing) Companies in Chandigarh.

List of Top 5 SMM(Social Media Marketing) Companies in Chandigarh-

1st out of Top 5 SMM(Social Media Marketing) Companies in Chandigarh-


PPCChamp – Digital Marketing and Consulting Company is the fastest-growing digital marketing company in India. It was formally launched in year 2010 and almost. 14+ years of experience in online marketing. Mr. Surjit Thakur is the founder of PPCChamp, whose mission is to digitally promote all offline businesses and provide them with an innovative way to do business.

They have 650+ satisfied customers, their level of expertise makes us the best digital marketing consultant in Chandigarh. They provide their digital marketing services to both local and international customers and we are the ideal provider of unparalleled and excellent services for existing and potential customers.

Contact Details of PPCChamp

Address: SCO 54-55, IIIrd Floor, Sector 34A, Sector 34, Chandigarh, 160022, Punjab, India

Phone: 095014 88575



2nd out of Top 5 SMM(Social Media Marketing) Companies in Chandigarh-

Rednirus Digital Media

Avail Social Media Marketing Services from an SMM Company in Chandigarh, India so that your company can be brought in a better position by getting good exposure and a nice customer base. With the help of Social Media Marketing services, companies can reach their potential customers and it can help businesses of all sizes. Social Media helps businesses to interact directly with their existing and new customers and if you are not taking the help of Facebook or Twitter to speak with your audience directly then you might be missing a huge opportunity to expand your business.

Successful Social Media Marketing can help businesses create advocates that are devoted to the brand and can also drive leads. If you don’t have a clear picture of How and What to do then the best option is to go for SMM Services in Chandigarh. Rednirus Digital Media is one of the best companies that provide such services.

Contact details of Rednirus Digital Media

Address: SCO 207, 2nd Floor, Sector 14, Panchkula – 134113, Punjab, India


Phone: 0172-4649663

Mobile: +91-9888885364

3rd out of Top 5 SMM(Social Media Marketing) Companies in Chandigarh-


Webhoppers is a full-fledged SMM company in Chandigarh, which has contributed to many startups trying to capitalize on the unlimited possibilities digital marketing can provide. Webhoppers have established their brand value based on their unparalleled results, solid ROI, professional approach to challenges, and tailor-made solutions for any client.

Webhoppers has a team of highly experienced senior developers, designers, and digital marketers working in India but providing solutions worldwide. They have extensive experience in the service and product industry. Worked for beginners and made them achieve their set goals. They always strive to save a large portion of their advertising budget and thrive on achieving top ad placements and higher CTRs.

They’ve cemented their place in the digital advertising and search engine marketing industry by getting a trusted digital company tag providing results-oriented advertising and digital marketing solutions. They are actively serving international clients with their huge market presence in India.

Contact Details of Webhoppers

Address: SCO 40, 1st Floor, Sector 11, Near Archies Gallery, Panchkula, Chandigarh, Haryana, India 134109

Phone: 076962 28822



4th out of Top 5 SMM(Social Media Marketing) Companies in Chandigarh-

Gratis Soft Solutions

Gratis Soft Solutions is a full-service digital marketing company that will help you achieve your business goals through robust social media marketing solutions. Their team of experienced social media marketing experts will help you reach your goal faster with maximum benefit.

While living in today’s age, it is very important to be seen, especially to remain visible online. The Internet is the best place to engage millions of clients in a shorter time and also with absolute efficiency. They are all on social media, which makes it a great platform to reach your potential audience. You can inform people about the nature of your business, why they need it, your services that could be helpful, etc. This is a very elaborate task that is not too easy to handle on your own. You need a professional service for your company to be recognized on social media channels. You need the best social media marketing agency; you need social media marketing solutions from Gratis Soft Solutions.

Contact details of Gratis Soft Solutions

Address – SCO -14, Second Floor Kalgidhar Enclave Zirakpur 140604, Punjab, India

Phone – +91 0172-6576070,(+91) 9779740070


5th out of Top 5 SMM(Social Media Marketing) Companies in Chandigarh-

Maxxman Comm Communications

Maxxman is a leading IT company providing a complete suite of IT services worldwide. Their range of services includes digital marketing, app development, website design, web development, graphics design, branding, public relations, and business intelligence and surveillance.

We follow a customer-centric approach to ensure your brand; Website and marketing campaigns perform well. We have reached out globally to provide their customers with seamless IT solutions. Maxmaxman’s team of 100+ IT professionals is helping clients from a variety of industries stay ahead of their competition.

Contact details of Maxxman Comm Communications

Address: SCO 341-342 Sector 34A Near Helix Institute, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160022

Phone: 0172 461 0626



What is social media marketing?

According to Techopedia, “Social media marketing (SMM) refers to techniques that target social media and applications to spread brand awareness or promote particular products.” If we break it down technically, social media marketing means:

  • Establish a presence on the main social media platforms.
  • Development of infomercials and content to share
  • Encourage customer feedback throughout the campaign through surveys and contests.

When we talk about Social Media, what comes to mind is Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Although extremely popular, all of these social media platforms are different from each other by nature and are tailored to marketing through unique models.

Why is social media marketing important to every business?

SMM is the easiest way to reach a huge audience; Today, half of the world’s population, 3.8 billion people, use social media. In addition, this number is constantly growing: since 2019, the use of social networks has grown by 9.2%.

Social media is extremely helpful in increasing brand awareness. According to Hootsuite, 52% of online brand discovery occurs on public social media. In other words, most people meet new brands on social media.

In 2019, people spent an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes every day. And this indicator has also grown: the time spent on social networks increased by 1.4%. That makes social media a great way to reach your audience and engage with them for a long time.

Every year, social media becomes more and more significant in terms of driving sales. For example, in 2019, 43% of internet users used social media when searching for products before making a purchase. Although only 12% of people are ready to click a “buy” button on Facebook or Instagram, social media is very important in the early stages of the buyer’s journey.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

The benefits of Paid social profoundly impact important to understand that every post you create on your social media profoundly impacts your brand. This is where Social Media Marketing Agency works in Chandigarh. They make sure you put the right content so that customers can reach out to you while creating better conversions.

Below is a list of some of the benefits that you can definitely get from paid social media ads:

Increase in brand awareness

Social media platforms are the only place where you can make as much noise as you want. With the help of paid social media marketing, you can ensure that your business is getting the right visibility and traction. And the best part is that you don’t need to sweat. It is paid for a reason. All the groundwork will be done by a social media marketing company in Chandigarh so that you can turn your business into a brand in a quick time.

Greater Conversion Rate

Thus, you can drastically increase your conversion rate with the help of paid SMMs. The more you expose your posts and ads to the public, the higher your conversion rate is going to be. In fact, 51% of businesses even admit that improving your brand awareness can increase your conversion rate.

better search ranking

The above-mentioned firms are the best social media marketing agency in Chandigarh can also help you achieve better search rankings. It’s amazing to know how your social media presence can affect your search rankings. That’s why building a strong presence on social media is very important. In fact, Solution 1313 can help you create quality content that is going to attract an audience.

high inbound traffic

The more people you reach, the higher will be your oncoming traffic. Your traffic is limited only to your normal audience who are interested in your services. Social media marketing ensures that you not only reach the right audience but also leave an impact on them.

Scope of SMM

I think it’s something to talk about. This will help clear your path, make it easier for others to understand. The following are some of the basic responsibilities, starting from a strategic point of view towards a more actionable one:

  • Social Media Marketing: optimize, maintain, monitor, and lead the platforms and the marketing strategies carried out on them: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Pinterest, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Google+, Flickr, etc.
  • Content creation and management: content marketing.
  • Interaction with users: community commitment.
  • Social commerce: leads, calls to action, and conversions on social networks.
  • Monitoring: online media, information sources, and social channels.
  • Measurements and monitoring: determination of the ROI of the work carried out, justifying the quality of the actions carried out and, of course, the results thereof.
  • Fan building: based on the achievement of specific ROI objectives.
  • Contests and campaigns: creative contribution, development, implementation, and monitoring.
  • Qualitative aspects: Reports of sentiment, strengths, reach, virality, passion, and effects for the online brand.
  • SEO: optimization of websites, blogs, and social platforms (social search), aimed at improving search results.

Optimization and improvement of keywords in new SEO / SEM opportunities

  • Email marketing: development, creative contribution, execution, results, and campaigns.
  • Database: creation, management, and maintenance of the database making it larger and more agile.
  • Website: optimization and stimulation of content, improvements within the structure of the website: functionality, usability, user navigation. Developing and launching a mobile version. Promote, market, and communicate all the contents of the website. Measurements, monitoring, and follow-up of results.
  • Coordination and management of press and communication tasks: content, interviews, web news, exclusive events, etc.
  • Video-marketing: optimization, search, keywords, sponsored videos, marketing.
  • Electronic commerce: creation and generation of online sales opportunities.
  • Reports: online sales, online positioning, online reputation, online results.
  • Community: leading online communities, brand representation in different forums and communities.
  • Online branding: search, identification, and improvement of all aspects related to the brand in social networks.

Why You Should Hire a Social Media Manager?

A professional in social media management

While it’s great to have an existing employee collaborating with your social media efforts, you’d better hire a social media expert to manage these tasks. Instead of posting randomly, this person can create a strategic plan to help your business make the most of its social presence.

If you and your other employees are inexperienced in social media marketing, the time you spend posting on these channels can be a waste. By hiring a professional, you will have confidence in the time and resources that are invested in this area.

During the interview process, ask them to produce a sample social media plan, so you can see what their vision is for your business. As an experienced social media marketer, you need to know how often to post to each platform and the type of content that works best. This exercise will help you determine if candidates understand your business and how social media can increase sales and elevate customer service, to name a few goals.

Have time to focus on other initiatives

If you or your employees have social media on your to-do list, it will be a great relief to hand this role over to someone else. Perhaps you have been trying to build your social presence, and because of this, other aspects of your business have taken a back seat. By hiring a social media manager, you will have time to focus on new projects and leave the work of social media to your new hire.

Consistent social content

There’s nothing worse than searching for a business on social media, only to find that their page hasn’t been updated in a long time. A social media manager will make posting consistently on each platform your top priority. They will also know what type of content will be best received on each platform, rather than simply posting the same message on every profile your business has.

Someone who responds to social messages

It can be difficult to respond to customers on social media, as well as other platforms like customer relationship management (CRM) programs, email, and voicemail, to name a few. A social media manager will be responsible for handling social media messages, so you won’t risk ignoring customers or waiting too long to reply.

Many business owners do not realize that social media is not just for advertising products or services, it is also a customer management tool. You may not realize it, but customers expect your business to provide customer service through outlets like Facebook, but only 23 percent actually do. This also applies to Twitter: 70 per cent of customer service complaints receive no response from companies.

Drive commitment to the brand

If you are not currently using social media to its full potential in terms of branding, that is where a social media manager will benefit. Hire a social media manager who is creative and can bring new ideas to the table. They will be able to ensure that your business brand is well represented on every social media platform.

A new avenue to generate new customers
Your social media manager will know how to post the latest offers from your business on social media, through both paid and organic efforts. Through social media, you can connect with new customers and now you will have someone who will fully focus on this initiative.

As we mentioned, social media is a viable way to dominate customer service and branding. But ultimately, remember, you should always be looking to gain new customers through all of your marketing efforts.

Recruit new employees

Get your social media manager to collaborate with HR and start posting job vacancies on social media. Of course, LinkedIn is the main place to do this, but you can also share links to job openings on your other platforms. Share links to job openings on Twitter, accompanied by hashtags that will target job seekers. Of course, don’t forget about the social network with the most active users: Facebook. Your social media manager can browse this platform and find groups that candidates frequent.


All the above-mentioned Social Marketing Agencies are highly reliable. You can opt for any one of them and start the promotion of your company. It is always good to stay trendy in terms of everything. Digital Marketing is one of the latest marketing trends that every company should opt for its remarkable opening. So do not miss the essential aspect of marketing.