Which is the best course after 12th Commerce? Commerce (10 + 2) is a popular stream among students in India. Studying commerce in the 11th – 12th grades allows candidates to choose from a multitude of courses at the undergraduate level, paving the way for a range of career options. One of the major benefits that Commerce students get from Arts students is that they are eligible for both Commerce and Arts courses. In this article, you will read about course selection after class 12th for commerce students, but first, take a look at the most popular courses in the commerce stream offered after class 12th.

Bachelor of Commerce or B.Com is the most popular course for students in Commerce stream, this course is mainly offered as B.Com Hons and B.Com General. In the commerce stream, while accountancy, business studies, and economics are core subjects, mathematics is optional. Thus, the commerce stream can be classified into two groups: commerce with mathematics and without mathematics. Students who have studied Commerce with Mathematics in 11th and 12th grades can opt for B.Com Hons whereas those studying Commerce without Mathematics can opt for B.Com General.

This is the question in everyone’s mind. what next? Many simply enroll for a bachelor’s degree in commerce and then realize that they now have to enter the career of their choice. Some people resign from the fact that they have to get into a career they don’t like.

Today’s time is different. You can go for a commerce-related course that will take you straight into a career after graduation. You need to know which subject and career you are interested in. The following are the best undergraduate courses for commerce students.

A) Best Courses After 12th Commerce

Commerce is an excellent stream if you want to pursue a career in professional companies and established industries. However, the subject also has some creative courses for people with a creative twist.

Here is the list of best courses after 12th commerce. They are popular with students because they result in some of the best jobs, salaries, and growth opportunities in the professional world.

1. Bachelor  of Management Studies

If you want to pursue a career in management, then you should consider applying for a Bachelor of Management degree. It is a degree that prepares you to take on managerial roles and also has subjects that teach you all aspects of running a successful business.

For degree courses refer to theory as well as practical work, internships, industry visits, lectures and placements by industry experts. This degree is also an entrance degree for an MBA, as coursework is similar.

2. Bachelor of Economics

This is similar to a B.Com degree, but you have to specialize in economics. The Bachelor of Economics is a combination of basic and advanced economics, with students gaining in-depth understanding of micro- and macro-level concepts of economics.

The Bachelor of Economics degree course is a 3-year long course and is available with all the best universities. This is for you an economist, Ph.D. Holder, and for competitive exams.

3. Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance

The Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance degree is one of the best courses to do after 12th if you like numbers and want to start a career immediately upon graduation. You learn the fundamentals and real accounting and financial management.

It is usually a long course of 3 years and some universities also call this course Bachelor of Finance and Accounting. After graduation, you are eligible to get a job, or you can pursue further studies to become a financial analyst or chartered accountant.

4. Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance

If you want to make a career in the financial services sector, get a Bachelor of Commerce in Banking & Insurance degree. In this, you learn activities in banking, finance, investment, business analytics, risk assessment, and use of financial software.

Bachelor of Commerce in Banking & Insurance is a 3-year degree course and will get you a good job right after graduation. However, you can also get postgraduate degrees and courses to get further boost for career opportunities,

5. Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Markets

If you are interested in trading in the financial markets of the world, the Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Markets is the degree you should pursue. In the course, you will learn trading commodities, bonds and stocks, markets & institutions, foreign exchange markets, debt & equity markets, and various financial assets

The Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Markets is a 3-year degree course that will make you eligible to work in the financial markets and institutions of the country. You can study further to become a stockbroker, investment banker, financial analyst, etc.

B) Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

Though most commerce degree courses will get you a job, there are a few professional degree courses that will ensure you start your career right after graduation. These courses are tough, but with hard work and dedication, you can do well.

Here are the best professional courses you can do after the 12th. Make sure you choose a course that interests you, so you will make a career you will love and do exceedingly well.

1. Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is known to be a stepping stone for an MBA. However, on its own, it still has a lot of merits and can get you an excellent job in a managerial or administrative position.

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a 3-year degree where you learn all the fundamentals of management and subjects like accounting, finance, marketing, statistics, human resources, and more. Some universities also provide an integrated MBA course that includes BBA.

2. Bachelor of Business Studies

The Bachelor of Business Studies degree is also similar to a Bachelor of Business Administration. However, there is a difference. This degree is more focused on the practical aspects of business management. It is more industry-focussed

This is a 3-year degree course with subjects like accounting, business law, communication skills, organizational behavior, marketing, and finance. This degree is also a great gateway to do an MBA.

3. Bachelor of Computer Application

One of the most respected and difficult education streams is Chartered Accountancy. Many students try and fail, but completing a few years in a CA course is also considered valuable.

The CA course has been reduced to 3.5 years and is still very difficult. But once you become a Chartered Accountant, your career and earning prospects skyrocket. In it, you learn subjects such as auditing, tax law, taxation, business law, and corporate laws.

4. Charted Accountancy

One of the most respected and difficult education streams is Chartered Accountancy. Many students try and fail, but completing a few years in a CA course is also considered valuable.

The CA course has been reduced to 3.5 years and is still very difficult. But once you become a Chartered Accountant, your career and earning prospects skyrocket. In it, you learn subjects such as auditing, tax law, taxation, business law and corporate laws.

5. Bachelor of Laws(LLB)

If you are passionate about law, you do not have to complete your graduate studies first. Now you can choose it after 12th grade with a unified law course which usually lasts for a period of 5 years. However, in the end, you are a qualified lawyer, who can practice.

In LLB, you will learn subjects like labor law, industrial law, property law, banking law, company law, environmental law, family law, human rights law, and more. Later, you select a specialization to become a lawyer in that particular field.

C) Creative Courses After 12th Commerce

1. Journalism & Mass Communication

Journalism and Mass Communication is one of the most popular and creative courses to do after 12th. Some universities offer 3-year bachelor’s degrees, while some also have integrated 5-year courses, including a master’s degree.

The advantage of journalism and mass communication is that you can choose to specialize and make a career in the field of journalism, advertising, public relations, or film production. Students with a flair for writing and other creative arts should consider a journalism and mass communication degree.

2. Animation & Multimedia Courses

There was a time when animation and multimedia courses were to be done with different degree courses, but now, you can graduate in animation and go to other multimedia courses like 2D, 3D, and graphics design.

There is a huge demand for animation artists as India is now the epicenter of animation work. Therefore, salary and growth opportunities are also great. Graduates may get the opportunity to work in the studio or may also become freelancers after gaining experience.

3. Bachelor of Design

The gaming industry in the country is looking at its best days. Students are also turning to this industry. You can do a Bachelor of Game Design degree course to get into game designing or game testing.

This degree is a 3-year course. You’ll learn topics such as game design and mechanics, programming and technology, level design, 2D and 3D art animation, and game narrative and audio. Many gaming studios have established studios in India, and are hiring local talent.

4. Bachelor of Fashion Design

Many universities in the country have now started Bachelor of Fashion Design degree course. Students who have a deep understanding of fashion, and can design clothes, can go for this degree after their 12th grade. It is a 3-year degree course. Diploma courses are also available.

In the Bachelor of Fashion Design course, you will learn the history of fashion, designing clothes, software used to design clothes, making clothes, etc. With this degree, you can easily find a job in the fashion industry.

5. Bachelor of Event Management

Event management is the most difficult task. With so many events being held, professional event managers were needed. This led to the Bachelor of Event Management degree course.

In this course, you are taught all aspects involved in planning, organizing, and organizing an event. Some Mass Communication degrees include event management as a specialized subject, but you can opt for the degree if you are interested.

Why Choose The Right Course After 12th Commerce?

Your graduation is the most important phase of your academic career. It is now that you choose a career path and learn all about it during your degree course. For this, you invest a minimum of 3 years of your life. Therefore, when you are choosing the course, you have to be extra careful.

Here are some more reasons why choosing the right course after 12th commerce:

Its a matter of your career –

Most people start their career after graduation based on their degree course. In commerce, a single course opens multiple career options. Therefore, you have to be precise in what course to do to get the best career options.

To save money –

Commerce-based graduation courses are becoming expensive with the passing of each academic year. It would be expensive to change and do another course if you choose wrong.

To save time –

The biggest investment you make in a graduation course is your time. It takes a minimum of 3 years to finish, so you better make the right choice if you do not want to waste the best years of your life.

For success –

When you choose the right course after 12th commerce, you will do well in it since you already incline towards the subject matter. When you do something you love, success is just a matter of time.

For yourself –

You owe it yourself to get the best education possible and make a great career.

How To Choose The Right Course After 12th Commerce?

When you are done with your 12th grade, the whole world will descend on you what you have to do. However, in this scuffle of advice, it is easy to get confused and make the wrong choice. Therefore, instead of being overwhelmed, take the following advice on how to choose the right course after 12th grade, and choose the right way.

1. Shortlist –

With Commerce, you get many options. Make a list of options and shortlist the ones that interest you the most. Reducing options always helps in making the right choices.

2. Choose According To Your Career –

Go for the subject that will help you achieve your desired career. Many students make the mistake of choosing the wrong one, and then have to do a master’s degree or additional courses to qualify for their ideal career.

3. Your Choice –

Nowadays, students are clear on what they want to do right from the beginning. So, if you already have a course, do not be influenced by the opinions of others. Go for the course you want to do.

4. Future Prospects –

In case you don’t have a clear idea of what to choose, just take a look at the possibilities of your shortlisted courses. Choose people with the best salaries and growth opportunities.

5. Take Help –

Make an appointment with a professional career counselor. They take your choice and opinion into consideration, are equipped with the best information, and will guide you in the right direction. Some high schools and colleges offer counselor services for free, while there are others with whom you can consult for a fee.