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PPC Training Institute in Kharar provides real-time and placement focused PPC training in Kharar. Our PPC Training Course includes basic to advanced level and our PPC course is designed to get the placement in good MNC companies in Kharar as quickly as once you complete the PPC courses in Kharar with placement. Our PPC trainers are PPC certified experts and experienced working professionals with hands-on real-time multiple PPC project knowledge. We have designed our PPC course content and syllabus based on students’ requirements to achieve everyone’s career goal. In our PPC training program, you will learn from scratch to an advanced level along with PPC real-time project and PPC placement training.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a sort of web marketing or promoting in which publicists pay a particular sum every time when one of their advertisements is clicked by clients or viewers. PPC marketing includes watchwords; catchphrase research, catchphrase gathering, and associations make winning Adwords crusades and web search tool reward sponsors who have utilized compelling catchphrases to make very much composed and focused on pay per snap battles. The best strategy of PPC promoting is to set up a rundown of catchphrases that matches your business and the general population hunting down.

PPC is the best type of web publicizing in the event that it is done well. The all-around oversaw PPC publicizing effort can drastically expand the arrival of speculation while a severely developed PPC marketing can gobble up the marketing spending plan with no little advantage. PPC Management is a troublesome undertaking to handle with no experience in it. Managing the complexities of pay per click phrasings can be baffling knowledge that just leads to confounding you facilitate.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically.

Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. It allows advertisers to bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links when someone searches on a keyword that is related to their business offering. For example, if we bid on the keyword “PPC software,” our ad might show up in the very top spot on the Google results page.

The Importance of Pay Per Click Marketing

If you are a new business, it is understandable to feel at odds with the ways of the internet and not know where to start marketing your brand. Read on to know why you must give PPC a shot:

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  • As mentioned earlier, one of the major aspects of PPC is that as an advertiser, you only pay when your ad gets clicked on by a Google user. This helps you retain great control over your spending and understand exactly where or how your money is being spent and converted into a favorable action. The moment the money in your PPC spends account is exhausted, Google stops posting your PPC ads until you fill it up again. You can constantly review your financial situation and proceed with PPC only if you feel you are in a comfortable and advantageous position.

Targeting made easy

  • Imagine if you searched for ‘bicycles for kids’ online and were shown results that were for people in the USA. In today’s day and age of extreme personalization, you must put ample thought into the demographic/profile of your customers. PPC advertising lets you target the users of your choice with laser focus, be it based on their age, lifestyle, location, device, the times they are most active online, etc. Even retargeting, which is attempting to convert users who initially showed interest in your brand but did not convert to active customers, is possible through PPC as you can learn from past mistakes and optimize your ads for the most impact.

Guaranteed results

  • As mentioned earlier, PPC is all about seeing faster results that are also consistent. This is all the more crucial if you are just setting up your business and want to hit the ground running by reaching out to potential customers and making them aware of your brand. There have also been instances when new websites, in their ambition to draw in maximum traffic, did not think to equip themselves to handle large visitor loads, leading to a temporary outage or crashing, thereby affecting their reputation. In such scenarios, you can pause your PPC campaigns until things are in the clear again.

Features that sway

  • PPC affords you an immense amount of control, be it through geo-targeting, ad scheduling, ad rotation, bid strategies, keyword planning/research, data reporting features, and more. Not only does this help tailor-make a campaign that will reach only those you want to approach, but it will also help you track where you are doing well and where you are not. Besides these helpful features, you even have the option to run multiple campaigns at the same time for various keywords and audiences. All this will add to substantial jumps in revenue once you have perfected your PPC strategy.

SEO and PPC go hand-in-hand

  • Many digital marketing novices may believe that SEO and PPC do not work well together but that could not be further from the truth. Not only does PPC help better the overall ranking of your site by instantly attracting web traffic for new keywords, but it also provides you with fresh information about popular keywords that will help you gain better business/brand exposure. A clever PPC campaign can in fact enhance your SEO strategy by quickly making up for the keywords the latter may not be working that well for. Hence it is imperative that you include both these marketing techniques into the mix.
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  • The well-structured and industry-relevant course curriculum
  • Experienced and dedicated faculty members
  • Exposure to live projects from day one
  • Periodic evaluation and feedback
  • 100% Placement assistance on successful completion


  • Any graduate/diploma/ITI course
  • Basic computer skill
  • Basic Internet knowledge
  • Knowledge in functional English

Syllabus of Google Adwords – PPC Course in Kharar


  • Course overview
  • Pay Per Click Fundamental
  • How PPC Helps for Business?
  • Pay Per Click Ads Tools
  • Marketing Objective

Google Adwords

  • Introduction of Google Adwords
  • Adwords Tools
  • Google Adword Account Structure
  • CPC Concepts
  • Audience
  • Ads Network
  • Tools
  • Reports


  • Search Network
  • How to Set up Campaign
  • Bidding
  • CPC Concept
  • Audience
  • Campaign
  • Ads Groups
  • AdsKeywords
  • Keyword Planner
  • Display Planner

Search Network Ads

  • Introduction
  • Search Network Fundamental
  • Search Networks Ads Type

Display Network Ads

  • Introduction
  • Display Network Fundamental
  • Display Networks Ads Type
  • Marketing Objective
  • Non-Marketing Objective

Search and Display Network Ads

  • Introduction
  • Ads Type
  • Search Network
  • Display Network
  • CPC Concept of Search and Display Network
  • Create Effective Page Timeline

Video Network Ads

  • Introduction
  • Video Ads Fundamental
  • An objective of Video Ads
  • Video Ads for Engagement
  • Video Ads for Shopping
  • Video Ads for App Install

Universal App Network Ads

  • Introduction
  • App Install
  • App Engagement
  • App Analytics

Google Certification Training

  • Adwords Certification

Why Should You Learn PPC?

Today’s Best Source of Quality Lead generation is the Internet and Pay Per Click advertising model. It gives you the best Results. You Must learn “PPC” If you want to start Selling your Goods or Services within 24hrs. Below are some more reasons for Lean Paid Advertising.

  • PPC is one of the best methods of Direct Online Marketing.
  • PPC results are quicker as compared to SEO operations.
  • There are many Pay Per Click programs however the leader is the Google Advertising program.
  • Highly Paid Jobs starting 25 k to 90 k per month.
  • Best For Business Startups Planning to Acquire Online leads.


You may feel as though your traditional advertising routes have done well in the past and why change if it’s working, right? Well, unlike more traditional advertising outlets, PPC allows you to be more than just noise in a sea of ads.

  • Control over the budget and schedule – When you begin, you set a budget for the ad campaign, however, it is not set in stone. You have the ability to adjust it at any point and, if you find that each click is costing you more than you want to spend, you can change the keywords you are using to get a lower cost-per-click rate. You may also find some campaigns are not doing well, so you can just turn them off and add that budget to the ones that are.
  • You only pay for clicks – This saves you a lot of money vs. traditional marketing platforms. You can also determine the most effective ads by tracking where people are clicking through and where they abandon, especially if your click to conversion rates are low.
  • You can measure and track – Virtually any goal, downloads, contest entries, email signups, etc, can be tracked through PPC advertising. This gives you measurable results to present to your boss and other stakeholders.
  • Results are fast – People are actively searching the key-terms you bid on and, therefore, you could have a lead in less than a minute. While this is not always the case, you won’t have to wait long to have your company mentioned at the top of search results for queries directly related to your products and services.
  • You can target – One of the greatest things about PPC advertising is that you only pay to find exactly who you want to reach. Using keywords, demographics, and interests, the search engine puts your ad up where it matters the most. The leads will be real and relevant, and you can always readjust based on what is working the best. Usually, in about 3-6 months, you can make a great return on your PPC ad budget investment.
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Need for PPC Course:-

No website can perform without having visibility on Search Engine. Organic Promotion may take a time to uplift the website to the top of the searches. PPC or paid campaigns are helpful to get instant results and lead generation by increasing branding. There are lots of search engine platforms here like Facebook, Google, Linked In, YouTube, and much more where variant industries are promoting their services and products. People looking to run their own business or graduates building their career in PPC should join this course to understand the activities and results thereof.

Not only the sectors, Government officials and public utilities are also looking to PPC Interns or Google AdWords professionals to generate leads to enhance brand awareness. One may work as a freelancer or part-time basis to earn extra income. Some start-ups have a low budget and unable to afford professional PPC Company, may hire Freelancers or part-time PPC professionals to track and manage the PPC campaigns.

Why Choose us for PPC Training in Kharar?

  • We are the oldest Digital marketing agency having experience of more than 10 years in paid advertising.
  • Our PPC Training classes are taken by PPC experts with 12 years of experience.
  • Our professional Pay Per Click course is designed by experienced PPC managers working with large corporates.
  • We are the oldest and most experienced in Paid Marketing Training Programs.
  • In our PPC classes, you will get Live Campaign practice.
  • Google Adwords Certification Full Preparation Support & Exam.
  • We are dedicated to Internet Marketing Education only, therefore you get the best Quality Training.
  • We are providing Best PPC training in Kharar.

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