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Welcome to the Distance BCom Education in Mohali, the world of Correspondence Education. Distance BCom Education in Mohali is the most appropriate system by which a result is obtained for continuing higher education with careers & jobs. Distance Education helps you to complete your studies along with your job life. With Correspondence BCom Education in Mohali, you obtain the same value and recognition as equivalent to a regular college degree. Distance BCom Education in Mohali courses has UGC recognized universities and are valid for MNC and Govt jobs, educational loans for higher studies.

Distance BCom Education in Mohali provides low-fee correspondence education, distance university & their chosen institutions remain severed by great measures, often holding the mainstream model of education, the distance education of Distance BCom Education in Mohali will determine to be advantageous in varied situations.

The enormous development in which science and technology are advancing makes the experience for people to improve their skills and knowledge in progression to stay refreshed in every field. The Influence of distance education is to strengthen opportunities for Working Professionals & Students who attempt to gain more.

What is Distance BCom?

B.Com Distance Education is an undergraduate commerce course that is designed for those students who have completed their 10+2 successfully. This is a three-year course that generates professional skills among students or working professionals who have chosen courses such as Statistics, Economics, Finance, Taxation, and Accounting. The main objective of the B.Com Distance Learning Course is to provide prospective students with an outspread array of operational skills. According to this way, the candidate will not only survive in this competitive market but also easily fulfill their dreams. This is because B.Com Correspondence gives a bright career for those students who have an interest in the financial workspace and want to pursue their career in any financial institution. It’s true; this career-oriented course can open doors in various financial sectors where you can easily gain a lot as per your skill sets and expertise.

BCom Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for BCom Distance Education varies from college to college. The common eligibility criteria that are followed by everyone is given below:

  • The student must pass the 10+2 Boards Examination
  • There percentage that a student gets in their
  • Getting more than 55% assures a good college education.
  • BCom Distance Education does not have any age limit
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Consider Some Points to Focus On Career after Pursuing Distance B.Com Degree

Well, you have to study hard and intensify your skills to get your first job in any of the financial-related organizations/companies. This is because only there is sufficient competition in the current marketplace. You may get less payout in your beginning career stage but can have continuous growth depending on your skills and proficiency in your appropriate field.
Since businesses are expanding globally hence, the necessity of qualified and skilled individuals is increasing day by day in business companies. There are many job opportunities available for a distance B.Com graduate which can avail in any business organization as commerce is the field that holds a place in every business organization.
No matter, whether it is a small scale or a large scale company, there is always a requirement to hire an Accountant, Financial Advisor, Bookkeepers, and Finance Managers etc. You can easily seek a job in Private Banks, Accounting Firms, Foreign Trade, Educational Institutes, Marketing Firms and much more.
All you require to decide your interest area and improve your required skills as you may find many job roles in account departments of any business organization. So, here are the job titles that you can attempt after the completion of your Distance BCom Education in Mohali.

Advantages of Distance Learning

The advantages of distance learning cover the following:

Flexible study hours. Candidates can study in their own time – after working hours, for a few hours during the day or over weekends. This means that studies can fit around daily duties, without sacrificing time for work, family or learning. As long as students can self-motivate and stay on track, a manageable study schedule can make it possible to achieve career dreams while juggling multiple responsibilities.
Accessible learning. For candidates who live far away from any learning institution, studying can become almost impossible unless accommodation and transport are readily available. Remote learning takes down barriers to education that are created by distance, making it possible for anyone, anywhere to study additional with the help of a computer and internet connection.
Fast-tracked career growth. In today’s competitive business world, equipped employees have a distinct advantage. Short-term courses, full-length degrees and various other distance qualifications make it easier to advance your career while working your way up the corporate ladder. Adult students and those with families can also continue to develop without losing valuable income.
Value to employers. As we briefly mentioned earlier, this kind of learning also offers benefits to companies and employers. Candidates who study further in their own time without losing out on the day-to-day work are a valuable asset to companies who want to gain on the increased skills offered by further qualifications such as MBA or qualifications in particular skill areas such as marketing or administration.
Update skills and enhance potential. For a candidate wanting to change careers, update an existing qualification or increase skills within a particular area, studying remotely on a part-time or full-time basis can be an excellent way to do so without giving up modern work responsibilities. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, adult students and post-graduates can all take benefit of the flexibility of this style of study to learn and develop personally and professionally.

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After Distance BCom: Best Courses to Pursue

The best courses after BCom that can be attempted for a solid career graph have been elaborated in the table down below.

Master of Commerce (MCom): Most of the candidates opt for M.Com after the successful completion of their BCom course. However, It is always recommended to go for further studies after attempting this course or it won’t turn out to be that beneficial. Like its forerunner, MCom also offers a kind of specializations to choose from.
MBA As you already know: MBA is one of the most common postgraduate courses in India as well as abroad. It offers various job possibilities and is highly suitable for all those who want to work in the corporate world.
Financial Risk Management: Although it is relatively underrated as compared to other courses after BCom, FRM has a lot of scope in the national as well as international market. This is due to the parts like – Market size, Company spends, etc. The course also concentrates on internships (generally 6 weeks) and guaranteed placements.
Cost Accounting: Cost accounting course gives one with job profiles like Financial Controller, Cost Controller, Chief Accountant, Chief Internal Auditor, and many more.

B.Com Jobs:

The employment sectors for Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] are listed below:

  • Budget Planning
  • Foreign Trade
  • Industrial Houses
  • Inventory Control
  • Marketing
  • Working Capital Management
  • Policy Planning

Here are some companies for B.Com graduates where graduates can get entry after the completion of their bachelor’s degree are listed below:

  • Banking
  • Business Consultancies
  • Educational Institutes
  • Investment Banking
  • Public Accounting Firms
  • Treasury and Forex Department
  • Merchant Banking

The plentiful job profiles available to graduates of the B.Com course include:

  • Auditors
  • Actuaries
  • Book Keepers
  • Budget Analysts
  • Business Consultants
  • Business Operation Manager
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Chartered Management Accountant
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Cost Estimators
  • Entrepreneurship/Own Business
  • Finance Managers
  • Financial Analyst
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Investment Banker
  • Investment Broker
  • Investment Analysts
  • Marketing Managers
  • Market Researcher
  • Personal Financial Advisors
  • Stock Brokers
  • Teacher/Lecturer Job
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Why choose Distance BCom Education in Mohali?

Planning to study undergraduate or postgraduate or any professional course in Distance BCom Education in Mohali is really a good choice. Most of the candidates from all over India love to pursue their education in Distance BCom Education in Mohali. Correspondence BCom Education in Mohali welcomes all with great opportunities on one hand and lots of fun and enjoyment on the other hand. People who come to Mohali from various places in India love to work and study simultaneously.

Candidates join correspondence courses to continue their education. When students decide to study correspondence courses in Distance BCom Education in Mohali their first choice. Candidates have great dreams about their education and at the same time about their career. Correspondence BCom Education in Mohali is an amazing and one of the oldest and best universities provider.

The faculties in Distance BCom Education in Mohali offer such amazing support to the students who are pursuing their correspondence courses. With their astounding support students gain great confidence in their studies.
Students pursuing the Distance BCom Education in Mohali can easily set their own pace of study.
Students can study whenever they find a suitable time. Candidates can simultaneously take care of study and job so that they can set up their career while there is studying. This is really a great advantage for the students who are studying at the Correspondence BCom Education in Mohali. Students can allot their own hours to study without any pressure and stress.

  • No matter in which city you live- you can get your degree and job. Studying at Distance BCom Education in Mohali gives you lots of advantages.
  • Getting the Correspondence BCom Education in Mohali admission is very easy anybody can apply to continue their education.
  • With no age limits and no qualifications, anyone can easily apply to continue their education at Distance BCom Education in Mohali. It ensures that their distance learning programs and the regular learning programs are of the same high quality.
  • After the candidates come out by completing their degree, an ocean of opportunities stands in front of them.

"Distance BCom Education in Mohali"

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