Distance BSC.IT Education in Mohali

Distance BSC.IT Education in Mohali

Distance BSC.IT Education in Mohali: The BSC Information Technology or BSc.IT is a graduate course with a duration of three years. The course focuses on the implementation of technology with the aim of managing, designing, and managing information systems. The BSC Information Technology course is a technical program specifically designed to meet the needs of the modern in the field of information technology, including artificial intelligence. BSc Course IT details for fees change according to the institutions.

About B.Sc Information Technology (IT)

BSc IT (Information Technology) is a bachelor’s degree that can be completed in 3 years. Information technology is about the processing, storage, and management of information in an organization. The BSC.IT curriculum is designed to help students understand the process of managing an organization’s vast data and information, analyzing the performance of computer systems and servers, and ensuring the secure transfer of data across a network.

Students who are interested in networking, network security systems, communication, database management, information technology systems can join the course. The course is designed keeping in mind the need of the industry and the need to manage the bulk data produced in the organization on a daily basis.

B.Sc IT graduates become professionals who have analytical and logical thinking abilities to solve real-time problems in the IT sector. He has the knowledge to identify problems in IT and infrastructure, analyze them and find solutions for the same.

What is The Duration for Distance BSC.IT Education in Mohali?

The duration of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Distance Education might change according to the Course and Specialization. It can be 3 years or 4 years regular or distance course from a recognized university.

Distance BSC.IT Education in Mohali Eligibility

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.IT) Distance Education is a bachelor’s degree in Science for those people who have done their 12th in PCM/PCB stream.

In other words, it is the perfect course for a student who attends regular classes. Nowadays many students are interested in distance education, distance course is the less expensive course. Any student makes this course affordable, nowadays many science students are willing to attend B.Sc.IT courses through distance education.

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B.SC. IT syllabus of Distance BSC.IT Education in Mohali


Communication Skills– Important topics covered- Grammar, Communication skills, essay writing, letter writing, vocabulary, translation, and comprehension.

Problem Solving Methodologies and Programming in C– Important topics covered- pre-programming techniques, Introduction to C Language, Control Structures, Header files & Library functions, User-defined functions, Arrays, and Structures.

Foundation of Information Technology– Important topics covered- Concepts in Information and Processing, Introduction to Computers, Computer peripherals, Computer language and OS, Binary & Arithmetic Code and Internet Technology & World Wide Web.

Foundation of Mathematics and Statistics– Important topics covered- Matrices, Linear systems of equation, Interpolation, Integration, Differential Equations, Chart and Curve, Linear Programming problem, Correlation and Regression, and Curve Fitting.


Advanced C and Data Structure– Important topics covered- Pointer, UDF, Searching and Sorting techniques, Data file handling, Data Structure, Stack, Queue, Linked List, and Tree.

DBMS– Important topics covered- DBMS Concepts, Introduction to FoxPro, Database file commands, File handling commands, Library functions, Set command, Input/Output Initializing, Looping Commands, Procedure-related commands, and Conditional & Branching commands.

Computer Organization and Architecture– Important topics covered- Digital Logic Circuits, Digital Component, Data representation, Central processing unit, Input-Output Organization.

SAD&SE– Important topics covered- Project selection, Requirement analysis, Structured analysis, Design of files, Software design, Software Engineering, Software Testing, and Software management.


Operating System– Important topics covered- Processes, Deadlock, Memory Management, File System, and Input-Output.

Object-Oriented Programming with C++– Important topics covered- Principles of Object-Oriented Programming, Tokens, Expressions, Control Statements, Functions in C++, Classes, and Objects, Inheritance, Constructor and Destructor, Pointer, Virtual functions and Polymorphism, Console I/O operations, exception handling and working with files.

Web Development using Scripting Languages– Important topics covered- HTML & DHTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript.

Programming with Visual Basic– Important topics covered- Visual Environment, Multiple forms, MDI, Procedure, Functions, Menus, Library Function, and Visual Basic Data tools.


Application Development– Important topics covered- PHP and MySQL.

RDBMS using Oracle– Important topics covered- SQL, SQL Plus, Managing tables and data, Oracle DB objects, Data control and Transaction control command, Oracle Database structure, and Backup & recovery.

Introduction to Java– Important topics covered- Basics, Concepts of class, packages, Networking, Multithreading and Exception handling, Applets, Event handling, and Swing.

Computer Network Technology– Important topics covered- Network layer, Network layer protocols, Transport layer, Application layer, Multimedia networking and Wireless and Broadband Networks.


Programming with C# and .NET languages– Important topics covered- .NET Framework, Programming with C#, Working with GUI, OOP and Database Programming with ADO.NET.

Advanced Java Programming– Important topics covered- Distributed Computing using RMI, Database Programming using JDBC, J2EE Platform, and Servlet Programming.

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Software Quality Assurance and Project Management– Important topics covered- Concepts of Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Verification and Validation, Automated Testing, Project Economics, and Project Scheduling and Tracking.


Programming with ASP.NET– Important topics covered- Framework and Web Contents, Validation and State Management, ADO.NET and Database, XML, Web Application and Configuration.

SQL Server– Important topics covered– Configuration of SQL Server, Roles of DBA, Fundamentals of Indexes, Backup Fundamentals, Fundamentals of Restore, Transaction and Locking Mechanism.

Network Management and Information Security– Important topics covered- Information Security, Network Management, Network Security, Identification and Authentication, Cryptography, and Internet Security.

Those were some very important subjects and topics that one will come across while pursuing B.Sc. IT program. Let us now focus on the eligibility criteria that one needs to satisfy to be considered eligible to pursue this course.

Benefits and Key Features of Distance BSC.IT Education in Mohali:

  • Choose from 40+ majors (Subject) in which to specialize
  • tailor your degree to suit your interests and goals.
  • Practical knowledge of the Topics and courses.
  • It is recognized by the Government as a Bachelor’s degree in Science.
  • Valid for the Government and Private Jobs.
  • Available in every college private and government.
  • Regular and correspondence mode is valid for the B.Sc.IT course.

Want to Know about B.SC.IT distance education and its available courses?

BSc is an IT (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology) course/course designed specifically for students who want to pursue a career in the world of information technology. However, most of the students and working persons B.Sc. IT correspondence learning programs because they wanted to be part of the regular B.Sc. Get better career opportunities in IT and IT companies. If you include yourself among the ones given one of them, choosing B.Sc. IT correspondence appears as one of the right options for you. By doing the job, and looking for your B.Sc. IT distance education after office timings, you have managed to get the best of both worlds.

Originally, online B.Sc. The IT course is a three-year undergraduate degree program that can be done after completing higher secondary education from any government-recognized board. So, to enroll in this bachelor’s degree program in Information Technology, a student must have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics / Biology subjects in his 10 + 2 education. Although some universities examine Mathematics subjects only in their correspondence B.Sc. IT program. If you join this online B.Sc. IT degree program, you will surely get better opportunities in the future.

Advantages of pursuing B.SC. IT from Distance BSC.IT Education in Mohali

It is a job-oriented course that gives to the requirements of the IT industry. The IT industry has its own stages of disappointment. Nevertheless, the world has increased in recent times. Many IT parks and hubs are being started in many Indian states. So, under such circumstances, B.Sc. IT will help one to accumulate sound IT skills which can help him / her land to try to do an honest job in IT sector.

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Also, B.Sc. The course in IT Engineering will also help in saving a year! In addition, this B.Sc. The degree can act as a platform from which anyone can choose further studies and this improves the qualification. For instance, one can choose MBA / M SC, etc., and improve the qualification and thus improve the value!

Who will benefit from Distance BSC.IT Education in Mohali?

Those applicants who want to make a good career should take B.Sc. IT program. Are you interested in computers and IT systems? Are you curious about doing office-based work on networks, IT systems, and software? If yes, then this program is going to be helpful for you. Meanwhile, you’ll get relevant programs like B.E. Or B.Tech. In IT Engineering, Bachelor of data Technology, BCA, B.Sc. computing, etc.

The BSC.IT program will help you take the first step towards a career in the IT field. To achieve career development, you can go for relevant PG courses like – M.Sc, PG Diploma Program, or MBA!

Career Scope After Pursuing Distance BSC.IT Education in Mohali

By analyzing the current market strategy, every business wants to adopt technologies such as website development, web portals, database management, software development, and other technology solutions. Therefore, the need for skilled IT individuals arises. For those who are skilled and want to go with an online B.Sc.IT degree, you can reserve your IT profile according to your skills and in-depth knowledge on specific domains.
After completing the B.Sc. IT, you can start a walk-in-interview as well as participate in off-campus which is conducted by a specific IT company. Make sure you will not be offered a higher package at your first job, but you can ask for a higher package after a few months or years of experience with skills and expertise in different techniques.
The BSC IT curriculum is a graduate-level IT degree that can lead students or working individuals in various verticals or employment sectors that may be the IT industry, telecommunications industry, research and development organizations, aerospace, and defense services, and more.

Job Profiles After Completing Distance BSC.IT Education in Mohali

Now let us unfold the job profiles that can be considered after completing the B.Sc. IT distance learning from any government approved university:

  • Application Programmer
  • Database Administrator
  • Website Designer
  • Website Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • SEO Executive
  • Technical Writer
  • System Designer
  • Management Information System

"Distance BSC.IT Education in Mohali"

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