Distance MBA Education in Mohali

If you are looking for a distance MBA education in Mohali, there are various options. Online MBA courses became popular, helping to shorten the distance and make it easier, but students who cannot do a full-time university MBA. Technology has enabled learning to take place and encourage people from virtually any country in the world. Correspondence education is the best distance MBA education in Mohali that offers distance learning MBA programs.

Correspondence education offers a lot to its MBA students by providing high-quality education, good infrastructure, and excellent campus facilities. We are offering MBA degrees affiliated to UGC and DEC. Applicants for colleges are selected on the basis of management aptitude test scores. Ranking for MBA plays an important role as the applicant is allowed to take admission on the basis of good rank, otherwise, he/she will have to agree with the average colleges. Keeping in mind the increased number of students, many part-time courses have been opened to help the students with their studies.

Study materials for correspondence education/distance education as well as applicants selected for online MBA degrees have been introduced to introduce practice tests. The best thing about our distance education in Mohali is that we also conduct motivational and interactive sessions for the students so that they can learn many things.

What is Distance MBA?

The Distance MBA course is a flexible and affordable government-accredited MBA program that does not require you to attend regular daily classes. Therefore, if you are unable to do a full-time MBA due to lack of time or due to high cost, then distance MBA education is a good option. India’s top distance MBA colleges offer offline correspondence MBA, online MBA, or a combination of the two in distance learning mode. Distance education, including Distance MBA, is controlled by University Grants Commission (UGC) which is working to improve the quality and better governance in this sector.

Types of Distance MBA Courses

Various universities and institutes offer the following types of distance courses in the field of management.

  • PGDM/ MBA (two-year duration course)
  • One-year PGD in Business Administration (PGDBA)
  • Three-month or six-month duration certificate courses
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Eligibility Criteria of Distance MBA Education in Mohali

  • The basic eligibility criterion for admission into the Distance MBA program is graduation from a recognized university. Some institutes also require the candidate to score at least 50% in his/her graduate degree.
  • Most institutions do not have any age limit for candidates pursuing distance MBA. Therefore, candidates of any age with the necessary educational qualifications can pursue this course.
  • Some institutes also require the applicant to minimum work experience.

The applicants for the Distance MBA Education in Mohali for the Distance MBA need to be a graduate from any of the recognized university, with a minimum aggregate of 40% including all the languages.

Key Benefits of Distance MBA Education in Mohali

If you are still having doubts, Distance MBA Programs offers a lot of benefits and advantages for students and working professionals. Key benefits are:

Effective Time Management: Distance MBA offers the flexibility of time and pace over regular MBA. It is well suited for people, who due to time, money, or other constraints cannot afford to do a full-time MBA.

Power of education technology, direct to your home: Distance MBA education has greatly benefited from the rise of communication and education technology.

Cost-effective Option: One of the biggest advantages of the Distance MBA programs is its low fee structure. While a regular MBA can cost you anywhere between 5-15 Lakhs, good Distance MBA Programs fee ranges from Rs 75,000 to Rs 1.5 lakhs.

Recognized by Regulatory Bodies: Distance MBA offered by recognized MBA colleges are approved by UGC’s Distance Education Bureau (DEB). You can check about the status of approval of any distance MBA program by visiting the DEB website.

Correspondence MBA specializations / Programs in Mohali

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program has often been represented online by a wide variety of courses, and the entire degree program can be completed online at Distance MBA Education in Mohali. After completion, there are many career options for graduates. A graduate student in Distance MBA Education at Mohali will study finance, marketing, business, and management courses during the two-year program.

Our online correspondence MBA courses offer chat rooms to give students the opportunity to discuss with their peers. Students will need an up-to-date computer with a high-speed Internet connection. In the MBA program, many times including the required core syllabus can be substituted through challenge examinations or specific exams. In an online MBA program, students can expect to take the following courses:

  • MBA in Business administration
  • MBA in Accounting and Finance
  • MBA in Management (multiple kinds)
  • MBA in Data communications
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Information Technology
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At Distance MBA Education in Mohali, we will also allow correspondence MBA courses that are popular for career options

  • Marketing and consulting
  • Business analysis
  • Human resources
  • Investment banking and finance
  • Leadership development
  • Operations

The duration of the Correspondence MBA/Distance learning MBA is two years, but the students can get maximum duration to complete the course is four years.

Strengths & Features of Distance MBA Course in Mohali

Pursuing a distance MBA course has certain advantages. Given below are the strengths and features of pursuing a distance MBA course:

Easy Accessibility: Distance learning MBA courses are considered best for entrepreneurs, working professionals, or those who are looking for a job after graduation and want to fulfill their dream of doing an MBA. The Distance MBA offers the flexibility of time. In a regular MBA course, students are obliged to attend classes regularly. They can use evenings and weekends to study and cover courses.

Scope for Continuous Learning: The course is created in such a way that it provides scope for self-study for applicants to refer to a variety of resources to acquire subject knowledge for better understanding and to perform well in exams and ultimately add to their own professional growth.

Affordability: Distance MBA in India is cost-effective as well. While a regular MBA may cost about Rs. 10 lakh – Rs. 25 lakh in top institutes, a distance MBA might cost about Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 1 lakh.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Since Distance MBA courses are created for working professionals, special care is taken to assure that their curriculum is important and focuses on practical learning with case studies.

Distance MBA Scope and Top Recruiters

After pursuing a distance MBA course, candidates can choose to work in private, public, or government sectors in various domains listed below:

Marketing-A course in Distance MBA can open up opportunities in advertising agencies, sales and marketing departments, and event management companies.

Finance-After going the distance of an MBA in finance, one can choose to work in insurance companies, trading and broking firms, and credit rating agencies.

Operations Management– After pursuing a distance MBA course in operations management, one can work in distribution and logistics, and production.

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Human Resource Management-Management candidates can also work after doing MBA in HR departments of various national and multinational companies, consulting, career development, recruitment and training agencies.

What are the other advantages of a distance MBA program in Mohali?

1. Such a program will save you the opportunity cost that you bear if you were unemployed for one / two years spent doing your full-time MBA.

2. In the case of an international MBA program, the distance MBA program will cost less than a full-time MBA. Tuition fees will be lower; Identification can also be cost savings on living in an international location and other related costs.

3. These programs usually have a flexible schedule. This allows you to meet the course requirements while continuing with your professional commitments. If you need a break because of your work pressure or for some personal reason, your program should usually allow you to.

4. Even if you were to change your location or you have travel involved, it’s possible to continue with your program.

5. You can apply the business concepts that you learn at your workplace.

How to Choose MBA Specialization in Mohali

There are various types of MBA specialists in Mohali. Due to the pool of MBA specialization to choose from, students often get confused about how to choose an MBA specialization. We have mentioned the factors below which are helpful when finalizing the specialization in MBA.

Scopes of the MBA specialization: Students should choose from the specializations that render a wider number of scopes so that they have various career options after they complete their MBA.

Program length: Students usually tend to get confused between MBA and PGDM. Most of the time, this leads them into settling their time. Check out the difference between MBA and PGDM to have a clearer understanding of the same.

The reputation of the Institute for the preferred MBA specialization: It is always desirable to go for the institutes or colleges that are known for the MBA specialization a student is involved in.

Faculty for the preferred MBA specialization: Students should prefer the institutes that present highly skilled faculty for the MBA specialization of one’s interest.

ROI of the MBA specialization: Students must get if not more than at least twice the investment made in the program. So, one must go for the MBA specialization that ensures a high return on investment.

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