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PG Services in Mohali Phase-7 Tired of looking for a good PG? Your search ends here! Welcome to your area where all your PG needs are met. We provide best-in-class rooms and equipment at our PG in Mohali at your location. Our hostels come with all safety and hygiene measures. It is ideal for students and working professionals from companies.

Your new journey of life has taken you to Mohali. And now you have got admission in one of the famous colleges of Mohali. We understand that it is really difficult to leave your hometown but Mohali is a city that everyone loves. Now you are worried about hiring a local PG in Mohali near your university or college. Maybe this is the first time you are moving out of your hometown and it is really tough to find the best PG in Mohali that satisfies your comfort. You should choose the best PG in Mohali near your college and famous areas in mohali and you will find many paying guest service around famous localities Mohali but you need to think twice and thrice before choosing any local PG in Mohali needed. We suggest you choose PG in Mohali, we have faculties near all the universities and it is totally your new home. So that you don’t feel like a typical paying guest who is just staying at PG. As a student, you should always stay in PGs that are more active and you have the option to match your vibes to be with your friends and create unforgettable memories and trust us when we tell you this. This is such a place that becoming your new home will not let you leave the house. While enjoying his university days and exploring Mohali.

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Benefits that are providing in Mohali


As I suggested before Transportation is an expensive matter and Mohali is no exception to it. But let’s get real it cannot be completely avoided as the geographic layout of the city which separates Industrial and IT parks to specific Special Economic Zones and PG adjustments are usually in separate areas/colonies hence some form of transport is necessary. The best option here would be to opt for Public Transport Facilities. Thankfully Mohali has a very good Public Transport system in the form of BUS’s, CAB’S and so on. Hence while looking for a PG in mohali it is wise to find accommodation in a well-connected range.


Check and Scan the neighbouring area for shops, chemistry, hospitals and restaurants as we are pretty certain that you don’t want to find yourself in a secluded area where the closest facilities are a couple of KM’s away from your PG accommodation vicinity


It is important to be clear on matters about money with the PG Owners and do not negotiate the deal as a lot of owners have a current of cheating outstation individuals. It is also important to simplify the various exit options and the refundability of the security returned.

Check the PG Eminities Thoroughly

A lot of times PG owners try to attract individuals by ensuring a lot for very little money. It is important to stay vary of such PG Owners and hence it is important for you to closely clarify and explore all the facilities closely before you strike a deal. Enquire about the Water and Electricity cost to check whether it is inclusive or exclusive of the monthly rent. Some PG’s do not accept non-vegetarian food while some offer both. If you want the meals at the specified timing, then you will have to introduce them to the house owner. Some lenient house owners also allow their residents to use the kitchen to cook their own food.


Make sure you are clear on the limitations imposed by the PG owners as most of them have restrictions for entry and also restrictions on entertaining guests of the opposite member.


Ensure that the PG has basic protection and also that the people in the family are decent. Do not falter to contact the Police if you are subjected to any form of harassment.

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This is actually one factor that a lot of individuals face due to cost restrictions. A lot of PG’s have a reputation for Poor Hygiene and hence tend to harbour a lot of Germs and Illnesses. Please do not take a risk with such places as Health is more important than saving on a Hundred.

Facilities that are providing for boys and girls in Mohali PG

  • Bed with storage & mattress,
  • Study Tables/ Laptop tables,
  • Individual almirah,
  • Power back-up (Where necessary)
  • Wi-fi, (High speed with unlimited download)
  • 24 hours running water,
  • Refrigerator,
  • R.O. Drinking water
  • High security
  • Affordable fees

Benefits of staying in a PG accommodation

If you are analysing a profitable guest (PG) accommodation, you may be trying to understand the benefits of opting for one. Trustees and their wards often worry about whether a PG will be as safe as the college hostel, or whether arranging things by oneself in a PG may turn out to be confused. The answer to this will vary from one PG to different and you will need to check before achieving a PG. If you have found the right one for yourself, it is worth it. We list amazing of the benefits of living in a PG.

Which is better: PG or flat?

It is much more affordable to live in a PG than pay the rent for a flat. In a normal PG, the rent is calculated on a per-bed basis and therefore, you know how much you will need to pay as rent every period. The same may not be true in case you pay a flat. For example, most owners may allow you to share the room with your friends and reduce the pressure of rent. However, if one or more friends renounce, the onus of paying the full rent of the flat may fall on you. This may push up your cost quickly. A PG is, therefore, a relatively low-cost option.

What are the facilities in a PG?

With many PG services coming up, you will be able to shortlist one of your choices quite easily. Most of the PGs offer three meals a day, along with spacious rooms and primary furniture, common entertainment and leisure areas and even have maintained staff to attend to the daily chores. Moreover, you could have these features customised to your requirements. For example, if you are someone who comes back to the PG only for dinner, you could ask for the permission on the overall rent. Each PG has its personal set of rules, as well. Some may be stringent about entry to visitors, while others may make you feel at home. Before moving into a PG, you should check whether it satisfies your needs.

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Hostel vs PG: Which one is better?

Unlike a hostel, a PG will offer far greater freedom. While a PG will also have rules, it will also offer some additional that you will be happy about. Living in a PG house, also makes you quite self-supporting. .” Living in a PG can help you to learn to deal with your day-to-day round and to balance your personal and professional/student life.

Save time by living as a paying guest

Traffic overpopulation has become a major problem in most big cities. This is why people favour visiting close to their workplaces. Unfortunately, resources in such coveted positions are expensive and not everyone can produce a residence in such areas. PGs are a good option in such cases, as it offers affordable overnight residence and saves the resident a lot of time, as working professionals can stay close to their offices, while seniors can stay near to their colleges.

Maintenance in PG houses

Most PG adjustments have staff for the preservation and upkeep of the bases. In case the above water container needs replacement or the waste is closed, you will not be required to tend to it. This is a benefit that you cannot enjoy even in your own house.

Social advantages of living in a PG

PG accommodations are also a great place to connect with other students and experts and discuss one’s growth, career, businesses, etc. Such information comes only with sharing time with like-minded personalities.

Why you choose PG in Mohali

Most PG in Mohali is located at places that are well attached to industrial hubs and educational companies and have a good social and civil foundation. Most PG rooms are located in extended areas of the city which is well combined with transportation and is safe to move to.

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