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We love fastidious eaters. We love food lovers. We love veggies. We love health mutants. “Is there any sweet dish?” We love them too. We love the person who calls. We even love the people who order online. We love all of them.

We are here with a mission to transform eating habits, we trust in giving tiffins in Mohali that are healthy, homely, and hygienic. These meals are flawless for people who are too busy to cook or don’t wish to compromise on nutrition with restaurant food. The menu, at our tiffin services in Mohali, comes in a variety of mouth-watering dishes and nutritional options- a judicious mix of carbohydrates and proteins, low-calorie content, and no artificial flavors/preservatives. Nutrition doesn’t mean boring, and boring diets. Ask the dietician on board. It’s just like you would make it, minus the effort.

Our team of food services makes sure that the meals are not only healthy but also appealing to the eye and palette. We believe in giving surprises and breaking the sameness, so our menu exchanges daily and features over 40 dishes that exchanges every day. That consists of a variety of vegetables, daal, soups, raita, rice, rotis, salads, and snack items. These are healthy, well-balanced meals prepared in rice bran/olive oil, which offer the right amount of protein along with important vitamins and minerals. The same food gets ready in canteens or restaurants can be tasty but is especially oily and big in your pocket.

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We also give different meal plans, such as, diabetic meals, low/medium calorie meals, and meals for those who require to put on weight. This means you can make your healthy tiffin or select from 10-12 combo packs. Now, flavoring the tangy vegetable masala, and life-changing Garlic Spinach, homemade GajarHalwa, and Chickpea soup on special events.

We also provide a variety of rice- right from plain Dahi Kadhi and Khichri to burnt garlic and Coriander Rice. We trust in giving surprises and breaking the repetition, so our menu changes daily and features over 20 dishes that do not repeat every day. That consists of a variety of vegetables, Daal, Soups, Raita, Rice, Rotis, Salads, and Snack items. These are healthy, well-balanced which provide the right amount of protein along with essential vitamins and minerals. The same type of food prepared in canteens or restaurants can be tasty but is commonly oily and big in your pocket. Our tiffin services in Mohali also offers different meal plans, such as Daily tiffin, Weekly tiffin, and Monthly tiffin.

Vision & Values of our Mohali Tiffin services team

We want people to live a healthy and holistic life by accepting the traditional practice of eating what our elders taught us. Our team is focusing on becoming a self-sufficient single point solution from Farm-to-Plate by completing our part: responsible sourcing, healthy cooking, and reliable delivery of simple organic food and beverages that boost people toward healthy living by resorting to fresh consumption habits.

Why choose us for tiffin services in Mohali?

  • We deliver quality homemade food combined with affection, dedication, and sincerity.
  • We get ready 100% hygienic food with full safety and security for the health of our Customers.
  • Our cooks are family ladies who make your food with careful efforts and personal care.
  • Our cooking medium is pre refined oil only and uses less mustard oil (sarso) for the health of our Customers.
  • Our rates are perfect, please refer to our menu card.
  • Our advisers are from India’s no. 1 Multinational Steel Company.
  • We provide food for diabetic patients also. (Please refer to the menu).
  • We are available from 7 am to 10 pm every day and our delivery is fully on time.
  • We have a team of ten delivery men with cycles and an auto-rickshaw van, who take tiffins to the requisitions of our valuable customers.
  • We have a ‘taster’ who watches over the quality control of each food after being cooked and before delivering.
  • We cook exceptional dishes like Masala aloo, Gujarati Dal, Rice, Chas, Thepla, Bell pepper slaw with lemon-mint dressing, Chana masala, Palak kadhi, rice, Ragi Buttermilk, Whole wheat Chapati.
  • We have daily / monthly satisfied obvious Customers who consist of Advocates, Doctors, teachers from eminent schools, media personnel, and Executives from Tata Steel, some more blue-chip Companies at Everest House, India Bulls, and other corporates all over Mohali.
  • Our list of items consists of a variety of vegetables, daal, soups, raita, rice, rotis, salads, and snack items. These are healthy, well-balanced meals, which give the right amount of protein along with essential vitamins and minerals.
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Why did you call Mohali tiffin services for meals?

  1. Tired and have no time to cook?
  2. Unexpected guests came for lunch or dinner or Even tiffin or Breakfast?
  3. Late night at the office?
  4. Cook has suddenly left or absent?
  5. The wife has gone to her home?
  6. Is one sick at home?
  7. There can be several other reasons for you to order home delivery?

Now, you can enjoy restaurant-quality meals with Tiffin Services in Mohali, and ordering your meal home delivery is easier than ever. Just go to our Menu page, check the mouth-watering dishes or any meals and lift your phone and call us and we will get your Food delivered straight to your door on time every time.

What does Mohali tiffin services provide?


We utilize only the most superior and healthy ingredients in our food consisting of rice bran oil.


The people in our Customer Relations are your friends. Always available and cooperative too, we proud of our service.


Our nutritionist has completed her masters in clinical nutrition and is well known for what our body’s daily needs are and plans meals accordingly. We also serve diabetic meals as well.


Our experienced cooks make sure that the food you eat has the perfect mixture of spices. The food that you eat is not very spicy or very oily at the same time it’s really tasty.


Food is packed in eco-plastic containers. All these containers are carefully packed in an eco-friendly bag. This makes sure that there are no chances of impurity.


No artificial preservatives, colors, or pre-cooked gravies are used to make the food look initiative. The food that we provide you is just like the way food cooked at home.

"Tiffin Services in Mohali for Boys & Girls PG | Homemade Food Delivery"

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