Top 5 Fashion Designing Training Institutes in Mohali

Top 5 Fashion Designing Training Institutes in Mohali – Fashion Designing is one of the most popular design specializations amongst students who are on the lookout for inventive courses. If you are striving to study fashion design you must find out about the various types of fashion designing courses available in Mohali

There exist a variety of fashion design programs one can attempt at undergraduate, postgraduate, certificate, and diploma levels. The term of the development may range from everywhere between 4 months to 4 years. The curriculum and course arrangement of different fashion designing courses vary from institute to institute. A candidate like  to apply for admission in a fashion design institute in mohali

Fashion Designing is a very successful industry and various aspirants are willing to build a profession in it. An individual opting for a designing course has a variety of options to decide. They can go for any design specialization depending on their capacity and area of business.

From web to depths, from textile to furniture, designing is a requirement in all walks of life. We have listed some of the top specializations of Design along with the most attractive design institutes offering the course.

Here Are the Top 5 Fashion Designing  Training Institutes in Mohali

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1st out of Top 5 Fashion Designing Training Institutes in Mohali

IIFD Acadamy

IIFD is a specific Fashion Designing Institute dedicated to Educating scholars for Fashion Designing, Fashion & law, interior Design, and beauty requirements. Indian Institute of Fashion & Designing is a place where creativity and careers blend. We’re hands-on and industry-gathered in providing Best Fashion Designing Course in Mohali. We’re humble enough to know our student’s styles but big enough to have the industry contacts and resources to help them meet their goals many students come to us who are currently employed in fashion design or marketing/ ​marketing programs in various fashion designing institutes to improve their awareness in the department of Fashion Designing. Others come after having subscribed to the marketplace in completely unconventional career paths only to realize their accurate passion is in fashion management.

Contact Details of IIFD

Address – Plot No. 603, Industrial Area, Phase 9 , Mohali, Punjab, India

Business Phone number – 9041766699, 0172-4007918

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2nd out of Top 5 Fashion Designing Training Institutes in Mohali

BigBoxx Academy

Bigboxx Institute of Fashion Designing in Chandigarh is one of the best places to get high-quality knowledge of the field. Here is the Institute that comprises the new technologies and concentrates on making the modern talent implement these techniques. With the significant focus on the field of providing a steady career in the current fashion designing, Bigboxx Academy is famous for the level of education they provide. Having skilled team members and technicians, the training at these institutes is one of the best that one can imagine for a supposed fashion designing course in Mohali

Contact Details of Big Boxx Academy

Address – SCO 146-147, Basement, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh, Punjab, India

Business Phone number – +91-8427123322

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3rd out of Top 5 Fashion Designing Training Institutes in Mohali


The department of Industries & Commerce, Govt. Of Punjab, established the Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology, in 1995, comprehending and visualizing the need from trained professionals in the arena of the Textile and Garment Industry. An MOU was signed with the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mohali for steering and supporting during admission procedure, faculty recruitment and practice as well as curriculum scheduling and upgrading. Mohali, equipped with the conspicuously fast developing and already established garment industry became a preferred location for NIIFT to have its firm base and thus adding to the prestige and refinement of the famous city.

Contact Details of NIIFT

Address – Phase 1, opposite DIC, Phase 1, Industrial Area, Sector 57, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India

Business Phone number – 0172 504 4994

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4th out of Top 5 Fashion Designing Training Institutes in Mohali

Dev Samaj College for Women

Dev Samaj College for WomenDev Samaj College for Women is situated in Chandigarh in the Chandigarh state of India. Established in 1981, it is accredited by NAAC and is affiliated with Panjab University. DSCW, Chandigarh offers 8 courses across 5 streams namely Arts, IT,  fashion Design, Management, Commerce, and Banking, and across 7 degrees like BA, B.Com, BCA, BBA, BSc.Hostel facility is not available for its students. Supplementary campus amenities such as Auditorium, Computer Lab, Gym, Library, Medical Facilities, Sports, Club, Bed, Cafeteria, Laboratories, etc.

Contact Details of Dev Samaj College for Women

Address – [‘Dev Samaj College for Women\Sector 45 B,Chandigarh, Punjab, India

Business Phone number – (172) 2603497

Email –

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5th out of Top 5 Fashion Designing Training Institutes in Mohali

Lovely Professional University

Lovely Professional University’s dedication to coaching excellence and providing the most important degree education to its learners has once again brought garlands. The Ministry of Human Resource Department, Government of India has released NIRF Ranking 2020 and LPU appears in the Top 100 in its most crucial Overall category, which includes IITs and Central Universities. LPU is also ranked 78th in the list of all the government and private academies of the country. University’s Engineering academies are in the Top 100, Management Academies in the Top 50, and Pharmacy School in the Top 30 institutions of India.

Contact Details of Lovely Professional University

Address – 625, Franco Hotel Road, Sector 55, Phase 1, Sector 55, Chandigarh, Punjab, India

Business Phone number – 090856 9875

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What is Fashion Designing?

Fashion Designing is a specialization of understandings that covers the wide color of materials, styles, patterns, colors, and trends that define the fashion of a particular era. It is not just bounded to clothes and trends but also includes the area of assistants, handbags, and footwear.

Top Qualities of Fashion Designers

1. Good Business Sense
A great fashion designer needs unique business skills in order to stay within their resources and vend their clothing.

2. Good Communication Skills
Designers need to make both their guidance and expectations apparent to everyone combined in making their imagination an actuality.

3. Competitive Spirit
As the fashion world is greatly enthusiastic designers must be willing to push themselves and continuously attempt to stay one step ahead of their engagement.

4. Creativity
Artists need to regularly come up with innovative and creative methods to make the clothing all make reach explanation.

5. Artistic Ability
In order to adequately dispatch their thoughts, designers must be accomplished, description artists.

6. Sense of Style
Having an eye for which fabrics and interests will complement a garment is a talent all designers need.

7. Knowledgeable of Current Fashion Trends
The capacity to assume the most advanced trends in fashion will help keep any designer at the top of their recreation.

8. Computer Skills
Fashion designers need to understand how to use computer-aided design (CAD) programs and be familiar with any graphics editing software that could help them promote their ideas.

9. Decision-Making Skills
Understanding how to make the proper changes and decisions regarding your designs will be significant to your success.

10. Strong Sewing Skills
Designers need to be able to properly construct the garments they produce.

Benefits of Fashion Designing Course

  • Good drawing skills – You have to establish this experience to become a good fashion designer. Before fashion and fashion,  the most beneficial fashion designing courses in Chandigarh are the pre-essential and required parts before you can consume clothes before garments, you can produce several clothes such as clothes, pants, clothes, all the best fashion designing courses.
  • Knowledge of fabric, technique, and appearance– If you are familiar with clothes and color, you can design great clothes. It is essential to understand which cloth is relevant and the appearance. Having an adequate understanding of different fabrics like silk and cotton will help you make your position great
  • Strong visualization – playing a big role in sketching. If you can examine your garments before production, it’s comfortable for faults and some other positive concepts, you can make changes sooner.

Importance of Fashion Designing Course

The meaning of fashion changes starting with one person then onto the next. For a few people, fashion is the most recent pattern in clothing, adornments, footwear and for other people, it might be the most recent nourishment, way of life, and so forth. Somebody who wants to be in the know regarding the most recent fashion pursues different fashion magazines and media. Certainly, the consequence of fashion designing is essential in our life as it gives a decent impression on the off chance that we are dressing in the most recent style.

Fashion sets out to be imperative if you are a working lady or man. Following the most recent blossoms, fashion incline features your identity and gives tasteful looks. Fashion is essential in our world. Consequently, many fashion designers attempt to make new designs, which can pull in notable and acknowledge them.

Scope of Fashion Designing Course

Fashion designing has become very successful in India in the last several years and many people are now acknowledging it as a professional choice. With economic success, the average income of Indians has increased. Hence, people have better lifestyles related to the past and they can afford to spend more on their attire. As a result, there is an improved demand for experts who can design and create new garments, clothes, and attires to provide to the tastes of people from different platforms of life.

A profession in fashion designing is considered financially rewarding and has become very successful with people with a creative mindset. It is normally looked at as a field full of glamour, though the field is full of very serious engagement and a tremendous quantity of challenges as well. However, there is a wide scope of fashion designing in India as well as abroad. Fashion designing students experience a lot of choices once people complete their fashion designing professional thoughts.

  • Fashion designers in the 21st century have a recurring number of options including research, designing, cloth production, and textile designing, etc.
  • There is also a huge scope of fashion designing in Canada, the USA, the UK, and countries in the European Union.
  • They are free to register garment manufacturing companies, fashion houses, export units, etc. after the completion of their studies.
  • The field of fashion technology is not only restricted to garments. It embraces many other characters such as jewelry, accessories, footwear, etc.
  • Garment and textile export houses -Fashion designers in garment and textile export houses design and make apparel, including accessories like jewelry and footwear that appeal the buyers and meet their specific design requirements
  • Textile and fabric manufacturing units –Fashion designers in garment and textile export houses design and make apparel, including accessories like jewelry and footwear that appeal the buyers and meet their specific design requirements
  • Boutiques –Fashion designers design apparel to be displayed across designer boutiques.
  • Independent self manipulated fashion designer-Fashion designers open their own stores/boutique studios where they design apparel based on the needs and the taste of their customers.
  • Branded showrooms -Fashion designers often design collections based on the requirements of high-end fashion stores. These collections are then established beyond the storehouses.


In conclusion, Fashion Design is an especially very big and trending industry. Fashion Designing is excellent art. A well-talented Fashion Designer can earn in crores of rupees. Also, you can determine about it online from residence and make money by beginning an online fashion designing job. Lastly, Hope this list of Top 5 Fashion Designing Training Institutes in Mohali is very helpful for you and your career.

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