Top 5 Immigration Consultants in Mohali

Top 5 Immigration Consultants in Mohali – For those who are looking for an immigration consultant in Mohali, here is a list of some good Top 5 Immigration Consultants in Mohali for those who wish to apply for visas in international embassies. All you have to do is go through this list of Top 5 Immigration Consultants in Mohali to assist you in the best possible way to turn your dream of living abroad into a reality.

Due to stringent and constantly changing visa regulations, this is becoming a challenging proposition for all candidates who wish to venture abroad to travel, study or even need guidance from immigration counsellors. Some of these foreign consultants in Chandigarh can be the answer to all your queries. There are heaps of them in the city and choosing reliable people can be an extremely daunting task. One needs to ensure that the chosen consultant is adequately aware of the existing rules, the process of application, time taken for each stage and the documentation involved among others. Plus, a trusted visa advisor provides post-visa assistance such as travel and accommodation needs.

Here are the best Top 5 Immigration Consultants in Mohali

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1st out of Top 5 Immigration Consultants in Mohali

Spearhead International

Spearhead is one of the leading Study Visa and Immigration Consultancies in Tricity, with its Head Office at SCF 123, Phase 3B2, Mohali (above Domino’s) and managed by Mr. Abhishek Bhakar, who completed his Masters in Business Administration from the University. has done. of California. In fact, over the years the study visa success rate of this institution has risen to an extraordinary percentage of 95% for SDS and 80% for non-SDS.

Contact Details of Spearhead International

Address: SCF 71, 3rd Floor, Phase 3B2, Sector 60, Mohali, Punjab, India.

Business Phone Number: 07710617777


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2nd out of Top 5 Immigration Consultants in Mohali

WDIC Mohali Immigration Consultants

WDIC Immigration Consultants has been established with the objective of providing a complete solution to the prospects of foreign students and expatriates. WDIC provides quality, honest, transparent, direct advice to all candidates studying, traveling or immigrating to Canada, Australia, Germany, USA, New Zealand, UK, Singapore, Ireland etc.

The WDIC team consists of dedicated professionals with over a decade of experience in overseas education, PR (permanent residency) programs, partner/settlement visas, student dependent visas, business/investor visa programs, and visitor/tourist visa programs. With vast experience and absolute commitment, WDIC has grown strongly in the field of Service, Training and Development. WDIC is known for its transparency, reliable and affordable visa counseling services. Having focused on client-centric services, WDIC has truly emerged as a brand to provide peace of mind in all aspects, we see our success in complete customer satisfaction.

Contact Details of WDIC Mohali Immigration Consultants

Address: SCO 845-846 1st Floor Sector 22A Chandigarh, India

Business Phone Number: +91 81-4650-1105

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3rd out of Top 5 Immigration Consultants in Mohali


TBIL has been ranked as one of the best Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh over the years. Because of its transparency and amazing track record of helping many individuals realize their overseas dream, be it immigration, study or PR. The team consists of individuals who have years of experience and are well-versed with the ever-changing immigration guidelines and regulations. Their first-time free consultation services enable them to understand the client’s requirements, then explain all the important guidelines of the process, including fees, requirements or the time is taken for approval.

One of the hallmarks of TBIL is that they are known to handle each case with judicious care and provide guidance to the client which places them in a great position to obtain a visa. Also, the student is informed about the process through mail. In addition, TBIL provides a guaranteed commitment and a way to track your application as and when required and also provides satisfactory refund options in case of non-receipt of files.


Address: SCF 121, 2nd Floor Phase 3B2 Above Karnataka Bank, Near Dominos and Touchstone Mohali, Punjab, India

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4th out of Top 5 Immigration Consultants in Mohali


Avenues Abroad is a reputed immigration consultation company based in Chandigarh. It strives to provide high-quality professional advice to students and parents. Its core business credentials include providing students with the best career advice, assisting them with country selection and processing up to visa filing. It is also a specialist in providing migration services to countries such as Canada and Australia. Additionally, it provides result-oriented coaching for the preparation of IELTS/PTE.

Avenues Abroad is one of the best Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh. The consultancy is known as a trusted name in the immigration business. Its core business revolves around providing complete immigration solutions to candidates from countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand. With the aim of providing the best advice for immigration by counselling the candidates based on the country of their choice. The consultants then organize a professional portfolio that covers all the required immigration application formalities, including filing immigration forms, submitting the required credentials and appearing for the required proficiency test such as IELTS. The consultants provide the best career advice and assist them with processing and visa filing. Apart from immigration, Avenues Abroad provides coaching for IELTS/PTE exam.


Address: SCO 495-96, Sector 35, Chandigarh,, India

Business Phone Number: 7710495495

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5th out of Top 5 Immigration Consultants in Mohali


Ranked as one of the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh, the WWICS Group of Companies was established in the year 1993 by Lt Col BS Sandhu (Retd). The company provides consulting services in rehabilitation, education, real estate, hospitality, sports and healthcare. . The company has its global headquarters in Dubai, with associate offices in Canada-Toronto, Australia-Sydney, Middle East-Sharjah, Bahrain, Kuwait, Muscat, Qatar, Nairobi, Al Karama, Morocco and Abu Dhabi. The company’s Asian headquarters is located in Mohali, Punjab, India.

WWICS has over the years emerged as the fastest growing consultancy for immigration services across the country. The consultants are qualified and experienced people in the industry. The reason why it is ranked as the best Immigration Consultancy in Chandigarh is that it believes in providing an honest and honest assessment of your case. We have assisted many aspirants to realize their dreams of immigrating to countries like (AUS/NZ/CAN/US/UK/SG/EU). With a focus on ensuring long-term relationships with our customers, we continue to strive to make others’ dreams come true.


Address: A-12, Phase-6, Industrial Area, Mohali, India

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Who are the Immigration Consultants?

A consultant is a trained person who assists people who wish to immigrate to other countries. Two things make the immigration process tedious and lengthy: (1) legality, and (2) documentation. An immigration consultant provides competent guidance backed by practical knowledge and experience, making the task of immigration simple and easy for candidates who wish to travel to foreign lands for their studies, business or professional commitments.

Here are the various functions that immigration consultants perform on your behalf:-

  • First and foremost, they assess and inform you whether your immigration to that country is likely to be approved.
  • Assistance with detailed paperwork; Preparing and organizing necessary documents.
  • Prepare the candidate for meetings with immigration officials from different countries and questions they can ask the person and help with answers that are acceptable.
  • They also help for the rehabilitation of the whole family in the form of sponsoring family members, immigration of students, temporary residence, refugee immigration and many other such specialized services.

Reasons to Hire an Immigration Consultant

Unless you want to open a box of worms, it is highly recommended to hire an experienced and well-trained immigration consultant near me. Here is the rationale behind doing this:-

a. to get all your ducks in a row

this is true. One of the reasons to hire a specialist service for any job is that the experts know about the job better than you and me. It motivates them to act in an organized and properly planned manner. It is important to note here that each nation has its own set of complex immigration rules and procedures. For a layman who is considering two or three options for immigration assistance, getting acquainted with all the relevant guidelines is extremely tiring and cumbersome. Even for someone who has already set their eyes on a country, it can be difficult and difficult to find out the details of the immigration process. Best is to leave the job to someone who knows it all. Immigration consultants are qualified and have the requisite education in this area. They are well versed in all the nuances of nation-specific immigration formalities and hence it is best to trust them.

B. save time

This gain is a direct derivative of the former. Obviously, when you’re dependent on someone who knows their job well, your time spent figuring out details, copying work, fumbling around on paperwork, answering emails, meeting with immigration officials, etc. I don’t get wasted. What happens in an immigration interview and that too can waste a lot of your time. Either way, the immigration process takes months and all this can lead to unnecessary carelessness and delays. Then when you’re in the middle of imminent immigration, you have other things to take into account as well. So it is prudent to seek the help of a trained immigration consultant so that they can take care of the whole process while you can continue with your normal day-to-day work.

Advantages of Hiring an Immigration Consultant

People who need to travel to another country for educational or work purposes need to get their visa approved on time otherwise the opportunity may not be in their favour. So, in most cases, one would not want to take the risk of applying for a visa if they are not 100% sure about its approval.

It is therefore suggested that you seek the help of immigration counsellors to guide you through the process so that you do not face the rejection of your application. Best Immigration Consultancy in Mohali and other Indian states provides the best services, which will help you to solve your immigration process with ease.

Here are some more benefits of why you should hire an immigration consultant for your immigration needs. read on

Saves you time and cost – Often people think that paying immigration consultants is a waste of money and the normal visa application process is completed at a very low fee. wrong! People consider it only a short-term investment and do not look ahead in the long-term process. What they don’t know is that making small mistakes throughout the immigration process not only results in heavy monetary penalties, but you may even have to repeat the entire process at times. Also, your application process may get delayed for months if the process is not done properly. Thus, it is far better to pay a lump sum fee to an immigration consultant than to make frequent trips to government agencies to save both your money and time!

Provides all necessary assistance – Many times, people travel abroad for education, job or permanent settlement purposes, for which they need to know few things like the English language of the country they are trying to visit Language and their native language as well as up to date visa approval guidelines etc. And not everyone knows all these things. So to help them with their immigration, consultants look for all possible assistance that they can provide to applicants to make their immigration journey a smooth one!

Pays detailed attention to the process to make it a success – as simple as it may seem from the outside, the whole immigration process is actually not! You will have to go through a number of elaborate procedures and stick with your application process. Making the slightest mistake can lead to the cancellation of your visa approval. Hence it is really recommended that you hire an immigration specialist to take care of your visa process so that you do not face unwanted rejection in your immigration process.

They can help you with appeals – Sometimes, even if your entire immigration process is fine, government officials may reject your application for unknown reasons. In such cases, if you had not previously hired an immigration consultant, you may be in a dilemma as to what to do next or how to get your visa application approved. But when you have the help of an immigration consultant, they can guide you through an appeals process through which you can get your visa approved by the authorities.

You get to know the rules and the options available – In most cases, immigrants are not aware of the immigration rules of the country they are travelling to! They can make small mistakes that can lead to hefty fines and fees that clearly none of us want! Also, know in advance the immigration options available for the purposes for which you are travelling (such as education, work or settlements). With an Immigration Consultant at your services, you are entitled to get full details about the rules, regulations, available options and other details of your immigration country.

Helps you understand permits – No matter what country you are travelling to for whatever purpose, you need certain permits to get that approval mark on your visa. But as normal individuals, we are rarely aware of any such regulations or permits and we may fall short when we are asked to obtain such permits for our immigration needs. When you hire an immigration consultant you don’t need to worry much about these formalities, they make sure to provide you all the details you need for easy and convenient visa approval.


It is the happiest moment for all of us when we get a chance to travel abroad for our education or work (or sometimes even a permanent settlement!) When we celebrate our foreign trip, we forget That the whole immigration process is not going on. easy for us. It is a long-standing process with multiple layers of scrutiny, only after which your visa is approved and you get a green signal for your overseas expedition.

But why worry when you have the best Immigration Consultant in Mohali at your service! They provide all the assistance that is needed to get your immigration application approved without any hassle. So, if you are still in a dilemma about whether or not to hire an immigration consultant for your immigration needs, don’t hesitate and hire someone!

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