Top 5 M.Com Distance Education in Mohali

Top 5 M.Com Distance Education in Mohali – The reputation of M.Com in distance education is developing step by step as understudies can undoubtedly seek after something very similar from home. Those applicants who wish to improve their abilities in the education field however can’t pick the ordinary courses because of work/monetary imperatives or some other explanation can settle on Distance M.Com.

Assuming you are looking for acceptable M.Com Distance Education in Mohali, we have made a rundown of Top 5 M.Com Distance Education in Mohali. This rundown will help you in rapidly picking the best one out of these Top 5 M.Com Distance Education in Mohali.

Here are the Top 5 M.Com Distance Education in Mohali

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1st out of Top 5 M.Com Distance Education in Mohali

Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University Institute of Distance & Online Learning curriculum for M.Com. is arranged with the latest instructional framework improved with Learning Management System (CULMS). Master of Commerce, is an extremely valued expert degree intended to improve the skills needed for careers in business and management.

The well-designed study material gives the learner the adaptability to plan their studies as per their unique demands and renders sufficient scope for the specialists to plan the e-content and distribution.

Contact details of Chandigarh University

Address: NH-95, Ludhiana – Chandigarh State Hwy, Mohali, Punjab, India 140413

College Phone Number: 1800 121 288 800

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2nd out of Top 5 M.Com Distance Education in Mohali

Vidya Shree Center of Education

Vidya Shree Center of Education is one of the Top 5 M.Com Distance Education in Mohali. They give distance learning programs in management, information technology, diploma programs, bachelor’s degree programs through approved universities affiliated with UGC and Aicte. Programs given in their center are job-oriented. they have raised more than 10000+ students. They aim to create outstanding results and services. Vidya Shree is one of the best education experts. Their goal to meet the students to the colleges then will give the best education.

Contact details of Vidya Shree Center of Education

Address: SCO 12-13, Airport Rd, Phase 11, Sector 65, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India 160062

College Phone Number: +91-99140-89992

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3rd out of Top 5 M.Com Distance Education in Mohali

Unicom Institute of Education

Unicom Institute of Education is a distance learning center placed in Chandigarh, India. They give distance education programs for different degrees including M.Com, MBA, M. Sc. Physics, B. Com, BA, PGDBM, DMS, MA, MAF, Diploma in IT Engineering, CPA, Industrial Management, etc. They aim to provide their assistance to students from different walks of life and hence give Diploma, Degree, and Certification courses differing from six months to more than two years. They give study materials, online admission, and online fee payment for the benefit of the students.

Contact details of Unicom Institute of Education

Address: SCF 96, Top Floor, Phase 11, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Mohali, India 160062

College Phone Number: +91-89688-63416

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4th out of Top 5 M.Com Distance Education in Mohali

Lovely Professional University

Lovely Professional University is also one of the Top 5 M.Com Distance Education in Mohali. Their program is intended for students who want to be accounting experts while having business experience at the same time; to be business managers and administrators of the future. The program endeavors to give the necessary knowledge, skills, and self-confidence to help in effective and strong management, within continually changing and highly aggressive national and international business conditions.

Lovely Professional University’s M.Com strives to equip graduates with awareness regarding the fundamental controls of business and commerce; to give graduates with the analytical frameworks and analytical tools needed to strongly manage the accounting system of modern businesses

Contact details of Lovely Professional University

Address: 625, Franco Hotel Road, Sector 55, Phase 1, Sector 55, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160055

College Phone Number: 90856 98755

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5th out of Top 5 M.Com Distance Education in Mohali

Panjab University

Panjab University was established in 1971. The goal was to bring university-based education beyond the four walls of the University. It proceeds to do so and meets a prime social duty of giving education at the doorstep for those who are incapable to obtain a formal education. Started as a Directorate, it is now a full-fledged USOL with due design on all University bodies. Recommended by a well-qualified, research-oriented staff and experienced staff, the USOL offers different courses i.e. Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma, and Professional Courses.

The method of instruction involves printed study material in Self Learning Mode, Personal Contact application, Answer Sheets, Assignments, Video and Audio- cassette Lessons on chosen topics, Dissertations/Projects in selected courses and Counseling of learners on a one to one support, establishing Regional and National Seminars and Special Lecture Series.

Contact details of Panjab University

Address: Sector 14, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160014

College Phone Number: +91-17225-34867

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What is Distance M.Com?

Masters of Commerce or M.Com is one of the popular PG programs that many learners favor continuing in distance mode. Distance education is much more manageable and an excellent choice for candidates who cannot serve regular classes due to a job or any other constituent.

Why Opt for Distance M.Com

Here is the list of causes why the candidates should go for the Distance M.Com program:

Continue Job Along with Distance M.Com

Distance learning encourages the students to manage their part-time & full-time work plans and other responsibilities while at the same time they can get the M.Com degree. Most of the learners who opt for distance learning are those who don’t desire to leave their job. Distance M.Com is a boon in front for such candidates as they will not be obliged to leave their job and will be able to improve their abilities along with their job.

Study at Your Own Pace

Distance M.Com is a marvelous option for the student who desires to study at their own speed. As we all know, education style and speed can differ from student to student. In a classroom where many students are trained together, it can be hard for every student to meet the pace. This is where distance M.Com has a choice over a normal M.Com.


The tuition fee for on-campus M.Com is pretty high related to distance education. Distance M.Com is comfortable on the pocket and is a great opportunity for students who want to pursue higher education but are at times weak to do so with financial pressures.

Distance M.Com Eligibility Criteria

The qualification criteria for the Distance M.Com course are discussed below:

  • Minimum eligibility criteria for Distance M.Com is a least of 50% marks in aggregate in B.Com or B.Com (Honours) or equivalent from a known university
  • Candidates require to obtain a minimum of 45 to 55% marks in their last qualifying exam.

M.Com specializations

There are various specialization subjects that the learners can opt for. These involve:

  • Finance
  • Business Management
  • Taxation
  • Computer Applications
  • Marketing
  • Accountancy
  • Statistics
  • Banking
  • Business Administration
  • Insurance

Benefits of Taking Distance M.Com

If the students will take Distance M.Com Education in Mohali then they will receive the following advantages:

No Age Barrier

Most of the land-based colleges and universities have age restrictions but in Distance M.Com Education in Mohali, there is no age restriction. M.Com Distance Education candidates will fill an online application to get admission to the university. Doesn’t matter, whether you are old or fresh you can surely get a post-graduation status by registering.

More Opportunities

Distance M.Com Education in Mohali gave M.Com a distance learning program that will give students many career possibilities such as a large number of placements. Also, they have a constant career-oriented program and online seminars which will lead learners about their courses. Moreover, they have a team of experts for students who will lead them by solving their doubts.

India Top Universities

This is a dilemma that students can face in the matter of attempting the top universities. In this way, students can simply get a degree from the top colleges without suffering any difficulties. Also, get bond with those universities which are set by the DEB or UGC that makes learners degree more expensive.

Benefits of Distance Education

Distance learning. Yet for many, this is a unique area— and usually, students, parents, and administrators want to understand the benefits.

It’s flexible

A key advantage of distance learning is adaptability. This advantage encouraged many educators to move to distance learning after the coronavirus break since e-learning enables students to remain to participate in class without having to be actually present.

Here are just some of the techniques distance education allows greater flexibility than a regular classroom setting:

  • Teachers and students can adjust learning to their particular schedules
  • Some parents can change their schedules to help their children with distance learning since physical teachers are not present, but we also know this is a challenging task for parents.
  • Distance learning can provide to a student’s productivity requirements. For example, maybe a student lacks focus in the morning but draws out most of their performance in the evening. Unlike regular classes, distance learning doesn’t need students to be on call at a particular time.
  • In a distance learning classroom, students don’t give their learning space to 20+ other students and can forward emails with their questions to instructors whenever they require to.

It can accommodate students with special needs

Distance learning can have some perks for students with specific needs, including:

  • An individualized and self-paced education process that provides students with ADD or education differences.
  • Accommodations for learners with physical limitations, when traveling and moving from class to class are an issue.
  • More easy solutions, like tools for the detecting impaired and a choice to pause, rewind, or slow down lecture videos.

It eliminates the commute and hassle of getting to class

All teachers and administrators have been there: Your call didn’t go off, your car didn’t start, (fill in a million other things that could influence your commute here), and you give up to class — not only late — but frazzled and with absurd hair.

Ought to get to a physical location can put pressure on students and adults. With distance learning, that’s no extended issue. Go out of bed to your computer in your slacks? No problem!

It saves time

One of the biggest pros of distance learning is that it protects your time over the plan of the day:

In a traditional school, a teacher manages a whole class of students who raise hands, ask for feedback, pass notes, chat with their friends — you understand the deal. And all these disturbances take up time. In distance learning, although there may be live video lessons, a lot of the content persists available 24/7, including live-recorded class lectures, appearing in fewer interruptions related to a conventional setting.

Students save time, too. If they’re performing well, they can go ahead; otherwise, they can quiet down and take their time with the material.

It offers more networking opportunities

Another pros of distance education it opens up a world beyond the typical classroom. For older students, this is a tremendous perk, particularly those in high school and college who might be on a job seeking. Through distance learning, students can get in touch with specialists in their area of interest, numerous teachers and professors, and much more.

It provides students to sharpen their time-management skills

Distance learning provides to a diversity of learners, including the procrastinator and anticipator. It’s up to the learner how and when they will get their duties done. And regardless of whether that’s a week or day before the scheduled date, the process often depends on the student.

This duty differs from the more monitored regular classroom, where all students are required to do the same work at the same times on the same days. For the most part, there are no set schedules with online learning beyond task due dates, so students have a more famous say in how they make their schoolwork.

It helps students develop their technical skills

Tech-savvy people are in high interest in the workplace. And the bulk of distance learning programs use some form of technology for content delivery.

Distance learning programs help these technical skills that are related to many occupations:

  • Online research
  • Word processing
  • Video conferencing
  • Slide presentations
  • Discussion boards
  • Collaborative apps (like Slack)
  • Social networking
  • Email correspondence
  • Post info to a Wiki/website/blog
  • Video creation

Why choose Distance M.Com Education in Mohali?

  • Established track work in the education of Distance M.Com Education in Mohali
  • 24×7 Learning Management System
  • Broad and specialized Programme curriculum including most advanced advance & emerging trends
  • Contents produced by professionals from academia and management
  • E-Learning, e-study books, e-mentoring, and faculty communication(chats/emails)
  • Studying by Virtual Classroom
  • The active online evaluation system
  • Experiential education by way of project work/case studies
  • Distance M.Com Education in Mohali gives an opening for interaction with subject specialists and networking with stakeholders


The above list of the Top 5 M.Com Distance Education in Mohali has been preferred by us. Although all attempts have been made to list the data that is most proper for you, we still suggest you interact with the office. This list is to help you with the names of the Top 5 M.Com Distance Education in Mohali. We would advise you not to make any decision based on this list. You should discuss with some specialists and then choose for yourself – which one will you want the most.

If you think we have overlooked some Distance Education Colleges or Institutes that should be in the Top 5 M.Com Distance Education in Mohali. Please tell us of it. We were convinced that we would be glad to add it to the list. You can also reach us. If you want any of the above Colleges or Institutes to be omitted from the list due to bad performances. However, the option to add or reduce the listing stays with us. And to think about doing so follow a decent system.

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