PG services in Panchkula –  The full form of Pg is Paying Guest. PG means that a person rents a room/bed from the owner on sharing basis. A paying guest, on the other hand, resides with the owner in the owner’s premises, with rooms booked for him or a small part of the house. he also pays rent. In general, rent often includes food, electricity, water, and housekeeping charges. Paying guest service is the ability for a guest to rent a serving of a home from the owner or landlord. Most of the time, these services come equipped with dining and furniture facilities. Many students who are living away from their families prefer to pay for guest accommodation as it is much more economical than renting a flat. At PG Accommodation, you can get all the facilities within one roof including food, and thus you don’t have to run around for great management. The owner will stay in the house with you and provide you with basic facilities, such as charges for food, laundry, utilities, and many more.  We help you to find the best PG in Panchkula with a premium destination that helps you save your time commuting from long distances. We offer the most luxurious PG in Panchkula with all basic facilities like good furniture, home food, hot water supply. Considering the house rental source is developing day by day, it is converting a big problem for the poor and middle-class students to get an apartment on rent. But for students, it is all good to stay in a rental house. Students will not get enough time to study, and it converts difficult to learn to clean the house, clean bathrooms, and changeroom. Don’t worry we also provide a welcoming and very friendly PG staff. So, without wasting your time you can simply input the essential articles on the website and book the best PG in Panchkula, you can choose the particular PG as per your preference like any kind of PG you want. Enjoy a comfortable stay filled with love, laughter, and excitement as brings to you an unbelievable range of PG accommodations in Panchkula  Apart from contributing top-notch services including large rooms, caring staff, and homely food, we make sure to rekindle your spirit on the days when you need it the most. Unlike other prime locations, We will give you a proposal you cannot be refused.


There are many types of PGs that provide different types of facilities. Which attracts customers the most. We provide many types of facilities which are given below. Our PG provides basic facilities like bed, AC, refrigerator, tv, etc. and many more

Paying Guest or PG, as we know it, is becoming increasingly popular among young professionals (18-26 years old), especially in metros. The concept of PG is not new but now this theory is getting more attraction. PG is a favored option among the youth moving away from their native place for higher studies or employment opportunities. In a new city, discovering the right PG agreement can be confronting at times.


Security is a very important part in the Facilities providing by PG owners and landlords. If the PG owner is not asking for your identity and address proof, it could mean that they are providing accommodation to anyone, which could be a security threat. Ask your caregiver or proprietor about other people living in the facility and how they are securing the safety of prisoners. While choosing PG on rent we should consider security and our safety should be on priority. Whether you are a man or a woman, criminals spare no one.

Maintenance in PG homes

Most of the PG accommodations have staff for maintenance and upkeep of the premises. If the overhead water tank needs repair or the drainage is clogged, you won’t need to be involved.

Social benefits of living in PG

PG Accommodation is also a great place to connect with other students and professionals and discuss one’s growth, career, companies, etc. Such knowledge only comes with sharing time with like-minded people.

Availability of food in PG accommodation

Most of the students/professionals who go for PG may prefer to opt for the food provided by PG. You may want to know the menu in advance. You can also opt for a PG that serves only vegetarian food. Before settling down, understand the timing of breakfast, lunch, and dinner and if you wish, whether PG makes provision to pack breakfast/lunch directly at your college/office.

PGs are comparatively safe

PGs are normally advanced by professional facility management partnerships and have strict guidelines to ensure the safety of their citizens. Most of these accommodation options do not allow outsiders and have a modest cut-off time. Facility management companies also provide round-the-clock security support and guards to protect residents and property. In addition, doctors may also be available on-call.

Arrangement of food in PG

Meals are provided for residents in most PG accommodations, usually twice a day (breakfast and dinner). Some PG owners give separate rooms to students and buyers to cook their own food as much as they want. If you have other arrangements, you can also choose to opt-out of the dining amenity. Generally, charges for meals are included in the rent, but you can negotiate if you want to hire an outside service for meals rather than opting for in-house services.

Maintenance and upkeep in PG homes

Commonly, facility management takes care of the maintenance and maintenance of the premises. Students do not have to worry about housekeeping services, as everything is looked after by the staff. Typically, the service comes at a cost and is included in the monthly rent. Some PG providers may not provide this facility. If you’re sharing a room with someone, you can split the cost if you’re utilizing an assistant to clean the space.


Affordability is the biggest issue when you are moving to a new city and you should figure it out. You should plan your expenses and then make your budget accordingly. Find PGs that can easily fit in your pocket.

PG offers a community living experience

Since paying guest service is mostly used by students and office goers, it is easy to build a close relationship while staying together and learning something new from each other. It also creates the feeling of living in a town, leading to the transfer of ideas, cultures, ideas, etc., which can make these students better citizens.

PG Accommodation for Boys:

  • Bed with storage and mattress,
  • Study table/laptop table,
  • Personal wardrobe,
  • Power back-up (where necessary)
  • Wi-Fi, (the high speed with unlimited downloads)
  • 24 hours running water,
  • fridge,
  • RO drinking water,
  • Geysers in every bathroom
  • AC and non AC rooms
  • Common Dining Room.

PG Accommodation for Girls:

  • Bed with storage and mattress,
  • Study table/laptop table,
  • Personal wardrobe,
  • Wi-Fi, (the high speed with unlimited downloads)
  • 24 hours running water,
  • Fridge,
  • RO drinking water,
  • Geysers in every bathroom
  • AC/Non AC Rooms

Tips to choose PG

Availability of food in PG accommodation

Most of the students/professionals who go for PG may prefer to opt for the food provided by PG. You may want to know the menu in advance. You can also opt for a PG that serves only vegetarian food. Before settling down, understand the breakfast, lunch and dinner timings and if you wish, whether the PG offers a provision to pack breakfast/lunch directly at your college/office. You may also want to discuss whether there is an option to forgo any meals in exchange for a small concession.

Housekeeping schedule

Emphasize daily housekeeping services. Most PGs are willing to do this but ultimately, you will be the one in the room. So, make sure you get some help on that front.

Other house rules

Fixed TV times, no visitors, no non-vegetarian food, no alcohol or smoking, rules in the breakout room, and more – know the rules of the house before you set your foot. If this bothers you, you might want to look for another PG

Paying Guest (PG) Agreement

Most PG owners will ask for a security deposit of one to six months or so. This is usually done to ensure that they do not have to search among potential tenants.

Availability of Public Transport near PG House

Now that you’re all set to live independently, you’ll need to rely on your own vehicle or public transportation to get around. Given that most students prefer a PG near their college, it is a given that they want to keep their travel expenses to a minimum. Therefore, check the transportation facilities shared or otherwise in the area. If the frequency isn’t appreciable, you’ll have to spend a lot more on your transportation than you might have calculated.

List of things you need to stay in PG

Not every PG is identical and you may need to work around it. For example, some PGs may have very basic furnishings, while others may not offer you anything at all. Some others may actually be your home away from home. If you are planning to move to PG soon, check whether it has the following:

  • Bed mattress
  • Table
  • Chair
  • Cupboard

You will also need to prepare a list of essentials to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Especially with the coronavirus pandemic, it is advised that you have your own set of things and do not share it with others, unless absolutely necessary. It also includes:

  • Bucket/mug
  • Doormat
  • Wipes
  • Clean towels
  • Bedsheets/bedspreads
  • Doors
  • Pillows and covers
  • Toiletries


The amenities that can be expected as a paying guest mostly depend on the charges and additional charges that need to be shown. In addition, there is a minimal dispute regarding cooking, washing, and managing other facilities. Before moving to PG adjustment, you should enter into a paying guest agreement with the landlord. But living as a paying guest can be accompanied by some serious issues such as loneliness, problems sharing common facilities with other roommates, and limited access to electricity supply and water.