Yoga and its benefit

More To Know About Healthy Lifestyle

“It is health that is a man’s asset and not diamonds and gold. A healthy man is always richer than an unhealthy man and only a good health can make him happy. Even in the spiritual world, one can attain salvation only if he/she is mentally and physically fit. Healthy Lifestyle lowers your risk of succumbing to the injuries or dying early and attains a positive approach towards life by adopting an effective stress management as there is an indisputable link between the two.

Need for a Healthy Lifestyle:

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in its part 3 emphasises on ensuring a healthy life to promote well-being for everyone. The current health crisis which we are facing is a staunch criticism on our part for not being able to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Reports claim that unhealthy diet contributes to around 11 million deaths per year globally. The number is horrifying. Therefore, some of the basic reasons for attaining a healthy lifestyle are:

  1. To have well-toned muscles and strength for physical day-to-day activities.
  2. To prevent major diseases like heart disease, strokes, high blood pressures, breathlessness, overweight, etc.
  3. To live longer and become a role model in the family and society.

Action Plan for a Healthy Lifestyle:

Yoga and its benefit

What we do to our bodies makes a big difference to how we feel. It’s never too late to start so; some of the basic steps to achieve a healthy living are as follows:

  1. Taking a brisk walk at lunch time, getting active by cycling, swimming, running or dancing.
  2. Spending time in green spaces can help regulate oxygen level and improve blood circulation, so head on to some parks or gardens to inhale fresh air.
  3. Eating better and green and thus choosing the right food which includes potatoes, bread, rice, cereals, vegetables, fruits, pulses, dairy products, fish, meat, etc.

The current health crisis which the world is facing today shows the immediate need for adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle because without immunity, a man is possession less. Health is the only thing over which a man has a control. So, to feel good, we have to live well. Let’s make a change today to have a better future which is socially accepted. To have a good mental and emotional health, surround yourself with positivity and try to look at the brighter side of life