Experience the Magic of Dry Horse Massage: Equine Companion

건마 massage is a therapeutic method that includes applying tension and manipulation to explicit areas of the body using the hands, fingers, and sometimes specialized devices. Not at all like other forms of massage that include the utilization of oils or salves, massage service is performed straightforwardly on the dry coat. The practitioner utilizes a variety of procedures to release strain, further develop circulation, and advance relaxation.

Benefits of Dry Horse Massage

The massage offers various benefits for your equine companion. It serves to:

  • Ease muscle strain and irritation
  • Further, develop blood circulation
  • Enhance adaptability and range of movement
  • Diminish pressure and anxiety
  • Advance relaxation and prosperity
  • Aid in the anticipation of wounds
  • Support the overall health of the musculoskeletal framework

How Does Dry Horse Massage Work?

During a 건마 massage meeting, the therapist centers around unambiguous areas of the body that may be tense, sore, or in bad shape. By applying targeted tension and utilizing various massage strategies, the therapist stimulates the muscles, releases bunches and adhesions, and encourages the progression of blood and lymphatic liquid.
The tension applied during the massage sets off the release of endorphins, which are natural pain-alleviating and temperament-enhancing chemicals in the body. This helps to relax and experience a feeling of prosperity.

Strategies Utilized in the Massage

The massage includes a combination of strategies intended to address explicit issues and advance overall relaxation.

Effleurage: This strategy includes delicate, skimming strokes performed toward the hair development. It heats the muscles and prepares them for a more profound massage.

Petrissage: Petrissage procedures include kneading, crushing, and moving developments that assist with releasing strain and further developing blood circulation.
Grinding: Erosion methods include applying tension with the fingers or palms in a circular or back-and-forth movement. This strategy is successful in releasing bunches and adhesions in the muscles.

Tapotement: Tapotement strategies include musical tapping, measuring, or hacking developments utilizing the hands or specialized apparatuses. It animates the muscles and increases circulation.

Preparing for a Dry Horse Massage Meeting

Before planning a massage meeting, getting ready yourself is essential. The following are a couple of key stages to guarantee a fruitful meeting:
Guarantee your body is clean and liberated from any soil or debris on their coat.
Pick a tranquil and comfortable area for the massage, away from distractions.
Have all the necessary hardware, like prep instruments, towels, and any specialized massage apparatuses, ready and accessible.