Shopping And Dopamine- A Perfect Pair for Boosting Economy

The first thing that comes to our mind after hearing the word “Shopping” is money and pleasure. Their intricate relation gave rise to the title “Shopping and Dopamine- A Perfect Pair for Boosting Economy.” What is shopping and how is it related to health & economy? We will find it out in this article.


Shopping simply refers to the activity of purchasing commodities from shops or online stores. From buying veggies from a grocery store to purchasing new dresses and cars, for every product which you pay money is included in shopping. Well, shopping is not a new or undisclosed phenomenon. Shopping is prevalent since 800 BC in ancient Greece where people had already developed markets with merchants selling their wares and goods. In earlier times, shopping was done mainly out of necessity because not everyone had the resource to produce everything for themselves. But now, apart from being a necessity, shopping has become a fun activity.

A new world of shopping in the modern era

Besides retail shopping, a new form of shopping has emerged called “online shopping”. Internet growth led to the development of e-commerce where an internet user can search for new products, services, and features and compare the prices at the same time. It not only saves money, time, energy, and resources but also gives a huge platform to consumers and retailers for innovation with healthy competition.


Retail therapy

Shopping (Online/Offline) creates anticipation of a reward which releases dopamine (the reward chemical) in the brain. This is the main reason for people getting happy and excited to buy new things. It helps to control your feelings, is a distraction from stress, increases social interaction, etc. However, if it becomes an addiction, it may cause financial issues. Retail therapy can be used without getting bored by tracking purchases and shopping wisely.

Contribution of shopping to Economy

Shopping is an effective way of boosting an economy because it increases demand, expands consumption, and promotes employment. The money spent by customers creates income for others and revenue for the government. Every purchase is counted as consumption that adds directly to the GDP of our country.


Therefore, the whole point of the article “Shopping and Dopamine- a perfect pair of boosting the economy” is not only essential for a country’s progress but also an affordable and effective medicine for our mental health.